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4:35 PM, Sunday, January 14th, 2001:
Well as long as we're pontificating...
I feel like I'm back in talk radio. For many reasons actually...obviously 'cause I'm debating a somewhat serious subject, and because I get the "burning bridge" comment thrown at me because of Darryl Parks, my PD back in talk radio.
Though not directly said by a lot of you (though some did), the question of me burning my bridges out here in LA by being so frank and basically "harsh" has been brought up. It begs a very cool "chicken or the egg" type question: "Did I burn a bridge, or did they?"
Now I will argue nothing is burned, but for the sake of debate let's throw out some ideas here. I think the true meaning of "burning bridges" has gotten so out of whack, that people have become faker than fake in an attempt to NOT burn a bridge. Let's take Darryl for example.
When I did the Late Show on WTVN, my second PD (the guy who didn't give me the job) came in and immediately ignored me. The show was going so well, but I could NOT get Darryl to listen. I was actually selling CDs and comedy tapes by the popularity of the show alone. Was written up in the papers a few time, but I simply could not get the man to even hear TAPES of the show. He ignored me. Incredible situation. I even talked to him about a year later on what happened, and he really just said he couldn't remember the show.
During the show of course, I would write songs calling Darryl out. Even on the "Hearing My Thoughts" CD is a track: "Lurid" (Darryl backwards) that's pretty pissy. Even played it on the air. So why? Why would I do this when I could very well run into Darryl down the road? He could be in my way for a job...
It was the honest-to-fiucking-GOD truth. Darryl was a pompous, arrogant, incredibly weak judge of talent that wouldn't think of using a person he didn't personally hire. Plain and simple. I have never held back on Darryl. His ignorance floors me. What I was able to pull off on a weekend graveyard shift on an AM talk station... All my followers were in their 20's and 30's...some even younger. To get that kind of a fan base to turn their dials, let alone buy hudreds of CDs and tapes, yet to ignore it...wow. So I spoke the truth quite often.
Then a funny thing happened. I started realizing Darryl may very well have burned HIS bridge to me. Of course now that I've kind of nixed radio as a career it'd be tough to draw that corrolation, but you can guaran-goddamn-tee I would never work for him. If I was in a position as a GM, I wold NEVER-EVER let him run my station. And when it's all said and done, the tables could most certainly be turned.
So the point I'm trying to make is, the "burning bridges" aspect of interpersonal relationships happens WITHIN the relationship. That holds more weight than afterwards. As well, there is an absolute truth in many aspects of the relationship. It's not always an opinion. Darryl willingly admits he ignored the show. "Why" is my opinion, the fact is still the fact. Opnion, or simply being off-base will lead to "bridge burning" quicker than anything. The bottom line is that I spouted the truth loud and clear for anyone to hear, and had no fear in doing so. If I wasn't hired By little "Darryl Parks" down the road, it was fine by me.
In LA however, absolutely everyone you run into can be that one contact that could help you out. Out here however it's all done in effort to personally move ahead. I'm guilty of it to a degree as well. I'll do a web site, or really cheap (often free) video editing hoping that person can spread my name or help me out. On the other hand, I actually care about the people as well, and truly enjoy helping others. I love how happy people feel when they see a video you did for them, or a website you designed. If I can help them, I am glad to. And I'm certainly not expecting anything in return. Just hoping they'll think of me when the time arises. So of course "burning a bridge" in this town is quite stupid.
Or another way of saying it...keeping your word is quite important. The second you are seen as "talking shit" you kind of lose your credibility.
Let me quickly say, I was somewhat jabbing at Paddy about "The Tick". He knows he's a big talker...he's always got something going, and I was only mildy WANKED at him with The Tick. He does need to stop acting like shit is "certain" when it isn't. The word "maybe" needs to meandor throughout his vocabulary a bit more. Last week he came by and told me I would be called to do a few days on "The Tick" like last time, because he was called and gave them a few names including me. I just rolled my eyes - no call, and not an inkling from him that I "may" get called. LOL. Again, I kid because he knows it's true. I also know to somewhat take him with a grain of salt. Hopefully if something REALLY happens, I'll be able to know the difference.
Same with Marty. Marty knew well before that entry I was disappointed with him, and that this changes our relationship. And it wasn't taht he couldn't make it out here, it was that he actually COULD. With his FEW expenses, he had it made...it's that he was actually excited to go back to Speedway and Columbus. The man talked about coming out here everyday for 10 months. Saved up the money, got out here, got a job, and then after a few weeks just decided to come back...it's just a "what the fuck?" moment if I ever saw one. As well he still owes me $82 and that sucks. He is still my friend, and I will cherish the many Late Show memories we had.
It all comes down to this: "The whole 'burning bridges' phenomenon is rooted in selfish-motives" To not tell the truth because it may keep you from gaining power in the future is bullshit. It's a slimy salesman mentality. It's the motto of LA. "Ooh I better not stand up for my beliefs because it may alienate me from others who disagree..." SCREW THAT.
Darryl is an asshole...
Paddy talks a big game before there's any evidence...
Marty has no accountability. In fact he promised me he'd call me when he got into town last Tuesday...I finally tracked him down Friday and he said his dad's email was down. That has nothing to do with a 30 second phone call to tell your friend you're not dead. Dependibility, accountability, responsibility.
And I say these things knowing it is a justifiable response to actions towards me. I will not back down to be nice. Marty and Paddy are still my friends, and I hold no ill-will against them...I just won't put my faith in them. And if either of them (or anyone else) feel that's unfortunate, the bridge can be rebuilt.
So there you go for the whole "burning bridges" thing. I truly request your reactions. I welcome the debate.
For the video, I actually considered burning a miniature bridge would be funny, but since I'm working on my Bert & Ernie Set, I thought I'd give you a sneak peak. By the way, I made Ernie black and white because in the opposite TV Ben Folds was black and white...the other songs, Ernie will be in full living color singing the songs that have made him so famous....RIGHT. Let the lawsuits begin...
Oh! And we had a freakin' earthquake last night. Let me just say: "That sucked". No other way around it...only a 4.3 but it was right on us. Here's a map...
We're right at the bottom of the center green color...
It was a big JOLT and than a few waves for only about 5 seconds. But damnit...it SUCKED. I'm sorry but "standing under a doorway" just doesn't make you feel like you're helping anything. You're completely helpless. So I'm sure there'll be worse in time, but goddamn I don't wanna feel it. Sucks. Sucks. Sucks. Not happy, missed Columbus, the ground MOVED. (sigh)
Alright...that's it...Thanks for listenin...
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