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3:17 PM, Wednesday, January 20th, 2002:
Yet again, my life throws a curveball that I never could've fathomed. You ready for this? What if I told you that word around town is that Aspen this year is a complete joke. So much of a joke that many HUGE agencies, and BIG execs - AREN'T, EVEN, GOING. That's right - STAYIN' HERE. Get this:
Charlotte was on some insider industry boards online and she found some very interesting posts on Aspen:
"The Aspen Comedy Festival is the disaster of the year. No one's going. No one."
"I have to agree. Going to the cold to hear Whoopie Goldberg and the South Park boys talk about freedom of speech does not sound like fun. The Smothers Brothers are the ONLY interesting people there this year. Even their theatre projects (which are usually the best things up there) sound BORING! And yes, I don't know of any A-level execs going this year."
-GOD LOVE THIS COMMENT. First of all thank GOD some other people agree that "Freedom of Speech" doesn't sound very fun. It's a comedy festival for cryin' out loud. And of course saying all the theatre projects sound boring (where my one-man show would've been) just makes me grin ear-to-ear. The Trinitrons is anything but boring. As well, NO KNOWN A-LEVEL execs going this year. Wow.
"I work at a major agency and we're sending a grand total of zero people to Aspen this year. The festival's kind of over in terms of breaking new talent."
-This is when Charlotte started saying it feels like we "dodged a bullet". If this is a prevalent feeling in this town right now, Aspen doesn't seem like the best thing to be a part of. And dare I say that it seems that Aspen needs a show like "The Trinitrons" a lot more than "The Trinitrons" needs a festival like Aspen? If people aren't going because things seem boring it certainly makes you wonder. It sure seems uppity of me to say that - but MAN "The Trinitrons" would certainly make things interesting for the festival.
"Aspen Loser Festival is more like it. There's a problem when the big event is a tribute to center square Whoopi Goldberg. She hasn't been funny since Color Purple. And has anyone noticed that the median age of the performers is 50?"
-No shit. I nearly peed my pants when Whoopi was RAPED. !!??!?! I assume this person meant BEFORE The Color Purple. I still like Whoopi, though I can't remember the last thing she was in...either way, it's very clear that Aspen is growing quite the reputation already - the list of acts only came out a week or so ago.
"I work at a network, and this is the first year that no one is trying to be the ones to go to Aspen. I can kind of see why, the topics sound boring, the stand-ups there usually suck and so far nothing sounds neat in the theatre and film side. What happened??"
-You just have to wonder what people would be saying had I been there.
And therein lies the rub really. Talk about standing out. Yes, it seems Aspen is losing a bit of it's luster since the line-up was announced - but winning Aspen is still winning Aspen. However, if it turns out that this year's Aspen is not the "industry event" it was supposed to be - then guess what probably won't happen? Signing the talent coming out of it. Which means I've lost absolutely NOTHING by not going...and even moreso: may have dodged a bullet if Aspen is seen as this lame. Wow. WOWOWOWOW.
Now I am not gonna say I'm happy to be turned down. I don't give a shit if Aspen this year is seen as the "Thrifty Car Rental Bowl" of comedy festivals: it's still a competition - and I'm a competitor. As well, if I was one of the 5 one-man shows at Aspen right now - I'd be bouncin' off the walls with excitement. Knowing that I'd be the talk of the festival, no matter HOW shitty the year is. It would be AWESOME.
We'll have to see what the next month or so brings in terms of comments as well. If sentiment continues in such a manner, the fact that I was snubbed by Aspen could end up being a funny annecdote in a meeting. Who knows. All I know is that those 5 Industry quotes absolutely, positively made my January. And man has it been rough...
The past 3 days have been quite tumultuous. Trying to define what's happening to my career and why. I wrote in "Just Imagine" when I was 17 to "See the road ahead, and make it yours". There's a reason I wrote that...it's how I live. I gotta see it. I can't aimlessly wonder through it hoping something will pop. It's why I started to lose it in late 2000 - I wasn't seeing anything happening. It's why I was asking people ONSTAGE "CHOOSE MY CAREER" LOL. Charlotte did just that - and I flew with it. And what I have to realize is the "acting" side of it is just simply that: a SIDE. A section. A part.
I think what scared me is just how well I seemed to fit there. I look at those pictures, and what should fill me with pride because they turned out well - scares the bejeesus out of me because I look the part sooooo well. If others feel that way too - convincing them that I'm more may be difficult.
What I really failed to realize is that "The Trinitrons" is gonna be thrown in the faces of EVERYONE. Every casting director in this town will not only be getting monthly postcards of my head shots...they'll be seeing a Trinitrons poster on the front side. We're doing everything we can to make sure every single person knows my range by getting them TO the shows, sending them TAPES of the shows, all the way down to postcards with PICTURES of the show. That is still the CRUX. That is still the most important part. And that is what will keep me alive.
In other ongoing sub-plots - somehow there's a strange kink in the plans with Bobcat Goldthwait. Get this. My show is too short to open for him. HUH?!?! Their opening acts are 65 minutes. WHAT?! HUH!?! I'm not really sure why this has come up all the sudden, seems it'd be the first question asked when being booked: "How long is your show?" - LOL. They're looking to team me up with someone. It really sounds like a way to pay me HALF. LOL. Figures I'd see that side of it. Half of something is better than all of nothing. I keep saying that - but I keep getting nothing.
The Comedy Store is taking stranger turns by the minute. And with the locked entry - I don't even know where to start. What I'll most likely do, is when there's a resolution to this most recent event - I'll post an entry and unlock #167 at the same time. Then you'll see what's been happening. Utterly unthinkable.
The Ha-Ha is getting to be just as nuts too. First off, that "other show" I thought I was gonna have before the new year is no longer a reality. Not sure why, it just isn't. As far as the club itself: they want me to have my own night, and I of course want to be part of the Def Comedy Jam night on Wednesday. It does me no good to have a night where I just bring my people. I do want to help this guy, and WILL - but I gotta get that Wednesday night in return. The kicker? Apparently someone completely seperate books that night - and even though the owner LOVES "The Trinitrons", he can't make the lady book me on her night. Charlotte gave the lady a card and it seems we're starting from ground zero there to get that night. (sigh) Life is never as it seems is it...
..I mean who'd think I'd be playing a Japaneese restaurant tomorrow? LOL. I wanna walk onstage EATING SUSHI - and start the show. HOW LIVE ADAM IS THAT!!!!! Ha. Yup, that's the Gersh Talent Agency Showcase show happening tomorrow. It should be interesting if any agents want a meeting with me after the show. Seems probable...heh, like that matters. I'm saying NOTHING. :-)
And let me leave you with a laugh. Thank Chad Sturgil for this pic. A WTVN listener from way back had to rub my nose in it a bit...
Yeah, that's Ben Savage from Boy meets world. And I'm a year older than Fred! Not in that picture though. Goddamn that's a horrible picture of me. It's how I saw myself when I was a teenager and felt fat and unattractive. Thank the lord for facial hair.
Whew. Ok. I'm me again.
Ahh, and I'm on a roll with videos this month. Here's my symbolic Aspen video for how I'm feelin'. It figures - what takes me an hour to write can be summed up in one 17 second clip.
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