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12:30 AM, Tuesday, January 2nd, 2001:
And so begins the second year of the journey. It was exactly a year ago I wrote my first entry from Springfield, Missouri. It's a wonder I'm even still here let alone excited about things. Man this year is gonna freakin' ROCK. Can I mention how much New Year's SUCKS in LA?
First of all - we don't see the ball drop live. How pathetic is it that we see a 3 hour old broadcast. I'd MUCH rather see it live in New York at 9 PM our time, and watch it move across the country and have some sort of west coast celebration. Instead we get "live" pictures from New York that aren't live at all. (sigh) - who are they trying to kid? I watched it online at 9 PM, and checked out CNN... And of course there's NOTHING local out here for some reason. I remember last year seeing Jay Leno do something at the Hollywood sign, but nothing this year. It's like LA knows it's beat in this part of life - so NO ONE here gives a shit. New York wins this one hands down, so we'll just chill by the pool and laugh at you all freezing. Paddy the idiot boy neighbor jumped in the pool last night. (sigh) - it's warm here yes, but the pool isn't heated. It's probably a crisp 50.
So Jess and I stayed up until midnight, and then she crashed as I edited the video. Oh and here's the video...it's pretty cool. It's a split-screen of 2000/2001 - very neato. Speaking of neat-o, have you checked out the site? It's pretty neato. Haven't redone all the graphics, but over the next few weeks I'll slowly be taking the "space age" feel from the site, and making it more of a representation of 4tvs the show. Much more whimsical, and less techno-saavy. Funny, moving into 2001 I go away from the space odyssey.
The movies are now on the home server with catnaz. As many of you know I was with Quicknet for well over a year, but after more headaches than I could deal with, I had to move on. Let me say that the customer service at Catnaz was simply incredible. Within hours they helped me transfer everything and be up and running. Not only that, they're a great deal faster and have a larger bandwidth than Quicknet did. Incredible prices, and an incredible amount of knowledge. I'm happy to give them my business. They've also helped set-up the automatic emailing list for me. It's incredible the tools they give you when they host your site. Because of this, I've now taken the strain off of Scott's server (who was hosting all my movies since Quicknet gave me 10 MB of space - LOL), and now everything is at one place. You should notice MUCH faster download speeds, and those of you with broadband access will see a drastic difference. So thanks again to Catnaz for all your help, and the opportunities you're giving me. This should be a great year.
As well the entry pages look a bit different. I like white on black...ahem...You'll also notice all the links at the bottom of the page. Nice, easy access....giddy-up. Just a nice new feel for the new year.
In "life" news - I'm now gainfully employed. Guess who's on the crew list for "The Tick" as a PA starting on the 8th? Yup. Looks like a 2 month stretch of shooting for the tv show. It's a blessing and a curse. It'll be nice to have the money, but I'm making under $6 an hour. That's pretty rough. Incredibly long hours are also gonna make the second push of 4tvs a bit difficult. As well, even PERFORMING will be tough, when I'll have to be on set at 6-7 in the morning. Of course getting to a gig is gonna be a bitch too with 12-16 hour days. SO it's an opportunity I won't turn down right now, but it's not the greatest thing in the world for my career necessarily. I'm gonna try and make some 4tvs.com t-shirts to wear though. That's about the best thing I can do for my career while running around a tv set. Hopefully someone will ask me about it who can help me. But either way, for a couple of months, I'll be able to bring in some cash. That'll be nice.
So what do I see happening this year? Where do I see myself as the year 2002 begins? It's funny, I can't even fathom it. Simply staying here isn't such an achievement as it was in 2000. Jess has a good job, and my free-lance stuff always seems to bring in a big check when we need it most. So I guess, my goals are big for this year. A true break. Some sort of contract. I signed a contract of course with Hollywood Screentest, but I guess I'm looking for one that involves MONEY. LOL. I guess I can narrow it all down to this: direction. That's what I hope to have by 2002. A clear path. A chosen talent. If someone heard Star Wars Blew and wanted to sign me to a record contract doing parody songs, that would be my direction. I'd have no problem dropping most everything and pushing that. If someone saw 4tvs and wanted to produce a TV show around it, I'd have no problem dropping most everything and following that. I feel I've shown my everything, and continue to show it with 4tvs - so wherever it takes me, I'll follow. So that's my goal - true direction. It could happen in a month, or I could be typing the same thing years from now. I guess that's why I'm out here. That sort of beautiful instability that keeps me excited day-in and day-out. I'd love to say I think it's gonna happen this year...but I've felt that way about everything I've done since I was 16. I always believe that. I have always thought my ideas and talents were the shit and it was just a matter of time until the rest of the world caught on. LOL - it's that true "Beatles" arrogance that keeps me motivated. I guess if you don't believe that, you don't ever push yourself. Ya gotta believe. 
So happy 2001 fellow online supporters. It's been a long year, and we're on the brink of some great things.
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