3:07 PM, Sunday, December 18th, 2005:
One of my strange personality quirks (and quite valuable I might add) is my obsession with making positives out of negatives. I go WAY out of my way to have a negative moment - push me to do something that eventually ends up being positive. For example if my car broke down and my cell phone was broken, I would be walking along the highway...looking for money on the side of the street. Or perusing the landscape for ANY opportunity, person, something...that was only possible because of my car breaking down. I actually enjoy those curveballs in life. It's kinda "Adam Fuel" when strange shit happens.
Unfortunately, this will get me nothing more than a funny song as it's so goddamn frustrating that I just want to pay it and be done with it. Merry Christmas Adam, here's a ticket.

That would be me on the way to camp out for the 360 (Santa hat and all) turning right on red. Legally. What they took a picture of somehow was the fact that my stop before turning right wasn't "complete". I remember the stop well, and no doubt, my car didn't completely stop (late at night, no cars - right on red)...but that's not the purpose for this entry. The problem here is that "right on red" is $351. ? Then $39 for traffic school to keep it off your record which if you don't pay means another $1000 a year on your insurance. So for all intents and purposes - $400.

I immediately went online and found that there is quite the community uproar about this specific intersection which (get this) garners 1,000 tickets a MONTH. ?!?! One intersection. The majority people that are turning right on red and just rolling a little too much. Now many of the sites say that camera intersections are illegal to begin with, and especially ones for right turns as the only way they can tell is by gauging speed, that's entrapment. People who simply run the light however, well there's your car, there's the light - you've run it. For mine however:

They see that my speed is 16 mph here, and even though I slowed down more, it occured past the stop mark - so voila, I rolled a right on red. Listen, I have no problem paying the ticket... I almost see tickets like this as paying the "Driving Gods" for all the goofy little infractions we all do day to day. $400 however, is wrong. It starts to cross the line into an infringement on your rights a bit. If they can charge $400, why can't they charge $1000? I mean who judges the appropriate amount? With the current ticket price it means this city garners, whew, $350,000 a MONTH from ONE intersection.


I could of course fight it, but I really have no course of action here other than to fight the entire process by which it was obtained. Not like I can say that's not me in the picture. They rate camera pictures online from 1-7 and mine might as well be a 32. Funny thing though on how tickets are selected, as people are screaming racial profiling quite often and I guess that could be a TURBAN on my head. Joe cop is looking through that days "captures" and says - well we're certainly sending the ticket off Adam Bin Laden over here.

I either want to pay it and never think about it again - or start a movement and a life long quest to get these things abolished. The problem however is I think they're a pretty good idea for the straight up running a red light. However on right and left turns, it's absolute horseshit. Out of roughly 25,000 intersections in LA, I believe ther are 9 left turn signals. You are pretty much forced to turn left AFTER it turns red. So you could issue tickets, well probably about 1,000 a month - LOL.
Ironically as I was doing some research on the city of Hawthorne and how to contest the ticket, I came across a page done by "The Geek Squad" - which I am now forever enshrined in. LOL. They're the peeps at Best Buy that do all the computer stuff. Of course they also have a blog too and documented the night:
Tensions are high as the release of the XBox 360 nears at Hawthorne Best Buy.
The wounded now rise, tickets in hand, showing pride in their accomplishment. Soon, they will be amongst the few and proud owners of the Xbox 360.
Inside, waiting just for them are their babies, we give you what you've all been looking for, a chance to see, what most may not see in person for some time to come.
Even Santa Clause himself showed up at 9:30 PM on 11/20/2005, though he is going by his code name Adam Kontras; but having code names ourselves us agents are not fooled.
"Adam" aka Santa is most excited about the media center extender features in the X-box 360; though he also expressed interest in the amount of real life geographical detail in Project Gotham III -- Perhaps to aid in planning his route this Christmas.
Certainly puts a damper on the whole festivities of that night. That Xbox now cost me $800, and although it is a lot of fun, it's not worth... honestly... weird - if given the choice of having the 360, the launch line experience, and all the time I've had with it so far... and not having one at all until February or March? I think I'd take it even though it cost me $800. Crazy huh? The system is really that good. And as you can see, my "gamerscore" is approaching the 4,000 mark. :-) Damn these things are fun.
For future reference, that says 3855 now, who knows what it will end up being as that pic will get updated automatically.
Anyway, if I'm still gainfully unemployed I may go contest the ticket (just for the entry - lol), but I read that you run the risk of not being allowed traffic school then...and that just ain't worth it. Christ, even THAT seems like an infringement of your rights. The only way to contest a ticket means sacrificing the ability to go to traffic school for it? Grrrrr. Oh Camera Cop.. eat shit.