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12:21 PM, Wednesday, February 6th, 2002:
Make up your mind KONTRAS. Are you gonna do this, or AIN'T ya. Stop yankin' our chain...
Well from this point on, I don't really forsee anymore locked entries. Unfortunately though, there will forever be a 4 entry "Journey" subplot, LOCKED like a mofo. In the life of "The Journey" it'll NEVER be unlocked. Maybe in some autobiography down the road it'll be eluded to, but truly - it's just gonna have to vanquish from your mind.
I do however have 3 pretty cool songs that go along with the entries that I'm still unsure on what I'll do with 'em. It'll pretty much tell you who the locked entries are about...but who am I kidding - my life has about 6 characters in it. Like you can't figure it out anyway with a little detective work. And as always the most damning song is most certainly the best. Negative passion breeds some dooozies don't they. Anyway, lemme think about whether it's apporopriate to post. And also realize - that NONE of this is because I don't want outsiders knowing how I feel. It's not that I'm embarrassed to let people know this...you just have to realize that YOU aren't the only ones reading it. LOL. Even if my intended audience for this are suppporters of 4tvs - it ain't. It's EEEEEVVVVVVVVEEERYYYbody.
Ok, so when we last left the UNLOCKED Adam, he was about to perform at Amagi on Sunset. Somewhere in between the Valley and Hollywood I got stuck in a time and place warp. I drove right to Ohio circa fall 1999. A mixture of the fall-like weather that night, the drunks yellin' at me as I set-up, and this overwhelming forboding feeling was so reminiscent of my bar gigs in Ohio I seriously looked for Marty Moose. It was just eeeeeeeerie. But the role of Marty Moose was played by Paddy - and we eventually did get it all up.
This was a karaoke bar. My favorite pastime. As well this was their stand-up night, and I was in the MIDDLE. Not really the best position to be in because of such a small stage. I had to set-up and then turn things off and move them to the side, then run-up and try to put it back together really quick. I missed the 2nd tower of TVs and had to pause right in the middle of Dewey singing
...so anyway - the show got going. Unfortunately I had to set-up the speakers a little bit BEHIND me - and it caused feedback problems throughout. Which in turn made me have to play with the board instead of saying my lines a few times. This wasn't a big deal with the old 4tvs show, but man - with The Trinitrons, there's just no way to play sound man and perform at the same time without some awkwardness. As well, although I did get a mini-standing ovation at the end, the audience was just befuddled. And rightfully so - the audience was basically just the other comics. So they get up and do 5-10 minutes - and I get up and do 30 minutes. It's just not the right setting...and especially to put me in the middle. How out of whack is that? But again, we did it for the Gersh Talent Agency reps that were there - so all of this was not a big deal. You can see the potential in this Adam dude by watching the show.
Of course the wonderful capper to the night is that of course there was no agency there. What was once thought of as a showcase FOR the agency turned out to be one of the comics inviting the agency to see HIM. The assistant to the agent calls Charlotte and says it's a showcase. (sigh) Then of course he got scared that day and called the agency and told them to come to the next show 'cause he wasn't ready. (sigh again). Yup - this was all completely worthless. Of course I enjoy performing, and showing even a 15 crowd audience of fellow comics the show is better than staying home watching "TV Land", but the goal was to get the agency to see me and MAYBE get representation. There wasn't even a chance of that, thus it all seems worthless. But all you can do is look forward to the next show (Imrpov Olympic West), and hope to gain something from that...
The next week was spent trying to meet with Charlotte to discuss writing the pilot and bible for The Trinitrons. Actually we HAVE to come up with a band name soon, as the sitcom cannot be The Trinitrons (no tvs)... Unfortunately, but actually quite fortunately for Charlotte, things kept coming up. Most exciting is a spec script she's pitching for one of her writing clients that the studio is loving. After the pitch they called her in her car and asked her to come right back and pitch it to the head of production. So it was the proverbial "pussy blow-off" so I didn't care. I may need to explain myself here.
The "pussy blow-off" is anytime someone breaks plans with you when there's absolutely no bad blood. LOL. This of course stems from the many times a guy and I had plans to play basketball or something...and he got a date. We never even thought twice about breaking our engagement...DUH. It's PUSSY. Man that's crass, but true. Pussy takes precedence. And all you women-libbers SHUT UP. I'm not saying that that's how all our friends SEE WOMEN. (sigh). I can hear the hate-mail now.
Anyway, we finally did meet this previous Monday - and the meeting went great. We talked for 3 straight hours about JUST the sitcom, and it was quite productive. We're gonna try and meet every Monday and Thursday and should get through this pretty quick...realtively speaking. And that's all I have to say about that. Fried shrimp, sauteed shrimp, cajun shrimp...
That brings us to yesterday's show. The Improv Olympic West. First off, The Flying Farley's were on before me. The 2 brothers of Chris. You may know Kevin from the MTV show 2-Gether. He looks eerily like Chris. As well, both of them sound JUST like him. So watching them onstage yelling back and forth was just...well frightening. I could NOT stop staring in amazement. I mean forget how much Kevin looks like him (the other brother is really skinny), just close your eyes and you'd SWEAR Chris was right there. AND DO THEY EVER YELL. I was in the balcony at the back of the theater and was amazed at the lungs on these boys. Anyway, I saw VERY little of the show so I can give no comment on what it was like...but Kevin Farley FREAKS ME OUT. I seriously feel for him as far as being able to get work without people reacting like me. I wish him all the luck though.
Set-up was quick and with the help of Paddy - quite painless. Dude's strong. Nice crowd, found out later we got 2 industry folks there...giddy-up. Casting Director and an exec's assistant at Sony. (Just waiting for The Trinitrons lawsuit...lol). Nice space for it, nere a bad seat in the house. Even had a lighting guy kick much ass for me. Even a new little opening!
Unfortunately - I sucked. LOL. I was so pissed off at my performance... I really don't know what I was thinking. I kept trying to improv with the crowd's energy not remembering that you CAN'T DO THAT with this show. It sucks in that sense. But I kept missing my cues, or leaving too much space - I just really sucked. LOL. Some good did come out of it. Some "mugs" to the audience went over really well, and they never would've happened had I not been trying new things...but still. I was unhappy. The audience reaction was pretty good. Some things they roared at that I just didn't think was funny. I finally got a laugh for Dewey saying "SKATE HEAVEN!" Apparently some gamers out there. But Spencer didn't get the laughs I thought he would...hmmm. That's what I REALLY dig about doing the sow is how it's always so different. GOD I want the audience to write reports afterwards. LOL. A focus group. It certainly would be an interesting read.
And GOOD GOD people, Ronald Reagan is not DEAD. Sorry to SLAM off into a tangent here - but I have CNN on and if one more person talks about him in the past tense. DAMNIT. It's his 91st birthday today, and granted he hasn't been seen since what...1994? But until he's DEAD, it sure seems a bit lacking in taste having these "Ronald Reagan was such a great man" retrospectives. If he even has an OUNCE of conciousness just WAIT. He'll be gone soon enough. Heh.
Where was I...well I guess I was done. We may have a nice Warner Bros. show coming up. Casting Director has shown interest and we're gonna try to set-up a show just for them. More as it happens of course. Ahhh, what a Journey.
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