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Lucas, you got me...
4:57 AM, Sunday, May 12th, 2002:
I didn't think it was possible. I was sure there was no way in hell Yoda could be a badass. Yes, "Star Wars Blew", but Episode 2 most certainly did not... In fact, it was AWESOME. But wait, it's Sunday morning! How did you....wait! Where did you get that picture!!! That shot has never been on the net!!!
Heh, Well, as was the case in 1999, I was able to see Star Wars Episode 2 before the general public. Of course this time, it wasn't necessarily the most legal of means. But come on, they advertised on E! that bootlegs were online, like I wasn't gonna at least LOOOOOK for it...
So after a day of searching and downloading 1.5 GIGS of files, Jess, Paddy and I sat down to watch the first half of Episode 2 at 11 PM Saturday night, (followed by the second half at 3:30 AM). And the overall feeling is a resounding: "FINALLY!". It's just perfect...for a Star Wars movie. Dialogue does seem staggered a bit by even veteran actors like McGregor and Jackson, but it's "Jedi speak". They all talk in over analytical sentences as if "proclaiming" each sentence. And in time they start forming their sentences backwards (ahem-yoda). LOL. But that's Star Wars. Get used to it. And actually, some of the early dialogue between Anakin and Obi-wan is downright great. What kicks ass the most is nearly every line, every action, every twist foreshadows what's coming in 3, and of course 4-6. All balanced perfectly with early action scenes and snippets of a love story. The first part of the movie is extremely well balanced. There are other reviews to the contrary, but I wholeheartedly disagree. There's a wealth of info to touch upon, and the pacing is awesome. And then comes the second part...
Absolutely exhilerating. So many cool things, I can't even begin. I completely lost myself in it. Strange considering it's a washed out mpg on my computer screen. I can't wait to se it again in the theatre. I can't remember the last time I liked a movie this much. In my book it is a very, very close 2nd to Empire, and maybe upon another viewing of that - it's better. Of course it's a "better" movie because of how shitty Episdoe 1 was. By default it gets a great review because of that. But even on its own, it's a really well paced movie. The interweaving plots leave you hanging at JUST the right place - BRING ON EPISODE 3. It's very much like Empire in that sense: A briliant set-up for all that has to take place in Episode III. God it rocked.
Now I know some people have said this makes the 1st one better, but you know what - no. LOL. It feels like a missed opportunity to me. Maybe with Lucas's over-zealous controlling nature, he'll go back and fix the first one. I know I was able to with my edit last year. He could probably put together a "redux" and make us all proud.
So now the question is: "Will it beat Spiderman? Well, I actually don't even think it's possible because of Spiderman's share of theatres now. It'll still be holding down quite a few come Thursday and I can almost guarantee Star Wars won't beat Spidey'sopening weekend. But in the long run? It has to. It's simply a better movie than Spiderman. Spiderman's return business has to be pretty nill. I know I'm 1 of about 4 people in this country that felt Spiderman was mediocre, but even those who enjoyed it, aren't really compelled to see it again until it hits DVD. Who knows. It'll be a war for sure.
For now, I will finish burning this puppy to DVD, and tonight watch it on TV. Then Thursday I get to see it in the infamous Mann's Chineese...wait - how 'bout I show you where I'm seeing it opening day:
I'm actually seeing it at noon AND 7 PM that day. So don't get on my case for downloadin' this George. Anyone who would spend 17 hours downloading it, is already seeing the thing like 5 times... Anyway, I'm selling my extra tickets to the 7 PM show on ebay and made this little graphic. Yes, I've become a total ebay whore. Shaddup. LOL.
So I know what you're thinking. What on earth is gonna be this entry's video. Well, I hate to say this - but a gigantic spoiler. Not so much a plot twist, but just some badass shit, that if you're a Star Wars fan, you'll wanna save this puppy for the bigscreen. Of course if you're like me you just wanna see it now. I remember hearing about this little dooooozy a year ago and was laughing at how bad it sounded. Yoda kickin' ass? Wielding a lightsaber? Are you kidding? Has Lucas lost his mind? Well, that still remains to be seen, but this is most definitely cool as hell. So I leave it to you... "To Download, or not to Download..."
Choose, wisely...
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