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7:40 PM, Tuesday, June 18th, 2002:
I'm really amazed how much "The Journey" plugs away. It once seemed an impossible feat to keep this puppy going because of the normal flow of life. It can become rather repetitive if you're forced to write as much as I do within this. Yet that isn't the case. Of course some periods are more exciting than others, but for the most part it's always different, new, and somehow shares a tiny insight to what it's really like to go through all this. 207 entries...
Well this entry is nothing like what I just described. This entry sucks. You've heard it/read it a dozen times and I can't add a whole helluva lot more to it than I have before. I write it only because I had a show, and that just has to equal an entry. Trinitron shows are so few and far between, and when I'm 70 I'll like to read about them.
I downplay this entry so much, not because the show was bad, but because it was good. And here comes the deja vous: Great show, great reaction, I really need to do this show more often, reminds me of just what it is I'm fighting for - yadd yadda. Pretty much the foundation of every show entry I've done. But the bottom line is, I can't do it more often. I simply don't have the resources, the contacts, or the...why does there always have to be 3? I don't have the resources and contacts to do it more often. There. LOL. As well, I'm working on more shows. It's what I would need a manager or agent for. I'll make that push when I've finished the new 4tvs show. Which is becoming stranger and stranger by the minute. But I'll get to that in a moment. For now the show.
Wednesday night, the Improviders 2 year Anniversary show. Though I'm not in the group anymore, I said I'd be happy to help 'em out whenver they have a big show and want a final act of the night. So this was just one of those nights. Had a killer opening musical guy with a guitar that everyone kept talking over. I seriously wanted to tape people's mouths shut. People were drunk when they walked in and had beer with them - that's a really nice way to support the theater (sigh). Anyway - the Improviders went on and kicked ass. There is some great talent in the group. Unfortunately it seemed to run a bit long, and I could tell the audience was getting antsy. Then of course, they have no idea my show is another 30 minutes. My biggest problem with Adam & The Trinitrons has always been the audience not expecting 30 minutes. You never want an audience to think "When is this going to end?". It's like when I would go on after stand up comics that had 8 minutes. Then with no warning - POW 30 minutes? No matter how good the audience is totally caught off guard.
Then again, the audience was hammered. So it didn't matter - lol. They laughed a bunch.
For the first time, I taped the audience with night vision. Something I always wanted to do, but never wanted to miss me performing a new opening or what not. Well now, since the show has "picture-lock", I can start to do strange shit. And man, I gotta tell you - there's not a more interesting 30 minutes of film on this planet to me right now. You can make out a good 7-8 people with the shot I made - and it's so very very cool. My dad got a glimpse of it at The Comedy Store, and I was always a bit envious that he could watch it from that angle. He was off to the left side with almost his entire right side parallel with the stage facing the audience so he could watch them as much as me. Now I have a tiny idea of what he saw.
It's amazing to watch people laugh and point at various TVs. I think my favorite moments are "the pointing". Something I never noticed before, but it's such a sincere, almost subconscious reaction to something you find funny. What has to happen in your head to make you laugh and then point to what you're laughing at so the dude sitting next to you doesn't miss it has to be part of a psychology class somewhere. It's something you do without even thinking. So I guess THAT is a new spin on this entry that I never had before. LOL.
No, it isn't. Y'all could've read the May show entry and been fine. It went well, people liked it, came up to me afterwards and talked. May have even gotten a contact out of it with a guy from the Wolper Organization. We'll see. It left me with the feeling of "Man, I need to do this more often" and "Oh yeah, this show is really good" LOL. There ya go.
Now as I said before, the writing of "The Journey" 4tvs show is becoming a bit strange. It's got all the elements except one: Funny. What should be the heart of the show, even a serious show, is sorely missing. I have a feeling that once I start acting the show out, the humor will come simply in the storytelling. As well, I'm getting more and more ideas about the "words" shorts like the last one I showed you. I think I'm gonna have about 6 of em for the show. That and some of the DV Therapy songs should be the thread to piece "The Journey" together. I think the most humor will come from a true spotlight on just what a dork I am for taping these moments of my life. The problem is, strangers don't always think that. My friends give me shit, but I don't believe strangers will find that appropriate. And I have nothing "glaringly" funny as far as things I've taped of myself. I think most people assume I will make it, and that recording all of the events throught this website is actually a smart move - so constantly poking fun at myself may come off as stupid? Anyone catching my drift here? If I had a handful of videos that were obviously out of the ordinary, yes - then I could piece to gether a show with the foundation being: "I'm obsessed with myself and constantly videotape everything." There just ain't a whole lot of that on the site. But there's still some humor to be had there somewhere. Of course the biggest problem is that the crux of the entire story is how "The Journey" brought me to the brink of suicide, and that I have the lowest moment of my life sitting there on tape. It's so powerful that I don't want to cheapen it. Either way - I have all the elements, it's just a matter of finding the pacing and rhythm.
As well, the Trinitrons DVD should be done by late summer. I finally figured out how I'm gonna put it together. There'll be a little piece of every show I've done on the DVD. It'll play like one Trinitrons show, it'll just fade in and out of time and location throughout. That way you get a little piece of everything along with the show. It'll be "slightly" distracting to a first-time viewer, but I have a feeling I'm underestimating the audience. You'll all be fine. There will also be all the "Trinitron Chronicles" as well as a few bloopers and extra shit. Should be a nice set.
Oh, and TELL ME WHAT YOU THOUGHT OF THE SHORT PEOPLE! Remember I'm one of those needy artistic types. I crave feedback! LOL. Love me! Love me!
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