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3:45 PM, Friday, February 2nd, 2001:
It's just so perfect, isn't it? It's not the best, but it's just so tidy. All the cards in order, and all in the same suit. It's what you did when you were 9 years old and you got your first deck of cards...you put them all in order. It's what I want my life to be more than anything in the world. Well, not actually my whole life, but just some clear-cut career path with goals. The chances of having that are about the same chances of getting THAT hand at a poker slot machine in Vegas.
Well, I guess my career is screwed, 'cause I blew my perverbial wad on the slot machine. Yup, I hit a straight flush in Vegas and got 250 times my money. I'd love to tell you I was playing the $100 slots and got $25,000 - but that just ain't the case. Quarter-slots. I know. $62.50. Sucks doesn't it. Then again, I could've been playing the nickel slots and gotten $12.50. As it stands, I paid for our hotel room, gas money, and a few more slots. It was quite the thrill though. Holding a bucket of 290 quarters (thank GOD I won early), and watchin' 'em put it in the machine to count them. Of course it didn't take long until I did the math with the other slots. $1 slots and I just won $250. Oh well, thank GOD I didn't hit the nickel slots. I'd have been bummed all weekend.
Oh yeah...uhm..."HEY! Jess and I are going to Vegas tomorrow!" - Uhm, that's what I should've told you a few days ago. I missed that one didn't I. It was basically that "spur of the moment". A friend of mine from way back in the WTVN Late Show days was there and I said: "Hey, let's have dinner!" And Jess had the day off, so we went up. It's only a 4 hour drive, and we got a hotel room for $30. God love Vegas. Cheap rooms, free parking - free drinks, and we drove home actually "up" from before we went there. How freakin' often does that happen? But it all gets me back to the problem at hand: direction.
You know, the 4tvs show last week was actually called: "4tvs - pick Adam's career".
Thursday, January 25th, 2001 - 8:30-10:45 PM
Again all of the zip-ties broke on one tv. (sigh) - somehow the tv didn't go all over the place. I'm lost - they all break on ONE tower, the other one is fine. I'm gonna have to figure that out for nect time. As well Marty isn't here, and that just pisesd me off. I had to ask some customer to help me take he towers down. The whole thing was designed for two people. I gave the guy a free cd for helping me unload and load. It just makes me feel completely UN-professional. Otherwise, the set-up was a breeze...except I moved a speaker in front of a tv, and got that nasty magnetic thing going...I couldn't get it fixed...hopefully it works out nect time.
*just shai
Voice felt good, and man was the audience paying attention..it was great. I guess on to the reaction...
Great, great, great. I called the show: "Pick Adam's Career". I've been stressin' lately about what the hell I'm gonna do. Of course after everything was said and done - everyone just said: "Keep doing THAT - that was COOL!" (sigh). The first set there were 24 people watching intently. The place was silent. It was great. Even on The Harry Connick Jr. set they seemed enamored. So the rest just flowed with no problem. I love doing Harry and Rhythm because it shows people I'm a serious singer as well as this goofy gimmicky guy. So everything went well and had great reaction. A guy even gave me $10 in the tip jar!!! I felt bad because I would've gladly given him a CD, but Jess said "he thought you were worth it without getting anything. Goddamn that feels good I must admit. Then the kicker of the whole night, the guy who helped me unload said there was a HUGE RECORD EXEC in the audience. He was pointed out to him, but didn't know his name or who he was with. Sounds great, but of course the guy never came up to me, so it's a complete failure in my mind. Again, someone who could probably help me writes me off because I was probably doing a goofy parody set the moment he walked in. Whereas if I had been doing some originals, and serious stuff, he may have given me his card. On the same hand if seom TV exec walks in and I'm doing some original stuff, and showing off NONE of my personality, I'm in the same boat. What to do, and where to go...it's all begininng to haunt me. Grrrrr....
Everyone told me to keep doing 4tvs. That helps. Ya see the past few weeks I've been in a constant state of confusion. I feel this incredible need to PICK something and GO FOR IT. On the other hand, I feel this incredible need to keep doing 4tvs because it shows so much. Well the show really nailed home the point. Apparently a really big record exec was in the crowd during the show, yet he never came up to me. A patron later told me. Now most likely he was on during a goofy set, and missed the fact that I could really sing, or write original music. So there's an opportunity completely wasted, because I'm doing too much. So now what do I do? Drop everything and pick one road? Just original music? Just stand-up comedy? (sigh), for now I'm staying the course until something shows a bit of light, but never before has my gut been so torn. My gut has lead me to some pretty cool shit though:
Sir Paddy Talker is doing a web cartoon for www.nibblebox.com and asked me to do the them song for the show. That's cool. Those of you with my "Hearing My Thoughts" CD, will recognize it as a slight bastardation of "It's You". The Web-toon is called "Bitches" - it all just fits. The nice part about this, is on top of a nice little check for doing the song (very little, but still cool), I'll get a tiny residual per episode...or so Sir Paddy Talker says. LOL. I have to razz him here. Not sure if he still grasps the concept of "SHUTTING THE FUCK UP UNTIL YOU CAN BACK IT UP"....but GOD LOVE his enthusiasm.
As well, his roomate Marshall heard the song, and felt my music was perfect for the short film he was putting together. This has no money attached to it, but the exposure could far exceed "Bitches". He's submitting his film "Pep Talk" to many film festivals. It's a cool little 10 minute short about a guy who talks to himself to fell better about his girlfriend dumping him. Marshall felt my music was perfect, and I must say - thank GOD I kept all those bumpers form WTVN. They came in quite handy. What was simply made for a transition from commercials back into my show, have provided the perfect segue for the scenes for this movie. As well the "Ooh-la Oh-la" songs on my "Hearing My Thoughts" disc are a godsend. People thought I was freakin' high when I wrote them, but they have found a nice little home. The shiznit about ALL of this is the fact that someday soon, I'm going to be able to sit in a theater and hear my music. Christ. There's only one way to spell that experience: B-O-N-E-R. Baby steps indeed, but quite a thrill.
For the past several months I've also been working with Michele Greene, an actress/singer you may remember from her days on "LA Law". She was the youngest prosecutor in the firm. She's still acting and has just released a cd, samples of which you can find on her site: michelegreene.com. I've put together this site, as well taped a live performance in November and put together a full length and demo tape for her. Check out the opening to the video. On the net, it's pretty dark to see some of it, but the whole thing was a bit dark as it was done in a nightclub.
All of these little things are what has lead me to the next entry which will be entitled "4tvs Productions". The realization that I'm producing soooooo many different things, in so many different areas, that I'd like to merge it all into one production company. Things as simple as photo-retouching, to full out video production, to musical scoring, to web design, to even logo designing...I've done it all on a professional level, and well. The unused stuff on Hollywood Screentest ALONE is a huge amount of work that shows what I can do. So I'm hoping next week I can put together a nice huge section showcasing my experience and hopefully getting a few jobs. As well, for even you reading this, you may see a service you could use. Would you like to make that 60 minute tape of Kevin's Barmitzfah about 10 minutes with music behind it and a few graphics? Guarantee I can beat anyone around with price, creativity, and speed. Worst-case scenerio, I get no work, I still have a great resume online showing more avenues of talent. Of course...wasn't the point to focus more?
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