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1:04 PM, Wednesday, July 31st, 2002:
CORNER OF 161 and 71
Thursday, September 5th, 2002
DOORS OPEN 7 PM - 2 SHOWS: 8 & 9:30
$10 Cover ($5 goes to purchase of DVD if you get it)
WOOT. Pretty pumped about this. Props to my dad for finding a great centralized location to have the Trinitrons Invade Columbus. The spot, oddly enough is home to many things in my life. It used to be a lounge, and a comedy club. Leno even played there in the mid-80's. My Dad performed there, my mom worked there, I grew up running around there, and the night I signed the seperation papers from Burg, I took some chick I met on the internet there and ended up calling my wife on a cell phone crying. LOL!!!! Ahh the memories. The following night after that I opened The Late Show with the "Divorce Story" and had one of the most memorable shows of my career. It's funny, I can imagine people from LA reading this and thinking of Columbus as a cowtown with one hotel. "My sis was conceived there, and my maw took me there..." Heh. Columbus is a pretty big city So Cal. Give 'em a break.
The night is basically gonna be a big-ass party. Doors open at 7, and you can stay the whole time. There's gonna be plenty of free food (feel free to bring your own too) and I hired a bartender so he'll keep you happy if ya pay him. I'll do a show at 8, then chill for awhile and do another one at 9:30 or 10. Looks like cover for the night will be $10 and $5 of that will go towards the DVD if you purchase it (DVD is $20). Oh yeah the DVD! Gotta tell you how cool this turned out. Just finished it.
It's one congruent show but it morphs in and out of 7 different venues. It friggin' rules. This way you get a sense of every venue I played in the first year of "The Trinitrons". When it morphs, the name and the date of the venue comes up for a second. It took quite awhile to pick the right sections of all the shows and keep the flow going, but it works out pretty well. The majority is still from the very first show. That crowd was just the shit. The promise and potential in that performance is second to none.
As well the extras are a plenty. The entire "Trinitron Chronicles" series from the net is on there. Each band member has an individual section with pictures and vital statistics and their "favorites". There's a little featurette on deleted scenes including the lost "Cameron Opens" and parts of the actual show that were cut. There's some pretty funny bloopers as well. And even some of the demo material that was sent out to the networks here in LA. The "Stability, Potential, Success" Short is on there too!! WOOT! It's a pretty HUGE package. Of course most of you in Columbus haven't seen the show, so you aren't aware of how cool it is - LOL. But hey, guess what - I'll be performing it on September 5th! Woo Hoo! Check out what happened the last time I played Columbus on September 5th...
If I sound excited, I completely am. I'm paying an ASSLOAD to rent out a huge room for a night and just have a party. Just to have something to look forward to. Yes, 2002 has been that kind of year. LOL. I'm willing to BUY my happiness at this point. HAHAHA. I basically just want to see all my old friends from The Late Show days and show 'em what I've been up to out here in LA. I simply cannot wait to get back and pimp this show like a mofo. Gonna take out an ad in the Other Paper, gonna flyer all sortsa places. Work every angle. This is a one-time deal people. One night. Ain't doin' this again...
Many of you have asked how you can help me out. All I can say - is please be there. Grab as many friends as you can and tell them that a show that rocked The Comedy Store will be in Columbus for one night. LOL. That will help me tremendously - besides, it's soooooooooo worth your $10 (only $5 if you get the DVD-LOL).
So there you have it. Still working on all the menu screens for the DVD (DVD production can be a nightmare boy), and have more than enough to do to prepare for this. Email me with any questions, and for cryin' out loud - mark the date on your calendar.
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JULY 2002