ENTRY #105
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11:35 AM, January 17th, 2001:
"Hey Bob, you see those big-ass birds in that tree?"
"Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!"
"I'm gonna go up that stairwell and wait by the edge...when I give you the signal, climb up the tree and scare 'em out."
"I'm gonna catch one"
"Why don't you just climb the tree yourself?"
"I have no front claws man...now shut up."
"But I have front claws!!! So maybe I should go up there!!!??"
"Jesus Christ, yes...and don't get used to the claws....heh heh"
As J-Dog climbs the stairwell, Bob waits patiently at the foot of the tree. When J-Dog gets to the second story he gives the signal....
Instantly Bob jumps to the tree and makes his way up...as planned the 4 birds scatter away as J-Dog sees his chance. With one smack to the head he nabs one of the giant pigeons and and stuns it. At this point Adam has walked out simply to see how the dogs were doing...he sees Bob on the tree and gets him down, then hears the ruckus in the stairwell. He turns his head just in time to see J-Dog SLAM the pigeon against the wall rendering him unconsious... As J-Dog begins to take the bird downstairs Adam RUNNNNNS back into the house for the video camera.
This is where the true twistedness of Adam's mind comes into play. Most people would hurry to get the bird and discard it, because it's dirty and disease ridden. But Adam's first inclination is "I MUST PUT THIS ON THE SITE". Adam is filled with pride that J-Dog has gotten such a big catch. Truly remarkable for a dog who has no front claws. Adam wants to celebrate in this joyous occasion by making a video and showing J-Dog how proud he is.
And all of you are damn happy he is this twisted because now you get to see it all too....LOL. There's actually a full 4 minute video of this where both J and Bob enjoy a little feathery snack...but it was just too much... So here's the beginning.
Ahhh, so life continues here on the 4tvs front. As I said in my last entry I'm trying to put together the Bert & Ernie set. Let me just tell you that Sesame Street BLOWS now. It's the freakin' ELMO show. I've watched the damn show everyday for the past 2 weeks and have gotten about 3 useable Bert & Ernie segments. Sad, soooo sad. And when did Snuffy start being visible to others? Wasn't that the whole point? SOOO disappointed...
Paddy has slowly rebuilt the bridge by giving me the opportunity to write the theme song for the flash cartoon that he's working with for www.nibblebox.com. So I'm actually now a professional musician...heh. The title of the show is called "Bitches" and anyone with the "Hearing My Thoughts" disc will easily be able to find what song is the basis for the theme. God love pissy divorce songs...
Marty though has slowly drifted off. He still hasn't read the entry and if it wasn't for me tracking him down at work to see if he even made it back alive, I'd haven't heard from him in weeks. I have a feeling we've heard the last of the moose in nearly every capacity and that's too bad. Then again, I can't keep putting faith in people to the degree that I do. A life lesson learned.
There's also been a big occurence this past week that has given me more exposure than I ever thought imaginable. It's quite exciting, and has already sold some cds! I'll go into it in full-depth during Entry #106.
Needless to say, I'm happier than I've been in months. Although I haven't been outside in nearly a week...I'm getting more accomplished and being more productive than I ever have. My creative mind is on overdrive and I can barely sit still without thinking of yet another way to push my career up a few notches. It really is a matter of time.
So thanks for reading, enjoy the videos, and get ready for the next entry...it's quite cool. The next few will be actually.
Happy happy, Joy joy...
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