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12:34 AM, Wednesday, February 27th, 2002:
This will end once and for all, for the life of "The Journey", any confusion about where I stand on this topic. What bothers me is that because so much time has been devoted to it, you're all lead to believe I'm second guessing my actions. That couldn't be further from the truth. I just like debating. The debate ends now.
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RE: a bitter guy in LA
great web site!!sounds like you think people owe you something!You get what
you deserve....WATCH YOUR BACK...
Nice to see this person (can you guess who?) is "waiting" for his break, but spends his time seeking out my email to send this note. LOL. On a subsequent reply I told him that I don't feel anyone owes me a thing. I was dead wrong. Here we go...
You owe me, and I demand, respect. Period. If you treat me disrespectfully, you will be disregarded in my life. That is your fault, not mine. THIS, WILL, NOT, CHANGE. You can cry about it, you can THREATEN ME, you can speak poorly of me in public, I will not budge. I hold myself and those around me to a higher standard. Meet it, or you will be on the outside looking in. This is true no matter WHAT my standing. Rich or NOW (hahaha), successful or NOW, famous or NOW. If you find these words arrogant, you're an idiot. These are my rights as a human being. Friendship however is not a right, it is a privlege. I feel privledged if others consider me a friend. I work hard to earn that distinction. Being welcomed into someone's house is not your RIGHT, it is a privlege. If you show disrespect while given this privlege, expect to not be asked back.
In the simplest terms, and most convenient phrasings: "I won't be fucked with" and "I don't fuck around".
And that's it ladies and gentleman. My shortest entry is indeed the most important. Think about it during your day today. Think of how often you allow people to walk all over you, yet you never say a word so as to not ruffle feathers. Is it worth it?
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