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Dear Kenny,

2:39 PM, Wednesday, January 10th, 2001

Happy birthday my brotha! How's life been for you? Hope things are lookin' up. Hope you're doin' good in school.
Does school seem incredibly stupid to you? I bet it does, but believe me...you're day to day life will be so much more fun if you keep things goin' good in school. You'll be amazed at how much fun dad can be if you don't act up in school. HAHAHA. I was lucky because I always got to see the "fun" side of dad, because I lived with my mom. So when I was with dad we got to screw-off and go see movies and stuff.
I am astounded that you're 11. I remember people telling me they were astounded at how old I was when I was a kid. I always thought they were goofy, of course now I'm doing the same to you. I think I'm just dumbfounded that someone born in the 90's could be 11. WOW.
Life out here in LA has been strange. I miss everyone so much, but I'm certain that I have what it takes to make it in the entertainment world. I'm constantly struggling between what I want to do, and what I have to do...or even knowing what I'm supposed to do. I often think of you, and your world...and wish I could be 11 again. What's great for you, is that the next couple of years will determine the rest of your life. What you LOVE to do in the next couple of years will be what you'll want to do for the rest of your life. Man, you'll be inventing the next gadget we use in the future I'm sure. Keep doing that man. Keep imagining a better way to do things, and I guarantee you'll invent it. That's what I did...that's what 4tvs is really - an invention, and a vision of a cooler/funnier way of doing things.
Anyway, I miss you a bunch. I always hope that you feel happy. I pray that you know how much dad and Lonna love you. I know your life has been very unstable and crazy, but rest assured that I ALWAYS think of you, and ALWAYS hope you're doing well. Hopefully in the coming months, dad can set up a way that we can send email back and forth to each other - so we can keep in contact.
Oh, I almost forgot! Your present! As you know, I have NO cash...and can't send you anything tangible (something you could hold) for your birthday. Hopefully you'll like this though. Remember last year's video? Well here's a new one...and quite cool if you ask me. I am a cool older brother. :-)
Looks like I'll be home in April, so we can have some fun then. Enjoy the video...
PS: HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENNY!!!!!!! (that was jess)
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