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11:58 PM, Friday, March 8th, 2002:
This is soooooooo painful. I can't even believe I'm writing it. Since this is sure to be locked anyway, I can be honest. What a journey this has turned out to be.
There's been one thing about The Comedy Store debacle that was REALLY nagging me. For about a month I had been stewing over it. I told a few friends What I felt, but knew taking action would be a direct undercutting of Charlotte. As well, if I found out that my suspicions were true - it would lead to the END of my relationship with Charlotte. I just wasn't ready to take that step. Well now it had been 2 months since we found out what Gary did and nothing had happened. Charlotte had written a letter in January, but held onto it because Belinda wanted to have a meeting with Charlotte, Gary and I. That seemed reasonable enough. Unfortunately weeks passed and the meeting never happened...and the letter was never sent. I asked Charlotte to send the letter, I asked for us to go down to The Comedy Store on a Monday night and there were excuses for both. Why wouldn't she send the letter?
January 14, 2002
Mitzi Shore and Duncan Trussel
The Comedy Store
8433 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90069
Re: Adam and the Trinitrons Appearance on Nov. 12, 2001
Dear Mitzi and Duncan,
A performer relies as much on his reputation, as on his talents. As such, I feel it is my obligation to ensure that the reputation of my client, Adam Kontras, is not besmirched by misunderstandings, misquotes, and rumors.
I was most distressed about the conversation I had with Duncan on January 11th. He stated that there were rumors that my client, Adam, had been rude to employees of The Comedy Store the night of his performance, and was unhappy about playing the Original Room rather than the Main Room. Furthermore, Duncan said he had been told that Adam called twice subsequent to November 12th about his next performance in the Main Room. I need to emphatically state, as I did with Duncan, that this could not be further from the truth and would like to clarify the situation.
I was present the entire night of November 12th, and as such can state with complete confidence that Adam was never rude to a single employee of The Comedy Store, and defy any employee to tell me otherwise. He showed up at the club on time, set up his equipment, and prepared to perform. While he was not talkative before the show, that most certainly should not be interpreted as rudeness. As far as after his performance, he went out of his way to be polite to guests, encouraging them to go back in and watch the other acts. He was also overly considerate of the other performers, even going so far as to wait nearly 4 hours after his performance to tear down, although a Comedy Store employee said it was alright to do so earlier, all in an effort not to be rude to his fellow performers.
Secondly, as for calling the Comedy Store subsequent to his performance and inquiring about his next performance, I can guarantee you that he did not make any calls to The Comedy Store. As his manager I handle all such matters, and considering the confusion between Belinda Foster and Gary Goldstein in getting Adam booked in the first place, Adam was more than happy to let me handle all details at The Comedy Store, and elsewhere.
Finally, and most importantly, is the issue of the Original vs. the Main Room and any perception that Adam felt unhappy with performing in the Original Room. In order to clarify this issue completely, it is important to let you know the events that led to Adam performing in the Original Room. Gary Goldstein, a regular performer, as well as a former manager of the Comedy Store, told Adam that he would be able to get him on the Main Stage. He then introduced Adam to Belinda suggesting to her that he would be a good addition to her "Player" show on Monday nights. It was in a discussion between the three that the Main Room was discussed. Gary said he personally could provide 250 and tried to convince Belinda to push the Main Room for this particular Monday. Belinda was nervous about such a guarantee and suggested playing the Original Room first and then booking the Main Room if all went well.
Immediately after this conversation, Adam provided me with her contact info and all communication since has been between Belinda and myself. We agreed that the Original Room would be best for a first performance and I assured her that we would have a full house that would stick around even after Adam's performance. We in fact had a standing room only crowd, the majority of whom stayed to watch the other performers. What surprises me the most is that the talk of the Main Room came from Belinda, who after Adam's performance came up to the both of us stating that she had just spoken to Mitzi, who told her that based on the reception from the crowd and the take of the bar ($2200 in less than 1 hour), that Adam would only perform in the Main Room from there on out. Belinda then went on stage and announced that Adam would be performing in the Main Room in the future.
The evening was a highlight for Adam, and both the audience and Belinda seemed very pleased at the end of the night. This is why I am shocked that not one of my calls to Belinda since that evening has been returned, and even more surprised to hear from Duncan that the impression left by the employees of The Comedy Store was anything but positive.
I hope you understand that while both Adam and I would love to see him perform at The Comedy Store again, that is not the impetuous for this letter, but rather to clear one's reputation. Adam has great respect for Mitzi and reverence for the history behind The Comedy Store and to leave a negative perception of him after an incredibly well-received performance tarnishes the memory of an otherwise fantastic night.
Now that letter is a revision I did of her original, correcting grammar and typos. She seemed happy, and I was ready for that puppy to be sent out IMMEDIATELY. This had already been festering for 2 MONTHS since the show. Of course she called Belinda, a meeting was planned, so she held off. When she was blown off by Belinda for weeks on end, I asked her to send the letter, but she wouldn't. Not yet...
It hit me that there could be something in that letter that was untrue. It made me wonder if she had any intention of sending it in the first place. So here's the million-dollar question: "What if Duncan never said that I had called?" What if she threw that in to divert my frustration at her ineffectiveness to Gary? Knowing I hadn't called - he'd be the next logical choice. Though outrageous to think someone would call in AS me just to fuck with my reputation, Gary certainly had the balls. Charlotte said specifically that Duncan said I called the place TWICE. Each time asking when I would be rebooked. When Charlotte said she knew I hadn't called he said:  "Sometimes performers call without the manager knowing you know..." She was certain...but now this created quite a quandry for me. If I call Duncan, I'm crossing a HUUUUGE line. I'm undermining Charlotte as my representation, and if I'm WRONG...I'm a total dick. I've now done all this, accomplished nothing and it may get back to Charlotte - fucking me HARD. So I sat on it. I let it fester.
By last night, I couldn't put it off anymore. I was so depressed that I didn't even care anymore. I called around 8:30 and was told he worked 11AM-7PM. BOOM the power goes out. Now to most people this is happy-fun-candle time. To me? It's FUCKING-SHIT-I'M -WORTHLESS-WITHOUT-ELECTRICITY time. I LIVE on the computer. I was in the middle of downloading about 20 NES ROM files, and working on an entry too. The power goes out for over 12 hours folks. Talk about time to think. The one thing that kept me sane was the ability to avoid thinking about the situation, now it's ALL I could do. All night, all morning...the quiet. Dear GOD the quiet.
11:30 finally rolled around I called, someone took my number...and he actually CALLED back. I couldn't believe it. You ready for this?
He never said it. He was adament. "Why would I say that, I never talked to you." I asked him again: "But did you ever say that I called asking for you? On 2 seperate occasions? Demanding to be rebooked?" He said: "No, SHE called Belinda demanding that and even Mitzi, but I don't ever remember you calling or saying that to your manager" That's damn near word for word what he said to me. He said he remembered the conversation very well, it was a Friday at 6:30 PM - he was very busy, and he couldn't believe she would call him then. He actually spent a good 10-15 minutes talking to me. Telling me a story about a manager he had when he first came out to LA that never let him grow as a comic before throwing him to the wolves. Not really sure how it applied to me - but it was nice for him to say nonetheless. He also told me to do the act with just one TV so I could do open mic nights. He was soooo pressin' me to do that - LOL. He's never seen the show though, and I couldn't explain to him why this was impossible. I asked him again, I think 5 times in the 15 minutes I asked for him to reiterate what he had said. I wanted to hear him stammer - say anything that gave me reason to believe he doubted hs memory. "It's been 2 months since we talked, but I'm certain I would've remembered saying that."
I hung up the phone in probably the weiredest mood I've ever had. There was this feeling of FINALLY having control over my life...but realizing I had just opened a pandora's box. Elation tempered with depression and dread. So schizophrenic. First things first. I RAN to Gary's apartment to apologize. No matter what had happened surrounding The Comedy Store, I was WROOOOONG in writing that entry about him. He was very cool. I said I was sorry about 20 times. I told him what lead to my thought process and what lead me to finally call Duncan... He seemed pretty understanding. We talked a bit about all we had been through the past few months - he mentioned some of the shit he said about me, and vice-versa. We talked about "soriee-thrower", who he oddly enough threw out of his apartment for being a disrespectful prick. How funny is that? LOL. A very strange meeting with him to say the least. He asked about Charlotte, and I said I hadn't even told her yet, that I came to him first. I wasn't really sure when the hell I'd be able to stomache the pursuing war. I told him I'd make an absolute full retraction online as soon as possible.
Next thing I did was tell Edna. I had mentioned what Gary did before and wanted to clear the air. She laid into me about writing about things on the site. Saying "soiree-thrower" (hell this'll be locked anyway) - SHANE, was printing up my entries and handing them out to people in the apartment. She didn't use his name, but hmmmm...wonder who that is. She was upset I used HER name in the one about him.... !??!?! I said she was in the ROOM. !??! I'll address this, and how I feel about it in an unlocked entry - for now, I told her. Called my dad and Jessica and told them. As well, I told Paddy and Marshall. I knew that thinking Gary had done this tainted their view of him - and that's just wrong. This didn't happen, and I wanted to right it as soon as humanly possible. Of course the lights go out again and are off for a good 3 more hours. Once they did go back on, I immediately locked Gary's entry. For now, that's all I could do. Until I speak with Charlotte, I can't publically exhonerate Gary.
So that of course begs the question when do I do that? No idea. We're to find out about Chicago next week, and that's about all I live for anymore. I can't see me dropping this bomb before that. I know it's shitty - but I don't want to lose the festival. I've worked to hard too go through another disappointment like that. Unfortunately my past begs to differ. I'm not sure I can possibly talk to her again without starting the war. Ugh. I shouldn't have called Duncan this early. I should've waited until after the Chicago festival news. Then again, I waited for long enough....
Of course the real issue for this whole entry is: "OH MY GOD SHE LIED TO MY FACE." I suspected it, I checked up on it, and I was right. Is there any other way to explain this? Could she have misheard him? She was so EXACT in what he said! Could Duncan have misheard someone at the club, then told that to Charlotte, then forgotten and told me otherwise? Did Gary call and Duncan was covering for him to make Charlotte look bad? What's his motivation for that? He's helping the same guy who called in as me to confuse him!??! It's too Hollywood. The problem here, is I see Charlotte's motivation to lie. It's grounded in every other problem I have with her. And although I don't believe she ever LIED to me before, she most certainly twisted things around and passed the buck. Either to someone else or to me. But this is so out of character in my opinion. I am just lost on what to believe. The bottom line is, I do NOT believe Gary called. If anything Duncan is as flakey as Belinda, and can't remember his ass from a hole in the ground, but good GOD was he adament.
Ugh. What on earth will happen next. And doesn't it just figure that my most gripping and dramatic entries are ones no one will ever read! Grrrrr... I can probably keep the video unlocked though...
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