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4:17 PM, Sunday, April 14th, 2002:
Well shit. Leave it to me to become part of an Improv Group. I guess no one can say I'm not giving me all to this "acting" thing. (sigh).
So I needed to come up with a 2 minute comedy monolgue for the audition. After searching around the net, and going through my DVDs, there just wasn't a non-dramatic monolgue more than 60 seconds. Then in the shower I started doin' Johnny from The Boyles and realized it didn't matter WHAT the hell I talked about, just doing that voice lookin' like me is funny.
So I made up a 2 minute dialogue about Johnny being stunned by the size of Lester's (Johnny's grandpa for the newbies) "wee". This is what I actually called it as a child. Heh. Anyway, the monologue was really, really out there. And I didn't practice it a whole lot. I noticed that each time I'd ad-lib a little more, it got funnier and funnier. So I figured I should just ad-lib all of it for the audition. Hell it's an Improv Group right? So I got the basic story down, at a ballpark urinal Johnny happens to glance over, and was ready for the audition.
Unfortunately, no one else was. I was the only one there. Even several members of the group didn't show up. It ended up being me, and 4 of the "Improviders". So instead of actually auditioning, I just took part in their normal rehearsal. Acted like I knew what the hell I was doing and...actually enjoyed it. They'd give me a quick explanation of the Improv "games", and then POW. I was just part of the group. Excercise after excercise, just testing your ability to think on your feet. It's the one thing I've always liked about Improv (doing it, not watching it): it's challenging. The competitive nature in me comes out in full force. Not competing with the others, but competing against yourself, your own limitations. It's insanely fun. For example, I had to pretend I was in a steamroom with another guy, and each line had to start with the next letter of the alphabet. It was very fun and just seemed natural to me. And as is said about once every 3 entries: therein lies the rub. I had a great time. Loved all the excercises, loved stretching the acting "muscle" and enjoyed meeting new people and being part of a team. And I guess I proved myself 'cause I'm in. Nothin' like a one-man election race eh? Well there's more try-outs for next week as I think they need 2 new members, but I guess now they only need one. So what's the problem? Where's the "rub"?...
I cannot stand watching Improv. LOL. Well, lemme put it this way... Right now, I can't stand it. Ask me in a month and maybe I'll have a different opinion. But here's how I feel now: It's an incomplete artform. It's like watching pre-season NFL. I'd never prefer that over the regular season or the playoffs. I'd rather take the time to create great work, rather than see what great things I can make up in 2 seconds. I appreciate good writing, and direction, and love putting hours of work into a finished project. Now as far as rehearsing goes, it's perfect for strengthening my improvisational skills and helping others do the same, but as a show...whew. (roll eyes, whack off motion)... I wonder if other people feel this way? I wonder if say, baseball players love playing - but think watching it is boring as hell. I mean, I feel like a total ASSHOLE. I REALLY like the other guys in the group, and in no way want to undermine our work, but the bottom line is - holy SHIT do I hate Improv. LOLOL. Fuck this online journal shit. I'm so friggin' stupid to be saying this about something I'm trying to be a part of, but I couldn't very likely get on here and lie. Anyone who's read this for even 6 months knows how I have always felt about Improv. So let's just see what happens shall we? Believe it or not, I do have an open mind here. I'm just putting down how I feel in April 2002 - who knows what'll happen next.
Well I guess I do. Heh. The next rehearsal is Wednesday night, and I'm gonna be performing The Trinitrons for the other members of the group afterwards. Thought it would give 'em a good idea as to what the hell I'm trying to do with my life. Or maybe this'll show I have no idea. Either way, showing creative people a creative idea is exhilerating. So I'm looking forward to it.
As well the direction of "Adam & The Journey" is starting to come together. It's apparently not gonna be a big event. I think the true ending, is simply that I keep going. I keep pushing. The Journey continues... There's something poetic about that. I still expect the show to be ready for early fall 2002, and it looks like I may be premiering it in Columbus. How's that for crazy. I figured out a way that I can simply fly out with some of the 4tvs guts, and then somehow scrounge up four 27 inch TVs when I get there. Oh yeah, and the stands. LOL. It's possible. I'm sure some of you reading from Columbus will be able to help out. Anyway, it's looking like mid-to late August as the date.
So there you are. Adam Kontras is a member of the "Improviders". I sighed right after I wrote that. I honestly can't put my finger on exactly why though. Maybe it's that I'm becoming what I never wanted to... Hmmmm....
And I WAS gonna use my Johnny monologue for today's video, but since it never happened here's me brushing my teeth.
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