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12:42 PM, Friday, September 6th, 2002:
Been sitting here for 3 minutes writing and erasing this line 'cause I have no clue how to put into words how thankful I am for the support out here. I mentioned last entry that it almost seemed cheesy of me to rent out a place and invite friends and family to a show to lift my spirits, well had just the 30 people I thought were coming came - it probably would've been. As it stands nearly 100 people showed up and friggin' blew my mind. There were 70 people at the first show ALONE. Seating for 30. It was CRAZY. My dad and I would look at each other from time to time and just shake our heads. It was truly one of those cases where everyone who said they were coming...actually did - and then some. The reaction to the 8 PM show was so incredible... whew. I tried to thank everyone personally - but there just wasn't any way to do it. I know I missed some of you. I had family there from my past I hadn't seen in almost a decade. It was information overload. I still can't believe it. So again to anyone who may feel like I ignored them - I wanted nothing more than to sit for an hour with everyone of you and see how you all had been, and what you were up to, and there simply wasn't the time. So Thank You, Thank You, Thank You... It simply made 2002 for me.
For the video, I'm actually letting the cat out of the bag about the best gag in the whole show. If you haven't seen it yet well you've got no excuses now. The infamous rewind bit that the Columbus audience fell for better than anyone EVER. So well that I didn't say my next line so they could continue cheering.
The bit involves me acting like I forgot a line and stopping the show to rewind the tape. Basically, the most unprofessional thing possible. Even though I know it's a joke, I'm CRINGING the entire time. Absolutely mortified. The joke is, the TVs catch me and make fun of me for rewinding it, and because it REALLY looks like the TVs rewound - the audience is completely snookered. The Columbus crowd (I believe bigger than Comedy Store, but still unsure) - bought it big. Then when they realize it slowly start laughing into a full out cheer. It was a classic moment. So big I didn't DARE say my next line to stop the laughter. Heh. Enjoy...
To say I'm tired right now is such a joke. I can't believe I can stand. I've gotten zero sleep this week just trying to see everyone I possibly can. As I said before - being here for 2 weeks instead of 1 week doesn't lessen that strain at all. You just need to see the same people twice as much - heh. I love my family dearly but I'd give anything for them to live in different states. But I sure do appreciate being loved and supported. So I'll just take my foot out of my mouth now and move on.
The big announcement. I made it after the 2nd show, so many of you may have missed it. There's a reason my hair's all long again. Next Spring I'm recording the sequel to The Trinitrons: "The Trinitrons...and Adam". As you may or may not know, Adam gets kinda beat down by the end and in the time between the first show and now the sequel even more shit happens to him. He's now become COMPLETELY dependent on the others and they know it. You can only imagine. This doesn't however mean that "The Journey" show is done. In fact I recorded some stuff out here that will get the ball rollling. I completely expect to be able to perform in mid-November. So I've definitely got my work cut-out for me. I'm chomping at the bit to get back and start putting it together.
But for now, my biggest concern is my friggin' feet. Seriously, I did not bring appropriate shoes for so much running around, and setting-up and tearing down and OH MY LORD. I feel like I've been barefoot for a month. I'm gonna crawl onto the plane on Saturday I just know it. Damn I miss my cats too. Hijack must be losin' his mind. This cat plays fetch with me for at least an hour a day. He's gotta be crazy by now.
Ok - my last night here...so I gotta get movin' to see everyone in time. What a trip. Thanks again everybody. See you next year for the sequel.
PS - OH YEAH, the EYEBALL in the last video. Hahahaha. Jessica had eye surgery and we got video of it, but I knew it'd freak out the squeemish folks if I told you that was the entry video. So I decided to trick you and freak you out. HA. I got a laugh out of the thought anyway, hope you did too... Don't worry, nothing gross in this video. Heh.
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