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2:04 AM, Thursday, March 14th, 2002:
This was originally going to be part of the last entry. Just as I'm closing the most tumultuous entry of my life, I tell you that I'm working on an entirely new one-man show. A great example of poetic timing. In the midst of such hell - I think I've had a killer idea that I'm now going to pursue full force. Showing my spirit to always move ahead, and just as a part of me is dying - there's a new chapter ready to not only take it's place, but to lift everything up yet another notch. I was afraid that it would simply get buried in the last entry, so alas it gets it's own. I'll start from the beginning: December 1999.
I had just completed "A Day in the Life". The 4tvs movie. It was the first time I really pushed the concept of 4tvs past "talking heads" and used the TVs as different parts of a movie. I had hoped it would be the beginning of several uses for the technology. Unfortunately when I got here, my ideas required a captive audience. Even "A Day in the Life" was pushing it where I was playing as most people would walk in and out of each venue. I became somewhat stucl. Then in February 2001, I met Charlotte and 3 words changed everything: "One-Man Show". Why the hell hadn't I thought of this before! Of course! There's my captive audience. Because 4tvs had to be profitable in the beginning, it was a show of little 15 minute minuets of simply singing and light interraction. This allowed me to play clubs as a BAND would and get paid. Keeping that up out here didn't mean SHIT because I wasn't getting paid anyway...so one-man show was the way to go.
So when Charlotte first mentioned that, my head spun. I could do so much creative shit with a block of 45 minutes and those TVs and characters...now was my chance to push 4tvs even more. I had no idea what exactly - but I was excited. Charlotte however was ready with an idea right out of the gates. She saw a boy-band from the beginning, and that sounded good to me. We went ahead with that course and The Trinitrons were born.
Cut to this PAST February. I was house-sitting for Marshall who was getting his cable modem hooked up while he was at work. Playing a little Super Mario World on my Gameboy and thinking about the amazing drama unfolding in my life. Just the high of November alone vs. that moment was an amazing story. And almost as it happened in 1998 when I thought of 4tvs, I INSTANTLY saw my idea in my head. Sitting on a stage telling the story of The Journey as my memories were visually brought up on the TVs behind me. As I got to a part of the story that involved a show, I could seamlessly (almost magically) - stand-up and be WITHIN the show I was talking about. As if I was taking the audience to THAT NIGHT. I could even have the actual audio crowd reaction from the show I was talking about coming from the speakers! So it would be this mix of memories, shows and story that was absolutely effortless. All edited and timed perfectly to look like I'm just telling a story. What a way to incorporate every passion I have. The video editing could be just as beautiful as the songs, or the story, or the characters. It was really a great moment in the midst of the worst month of my life.
I told Marshall about it and he really seemed to dig-it. He threw in the idea of making the whole point of the show to be poking fun at my obsessive chronicling of my life. I have this WEALTH of material just within "The Journey" alone. 186 videos that I have SLAVED over, all nice neat little produced bits - READY to go. Full resolution too... It would give the show such heart to make fun of how insanely STRANGE this is. You know, looking at The Journey from a stranger's perspective - it's no wonder people think I'm an arrgant bastard. LOL. What was once just a newsletter to my radio listeners keeping them up-to-date on what the next show would hold - has become this epic ADAM SLANT on life. "HERE IS MY WORLD! HERE ARE MY THOUGHTS! LISTEN WORLD! LISTEN!" HAHAHA. I thought about Marshall's idea, and man it just really struck me as something that could blow people out of the water. I imagined at the end of each show being able to tailor make it to each audience. Telling them that the show they're watching right now will be the basis for Entry #206. Show them the web page and the title being typed out. Even tell them they'd better be a good audience, 'cause you'll read what I REALLY think of you tonight when you go home. LOL. And it will have the one thing missing from The Trinitrons, that I feel is just crucial to a successful one-man show: audience interraction. I'm talking to them. It's something I tried to add into The Trinitrons with Cameron's openings, but for the most part it was completely self contained. The audience was watching a sit-com being performed live. With "Adam & The Journey" I can take best parts of "Adam & The Trinitrons" and also add drama. This won't be funny in the same way The Trinitrons was. This will never be performed at a Comedy Club. It's a theatre piece for sure. And it's got me PUMPED again. In fact, as I'm typing this I'm thinking of just what this is... It's really making a show out of the site. I know I just SAID that, but it's really the "stage version" of the journal. And it'll constantly be updated. WOW! God, I really, really dig this. My biggest challenge will be to keep it from being arrogance personified. At moments the audiecne really needs to be laughing at how anal and compulsive I am. And I certainly mean laughing AT me. I think that'll give it the "heart" it needs...
This all begs the question doesn't it. Come on, you know you're thinking it..."Uhm, aren't you going to do The Trinitrons again?" Honestly, I'm not sure. It seemed a foregone conclusion that I'd book the ever-lovin' hell out of it now, but it's become a bit of a legal question now. Not performing it mind you, but if I were to get industry interest because of it that's a whole 'nother issue. I need to speak to a lawyer and figure all that out. I would never try and cut Charlotte out of what part she played in this, and I hope someday to be able to prove that to her. As I was doing the last song, it occured to me that it's just all too serious right now. While trying to think of the next verse I was struck with the need to reassure her that I wasn't trying to cut her out.
The only way she'll truly know that though is if I get a development deal and she sees that I'll certainly make it well known the part she played in everything. (sigh). She probably won't be laughing at this...but someday she'll know I'm being sincere. As far as now, ideally I want to do both shows. Each would be drastically different, and I sort've like the idea of "The Journey" talking about "The Trinitrons" as the REAL show...you know? Kind've an alternate reality.
I'm talking about doing a show - when that's what I'm doing right then. LOL. More to play with. I just realized though...talk about pressure to have an interesting life. LOL. I thought having a video with every entry was nuts - now I stake a live performance on it. Ha! But man, I just love how DIFFERENT it can be every night. As well I become a bit more of a traditional one-man show but can keep all the uniqueness of The Trinitrons. And hell if I'm doing both, this advertises that as well! And it gets people to the site...yadda yadda. It just seems like a great way to creat buzz. We'll soon see. Don't ask me when, but know that it'll be a SHITE-load faster than The Trinitrons writing process. Jesus one year later and I'm writing another show...Who'dve thunk it.
In other news Jess in currently in Vegas at a manager's conference. She is absolutely kicking ass. Her store is winning all the contests, scoring the highest in every facet and she's truly excelling. She just takes so much pride in her work and her work ethic...MAN. I really feel for our kids. They are gonna catch such SHIT from us. Anyway, I'm alone for 3 days... :-( It'll gimme some time to work on things though...
One of which is getting my car back. I never wrote about this before, because I thought it was just a formality - but over 2 months later I'm still being screwed. I got in an accident on January 10th. It was the other guy's fault, and his insurance was paying for it. Adjuster came out and said it would be $1500. I took it to two body shops and they said $3000. Great. Well that meant I had to leave it at the body shop of my choice and then have the adjuster and the body shop haggle over it. Of course I'd be without my car. The guy's insurance company said they'd only pay for 5 days of a rental car, the length of time it would take to fix it. Bullshit because I would be without it for much, much longer. I ended up not getting one for fear I'd be stuck with a huge bill. So on January 29th I drop of my car. The adjuster came and they agreed on about $2200. Body shop assured me that THEY were eating labor costs, not me getting shit parts. So they fix the car, it's ready a few days later. The insurance company however says they never got the paperwork saying the adjuster approved the work! But what kills me is that they should've sent out the original estimate check for $1500 over 2 WEEKS ago. The supplement check was what was in dispute. Well after 2 more weeks of bitching, calling and faxing they say they're sending out the checks. It'll take 7-10 days to get here. ?!?!?! This company is based in Atlanta (ACCESS by the way), but I was unaware that the Pony Express was still around. (sigh)...
But it never comes. More nasty phone calls to supervisors and the agent and she had sent it to the wrong body shop. I was livid. They resend one check on the 28th of February and another on the 2nd of March...and as of today, the 14th - STILL nothing. I call telling them to stop payment and resend - nothing. Yesterday morning they call at 7:30 AM and say they stopped payment AGAIN and sent on the 13th...but again 7-10 business days. Anyone reading this a lawyer? I've been without my car for 6 weeks now. Have paid my lease on it, my insurance...everything for a car I can't touch. Amazing. This and the Sony computer credit (which took a YEAR) are mind-boggling. Ahh well. At least i'm unemployed - right? LOL.
And finally, I went back and re-read the original "soiree-thrower" entree and slightly edited some of it. I started straying from the purpose of the entry near the end of it. The point was simply keeping your value system in LA, and how I chose to deal with one specific person. I started telling outlying stories that went nowhere by the end of the entry and it just made very little sense. I guess when you have ZERO going on in the rest of your life, you tend to get off on a tangent simply to take up space (kinda like now Kontras?) - heh. So check it out, and hopefully it's a bit more to the point.
So I'm off to outline "Adam & The Journey". Finally creating again...the best feeling on earth.
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