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12:34 AM, Sunday, March 3rd, 2002:
There's just no way I can take myself THAT serious, for too long. Even I see the humor in making fun of that last entry. LOL. I was somewhat laughing when I wrote it.
LOLOLOLOLOL. Allow me to clear up a few things and I'll move on.
Many of you asked if I treated others the way I "demanded" in my last entry. Of course. Being disrespectful to others just isn't an option. You can hold me to that any day of the week. As well, this isn't even an issue to any of my friends. I guarantee if they were asked about me, the whole "demands respect" thing would make them laugh. It only comes up when the issue is FORCED. And with friends, that just doesn't happen. As well, I was told you have to "earn" respect. I think you're missing the point. I earned the respect of my property by the mere fact that I OWN it. You don't have to EARN respect for your controllers for it to be inappropriate to have them thrown on the ground (another "soiree-thrower" drunken moment) - it's a given that that's inappropriate.
And speaking of inappropriate, "soiree-thrower", excuse me, "waiting4break" has now taken things to the next level:
(sigh) Nice buddy. What amazes me is this guy actually thinks he can fool me into believing he's someone else. As if some stranger would be this angry with me because I didn't shake someone's HAND. Incredible. Am I worried? Sure. This is the same guy who came into my house with nunchucks when he was drunk out of his mind trying to "show me" how fast he could go. He's anything but stable, but there's not a lot I can do. The world is full of people like him, and I can't spend my time worrying about idle threats. It's an interesting subplot, especially considering the amazing lack of grounds for such anger. Oh well, I'm certainly not softening my stance because of some dimwit who can't turn off his Caps Lock key. Anyway, Paddy and I are certainly looking forward to the next show...
So when is that? No clue. (sigh). Getting my headshots and resumes out for commercials and television shows has been taking up the majority of Charlotte's time. The calls she has made about The Trinitrons have resulted in very little. Most places can't give up 30 minutes of time. Face it Adam, you're an actor now. That's what I keep telling myself. It may or may not work.
The one bright spot in the past few days has been The Chicago Comedy Festival. Charlotte got a 10 minute preview tape to one of the judges, and we'll find out within the next 2 weeks if I'm in. The beauty of this is the surrounding plan if we find out I'm in. We're gonna try to book some extra shows in Chicago, and as well 2 shows in New York for some SNL people. This would mean I'd be driving through Columbus on my way back from NY to LA. I'd just so happen to have my trailer with me. I'd just so happen to be able to perform The Trinitrons in Columbus - just once. How FREAKIN' awesome would that be. This would all happen in May if I get in. So here we go. Another big moment that gets determined by some judge and a stressed out Adam waiting for a phone call. Do I think I'll get in? As much as I thought I'd get into Aspen - so take that as you will.
Ahh yes, Aspen. It took place over the weekend. My head spins at how different my life would be right now if I were just returning from the festival. Talk about depressing. I guess the best thing I can say now is that it's over. It's no longer looming. Man, I can barely type what I feel anymore can I... These entries are getting weaker and weaker and weaker...
Work continues on The Trinitrons pilot. It's brought up a good writing question. When writing in a team, it's can quickly become a mini-struggle to agree on the direction of characters and plot. A lot of defending your ideas, justifying your position. So how do you come to an agreement? Especially if it's something where you can't really compromise? If one person wants to add a trait to a character that the other person just hates. And when the defense of your position is being judged by the person who disagrees...how do you ever come together? Mediator? Maybe. Ooh! That may be it. Both people agree to stand by someone else's opinion, and they defend their position to that person. But man, who could possibly know the characters well enough to be the mediator? Ahhh, the plot thickens. Even without that - I think we've structured a great pilot so far.
Unfortunately, that's about all that can be said. Another locked entry is sure to follow. When will this bullshit end.
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