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3:45 PM, Monday, February 5th, 2001:
Wow, any of you remember Brushes With Fame from the WTVN Late Show? The streak ended on 108, and we lied and said it was 125. That was a funny song...It's called "Brushes With Fame Farewell" on Late Show Anthology 1&2 for those of you with Napster. Feel free to download it...or of course you could be supportive you little fucks, and buy the CD from me. Just kidding.
Well, as you all know, I have quite a problem with people "Talking Shit". I pride myself on being honest and BLUNT. I simply do not fuck around. I don't have the time to waste on things of that nature. If it isn't substantial, I don't mention it. On the other hand, I made this "Journey" to show...well the journey. So it included me talking about things that were NOT substantial, but certainly felt like it at the time. Thus is life. You think something good is happening and POW, it gets knocked down. In my defense of course I always made known my "feelings" and my "reality". I am now struck with what I "feel" is the best news I've ever had in this city, and there is no "reality". It's all based on faith in another (which you all know I just LOVE to do), and my own skill and talent.
I also have a strange feeling NOT to tell anyone about this and let it ride a bit more. Simply so I don't look like a buffoon down the road. I've struggled with this for a day now. I'm starting to see just how difficult keeping this journal is. I'm SOOOO out there - you know? But I've realized that's the charm in "The Journey". Complete honesty and emotion. You the reader know exactly how I feel from entry to entry. So much so you email me with suggestions. A nice interractive story. So I will stop beating around the bush and just tell ya what's going on. So you can see why I'm so excited, and marvel at the fact that my last entry was specifically saying: PLEASE GIVE ME A FREAKIN' DIRECTION ALREADY. The "Journey" Gods have answered.
(this is also a great lesson in "do FREE shit" for the experience and contacts)
So as I stated in the last entry, I'm doing the movie score for a short film that Paddy's roomate Marshall is directing. He saw a bit of my performance at the Christmas party here at the apartment complex, and also heard the theme song I did for "BITCHES" (Paddy's web-cartoon). While working on the music for the movie, Marshall and I got to talking about 4tvs and how completely scatter-brained my goals are now. I cannot for the life of me pick one avenue and go with it. I tried to explain that that was the entire POINT of 4tvs that I wasn't choosing - I was showing all, but it kept coming back to: "You have to pick something...can't be the jack of all trades and master of none." He told me the producer of the movie was a good person to talk to. He said he'd have her come to the show and see what she thought was the best course of action.
I'll admit now, that I thought Marshall was fucking CRAZY. RIGHT, I'm sure she'll come. I think I even said that and he assured me she would. OOOOOOOOK.
Well, she indeed showed up and stayed the entire 2 1/2 hours and loved it. She thought there was a multitude of things that could be spawned from 4tvs and was excited to talk to me. She emailed me her number and we talked for a good 2 hours about everything. She was completely adamant about 4tvs eventually being a sit-com. I thought she was nuts. ROFL. We decided to meet at Calendar's for lunch on Sunday, and we ended up sitting there for 3 hours.
The end result is I have a amanager who has one immediate goal for me and that is the Aspen Comedy Festival. The Cannes for comedians. It's the biggest industry event with absolutely EVERY person that matters there to find new talent. From Lorne Michaels to every agent in Hollywood... It is the goal and aspiration of every comedian to be able to play this festival. The exposure is immeasurable, and many sit-coms and development deals can be traced to Aspen. Now, there are 4 "one-man show" slots that are a bit tougher to fill than the regular comedian slots because it isn't bullshitting for 5 minutes, it's a 60-90 minute SHOW, and she feels if we create enough buzz around town before the auditions in November, it should be completely attainable. Yeah, November - (sigh). The auditions are in November and the festival is in March, but it seems we will need that time. My oh my are we gonna need that time...
4tvs as you all know it, will most likely cease to exist by April. It is going to become a true one-man show. An hour show with 5 seperate characters all intertwining highlighting the comedy aspect of the previous 4tvs shows. Not a completely new idea, but NOW there's a reason. When I recorded the Rhythm Set in March of 1999, it was obvious characters were starting to form but introducing them would mean losing all I had done up to that point. You can't have 4 seperate cahracters introduced, and then do a set where they're all generic. I decided to keep all the tvs "basically me" with the top tvs hasslin me every once and awhile. I was also paying quite a bit of money for these sets if you remember. This was before I was told "see ya" by ABOT who decided they didn't like my humor, and I bought all of my OWN equipment.
The show will be centered around the concept of Live Adam delegating his bandmates to TVS and all 5 being an actual BAND. I'm toying with the idea of it all being a "boy band" spoof, but still unsure on how it'll all work. It'll be geared as an hour + show, but the beauty (and the ultimate difficulty) is each segment within the hour will be performable on it's own. I'll have 5-8 minute segments that occur throughout the show, that I can edit out and use in comedy clubs that have a tight time limit. I can do all these different sets all around town, and a few places do the WHOLE one-man show. The idea being getting a buzz about the whole thing so that by the time the auditions come up in November, it's already known.
What is really the "pants-pisser" in all this (that's a good thing by the way), is there is someone else out there putting time into 4tvs because they believe in it. They saw it and said: "I want to be a part of this, I know I can take this to another level." And with her contacts, I don't doubt it. I won't list a life story here, but rest assured she's been involved with some incredibly big names, she's starting her own company now and is hungry to get new talent. She's now in the process of calling the clubs around town and seeing if they can make the exceptions 4tvs needs so I can perform. This is what I could simply not do. Getting the favors to work around my set-up when I'm a complete nobody.
So my proceess now, is watching every single 4tvs set, stealing every funny moment, and creating a one-man show with a definite beginning, middle, and end that will have segments within the show that can be played ON THEIR OWN in 5-8 minute segments. Talk about a challenge. Let alone coming up with the 5 distinct characters. I'm about THIS close to making "Lester" be part of the boy band. He should be the manager of 4tvs in the show - LOL! That ROCKS! Hell yes. Ok, I need to do some brainstorming now, glad you could be a part of that one.
And there you are. I'm not jumping up and down (on the outside), but I can't begin to express what it means to have direction and a plan of action. I feel like I can RELAX. It's funny, I have one of the biggest writing, performance, and good god TECHNICAL challenges ahead of me (maybe cd101 will lend me their production studio? LOL), and I finally feel like I can breathe a sigh of relief. I can't stress enough what the past 6 months have felt like to me. In fact, this may be the first time in my LIFE I've ever had this much direction. Even during the best moments in radio, I just kept thinking "stepping stone". And when 4tvs came along, even though I knew it was the key, I still didn't know how to get anywhere with it. On top of that, the success of this plans rest solely on my shoulders and my ability to create an entertaing show with 4tvs for an audience willing to watch - BRING IT ON. If I had known this even existed before, I'd have been working towards it all along, but no matter - it's all good now, and I've got a billion ideas I need to write down.
I may not be jumping up and down, but I'll be damned if I can't get this smile off my face...
Oh the video, almost forgot. I realize that lately the video and entry have NOT corresponded for shit, but there's just been some cool videos to show you, and this is no different. You will not believe what your eyes see. Enjoy.
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