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6:45 PM, Wednesday, January 24th, 2001:
In early 2000 I got my first chance to truly understand all the hype surrounding these super-fast internet connections. I'd seen some people with it back in Columbus, and remember thinking: "How lazy do you have to be to pay $50 a month for a WEB PAGE to open quicker". Here in LA though, I was pulling off video entries and realizing how difficult that is on a dial-up connection. Then at Hollywood Screentest I realized the necessity of the technology for true 21st Century entertainment on the net. I saw DSL in action and realized that full screen movies could be played INSTANTLY. The second you sit down with this kind of speed for an hour, it all makes sense. This isn't just for lazy people, this is the future. This doesn't speed-up the internet, it completely changes it.
I had roadrunner (cable modem) in June and July while I was with Hollywood Screentest. Being that it was free, I didn't try to use it to my advantage. I just downloaded a bunch of mp3s and mpgs for entertainment purposes. We then moved out of Time Warner's range, and got screwed. Quicknet was gonna install the dsl and Hollywood Screentest was gonna pay for it. Quicknet stalled for over 2 months, and by that time HST was dead.
Finally I got a flyer for DSL from MSN: Free modem, Free installation, Free 1st Month, and $39.95 a month. Best I'd seen. So I ordered it, but now I was paying for it. This couldn't just be some luxurious form of entertainment. I had to use it to further my career.
So first up was the long task of making all my stuff into mp3s, log onto Napster, and spread the word. That's the joy of DSL, you're up 24-7. Well the mp3 task was a bit more daunting then I realized. I figured I might as well make mp3s of The Late Show CDs as well as the original music. So how many files do you think I have? Try 311. That's right, if you take all of my CDs and Boyles episodes, I have well over 300 different files of music and comedy. SON OF A BITCH. I still haven't included the 30 Listener Bits from CD101. If you'd like to download some of these, all you need to do is log onto Napster and do a search on my name. If no matching files are found, just disconnect and reconnect, and you'll probably hit the server I'm sitting on. Most people have gotten it within 2 reconnects. So far I've had 40 downloads from strangers and even sold 1 Star Wars Blew CD online (gotta love paypal).
Of course many are wondering about that - you're really hitting the artist where it hurts by taking EVERY SONG he has as opposed to paying $10 for a CD. Well, I have to admit, I need that money...BUT...I want to be known much more than I want to be rich. I think the songs on Star Wars Blew have great potential to become underground hits if I can get enough people to download them. EXPOSURE, EXPOSURE, EXPOSURE. So please log onto NAPSTER (while it's still free), and download away...but if you can afford it, please buy the cds. Every CD I have is only $10 and your support is more than appreciated.
The other great advantage of being online 24-7 is actually kind of goofy...but can serve a few purposes. The Live ADAMCAM. Yes, you can now watch exactly what I'm doing 24-7. It just might be the most boring thing you ever watch. All I do is work on this computer. LOL. I must admit, I thought awhile about doing this. It's a little awkward and a bit egotistical. I decided to do it not because I think people will actually want to sit there and watch me, but because when you first go to the site and see that section - it's a cool thing to hit. Your first impression is: "COOL! A webcam! Hey there's Adam!" That's really about it. Another reason is accessibility to me and 4tvs and the whole concept of the site. I really want to motivate. I really want to effect some kid in Columbus who has doubts. I believe that my story can do that, and by making my life accessible to others, I think I can help more people. This is a bit of a stretch being where I am in January of 2001. But I pray it all makes sense in about 5 years.
Perfect point: 4 people in the last 2 weeks have actually read every entry from "The Journey" and watched all the movies to catch up to the present. Someday, the journey will be one complete story and someone will be able to go through it and see what happened from beginning to end. Moving to LA and trying to make it, in whatever field, won't be such a big UNKNOWN. So by letting people click a button and see what I'm doing, the story of 4tvs is that much more accessible.
And finally, it's a technological jump - and I'm a TECHNO GEEK. I love technology, I love all those movies about the future, and want it here NOW NOW NOW. Video conferencing can happen today and now. Instant Messaging, can be Video Instant Messaging NOW. It's the power of Broadband. In time, this webcam will actually be streaming video you can watch, as well as have an AUDIO feed. I'm having some trouble getting into my DSL modem because of firewall issues, but once those are overcome it'll be quite cool. As well I'll allow you to access all 311 of those MP3s without going through Napster...giddy-up. Of course there is one tiny problem in this cheerier-technologically-advanced entry:
That's right, no DSL whatsoever. Everything is down. I've had an incredibly difficult time with MSN and my phone lines out here. I orderd DSL in October and finally got it installed in late December. It didn't work. Then 10 days later...it all the sudden worked - for 12 hours. Then more people came out and it worked for 4 days...then it went out. Finally last week the guy came got it up and running, and 5 minutes after he walked out the door, it went down again. They set up a meeting with pacbell to come out and find out exactly what's wrong. They came, said everything was perfect, but never bothered to knock on MY DOOR to see if I could get on. They left me a message saying it was all dandy, and it's SHIT. I've been on hold all day TODAY with them - and they're more clueless than before. And here's the kicker: I've been on hold with MSN for 16.73 hours. That's right nearly 17 hours of being on hold trying to get them to escalate this. It's FUCKING INCREDIBLE. I'm about to shoot someone. I'm completely out of control and have wasted soooooooo much time on the phone.
There was one positive to being on the phone all FREAKIN day, I got to beat Super Mario Bros. again on the original 8-BIT NES System. My GOD that game is short, I can't believe how much games have changed lately. Anyway of course I made a video...heh, I had more than enough time since I couldn't do any web work, and this one'll bring back many memories for ya...
So all this great news with a nice kicker in the end. Days and days of work completely shot. What kills me is I did all this while only having DSL for 4 days. Imagine if it actually WORKED!!! I may just have to suck it up and go with cable which is unfortunately $44.95 out here. But at this rate, I can't wait much longer. So keep clicking the links, it'll work here one of these days...
Oh and the links! I finally think I'm done with the site redesign. As you can see at the bottom of this page, I added some shadowing and made all the colors white and grey for the text - I love it. I think it looks NIFTY. The only change from this point on that I forsee is making the videos link "MP3s and VIDEOS". We'll just see if I can get my DSL modem to work...I'd put them all on the site now, but they're taking up a little bit of space...about 800 MB. LOL. A gig of my own personal mp3s. You'd think I was a superstar...no, I'm a production factory lately. I mean, christ what an amazingly productive 5 years I've had...now if I could just make some money...
And that's where the link in the middle comes in: 4tvs Productions. It's blank now, but it will be the subject of my next entry and hopefully a gateway to many more projects in my future. A Digital Production Company for the little guy. Thought you didn't have a need for one? After the next entry, you just might think otherwise.
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