ENTRY #200
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6:45 PM, Friday, May 10th, 2002:

To honor my 200th entry, I just got an unexpected check for $1,650.00. Yup. That's the control I have over my life. By mandate of ENTRY NUMBER, my life takes gigantic swings. From the first year ending at exactly 100, to countless 5's and 10's in between, it has happened again. Not $16.50. Not $165.00, One Thousand, Six Hundred, and Fifty Dollars.  If only this had happend on April 1st. LOL...

"I agree that the amount of time allowed for a rental vehicle is not sufficient. Although only part of the delay was the fault of a clerical error regarding the address, in a good faith effort to resolve this matter in a satisfactory way for you I would agree to provide 66 days of rental. This represents the time from the day you put your vehicle into the body shop, which was January 29th, 2002 until April 5th, 2002 when the check sent by overnight mail would have been received. At a rate of $25.00 per day this would be $1,650.00."


Now tell me The Journey isn't destined to end amazing. Seriously. We all knew, #200 was gonna be worthless. My last entry:
"Speaking of seeing what happens, it's officially over. The next entry will be #200. And unless I win the friggin' lottery in the next week, 200 is a monumental letdown."
I DID. LOL. I friggin' won the lottery. Of course I demanded to win, but who'd think they'd listen?!?
As you may remember I was getting royally SCREWED by Access General. The lady in charge of my claim was not only inept, she was easily...EASILY, the rudest person I've ever dealt with in all of customer service. Someone hit me on January 10th (Happy Birthday Kenny), and in APRIL, she was still acting like she "couldn't do anymore than she was" to get me my check, and consequently my car out of the shop. Whew. After I finally got my car, 3 MONTHS, after my accident, I was still fumin'. Of course I couldn't afford to sue them, but I've never wanted to sue a company more in my entire life. I was pretty determined to do something. So my mother-in-law Lonna told me to contact the Department of California Insurance. I jumped on the site, and filed a claim explaining what happened, and what I wanted, either the price of a rental car for the time, or cover my lease and car insurance for the immense amount of time the car was in the shop - FINISHED. And you see the result. Apparently when you contact the state's Department of Insurance it hurts the insurance company's rating in the state. So they act, and they act quick. I highly recommend anyone getting screwed over to try it. It sure worked for me.
And to top off the day, I got a call from Michelle Greene, that put my past few months in such a great perspective that I really owe her one. I had called her during the February/March depression for some advice. I knew she had her share of experiences in this business, and her advice would've been golden. Unfortunately, I called her at what she says was one of the most incredibly busy times of her life. Her mother had a heart attack, she landed a ecord deal, and of course the whole LA Law Movie (watch this Sunday!!), and subsequent trip to New York for the 75th Anniversery of NBC - just NUTS. She finally had a chance to return my call, and asked what I had been up to. Heh. It tried to give her an idea of what had happened, and she responded with her own stories about agents and managers. Here's where the "goose bumps" part comes in. She actually inadvertently QUOTED Charlotte. And the things she was saying, and the way she felt at these times, absolutely MIRRORED my life. It was uncanny. And it was easily the most helpful thing I've heard since I've been out here. Just to know that someone of her stature in this business could relate to what I went through just put so much in perspective. I'm not crazy. And I'm gonna be just fine. I just keep on pluggin' away and the right person will come along. Funny, what I believed my whole life, and then doubted after Charlotte, is now reinstilled in a short phone call.
So until I get a chance to properly thank you Michele, I'll do it here: THANK YOU. I really hope that if I'm in your position one day, I'll be able to help someone else struggling to get by. Your kindness seems truly limitless.
So there. Entry #200. Absolutely astonishing how "destined" this all seems sometimes. This is gonna be one helluva piece of work when it's all said and done.
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