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7:32 PM, Thursday, May 9th, 2002:
WOW. It really is amazing what a good show does to the psyche. It always seems to make me go: "Oh yeah, I'm worth a shit...".
LOL. I think this is why I can never take 3 months off again. I don't care if I set up in a coffeeshop again. You cannot stop performing the creation. It has to be seen, and you have to be reminded of what you gave a year of your life to. Especially after the last 3 months I've had. To hear an audience laugh at every single line you wrote, is just so nice. It's suprising. And as I said before, I'm left with the feeling of: "DUH Adam, remember this? That really, really incredible concept you created? That really funny show. Yeah. You need to do it a bunch."
AHHHH. This thing needs to be done WEEKLY. What the hell was Charlotte thinking? LOL. Not to bring all that up again - but it just baffles my mind, that we weren't doing it anywhere and EVERYWHERE we could - just to get a buzz goin'. it's SOOOOOOOOO buzzworthy. Letting 2 months go by for zero reason. Christ it's really a wonder I didn't lose my mind. Oh wait... I FUCKIN DID. LOLOLOLOLLOLOL
Ok, anyway - the show was wonderful. The scream at the end actually hit a decibal that hurt my ears. It was a brief moment, but a moment nonetheless. It's a pretty tiny theatre (45 seats), and wow - it was LOUD. I'm not sure I've ever been more appreciative. I could barely contain laughing from smiling so much. So to those who were there, thank you. Thank you, thank you - it really means that much.
The Improviders show beforehand had some really funny parts, but still pretty rough around the edges. Unfortunatley it seemed to me that the funniest parts were only funny to those IN the show. Like, I really laughed when one of the guys was stumped on a scene - because I know him. But as an audience member? Uhm, not funny. LOL. When it's all said and done, I guess I really just feel that Improv is an excercise, not a performance. As well, rehearsal habits are about to send me through the roof. (sigh). I'll just leave it at that. I'm gonna give it all I can, and at some point soon - just let it all out. If they disagree, I'll move on. It sucks, I really love hangin' out with some of the guys, and there's quite a bit of talent there...but anyone who knows me knows I just don't tolerate "sloppy". If it's something that's in YOUR control, then CONTROL it. And ESPECIALLY with improv, what you CAN control - you need to MASTER. Prepare yourself, and know your shit - and the "ad-libbed" stuff gets REALLY easy. If you don't - it shoooooooooooows. Oh well, we'll see what happens.
Speaking of seeing what happens, it's officially over. The next entry will be #200. And unless I win the friggin' lottery in the next week, 200 is a monumental letdown. Watch, I'm not gonna write another entry for like a month trying to find something worthy. LOL. I just gotta remember that life ain't always poetic. And in a way - I guess that's poetic...
Until next time, whenever the hell that will be,
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