9:30 AM, Wednesday, November 30th, 2005:
Ugh, I'm sick. My dad gets in in a couple of hours and there's no denying it - I'm a friggin' Nyquil commercial. Here's hopin' it passes quickly...

~* ~ ZAPPOW! ~* ~ DREARY!!! ~* ~ ZAPPOW! ~* ~
Figures the story that invents the Journey Gods, ends with one. There's no use in denying it now, the whole Nashville gig thing was a complete farce. I was instant messaged a couple of times out of the blue, completely bought it, and then never heard from the person again. Unfortunately there is no way for me to contact her as I only have an Instant Message name, not even an email. Her real name is apparently "Rain" and I'm not going to go hunting for all the Rains in Nashville. I just don't care that much.
I must admit though, this ranks up there as some of the most "what the fuck" lies I've ever been a part of. She says she wants to book me for HER venue's year anniversary, talked to the co-owners, they were excited - said she'd let me know within 48 hours... and then 3 weeks pass. LOL. I mean, she could be dead right now - but that's literally the only "out" she has. I've even been signing on AIM as a different name in case she has my name blocked and she just hasn't been online, or has everyone blocked. Just very strange.
This brings up my "heart on the sleeve" mentality on this site. Realize that I rushed to get the entry about her up as fast as possible to get the "truth" out. I knew it could fall through, but for a couple of days - I was really excited and it changed my entire outlook for the year. It was great. I knew that needed to be captured, no hold barred, for all the world to see. And when it all falls through, as it has, you see that too. This wholllllllllllle thing, sucks. LOL. People don't keep their word, talk out of their asses, have absolutely no accountability - and from my perspective you really have no choice but to believe it and run with it.
I find I'm in a "zone" though. I'm not really that hurt about never hearing from her - I was more excited for the site. That pisses me off. It would've been a cool thing to chronicle (ala Tokyo, DC and New York), but personally it wasn't career-changing. It was just a very cool thing that happened and I was excited to share it. Now it's a very "Ron Garis" (November 2003) type of asterik to the crazy Novembers in my life. C'est La vie.
And finally, I finally had a eureka that will kill about 3 birds in one stone. Something that has literally been bothering me for years finally makes sense and will pretty much take me every moment of Decembr to pull off.
As I mentioned in previous entries I really wanted to take a good 12-15 of the 40 some songs I've done this year and make a great CD. I even had Remo the Realtor come in and record drums for a bunch of them. The problem I quickly found was... my piano just sucks...
...it just reallllllly sucks. Tuning it would do little (months of tuning would be better) and the end result is, I love my "Journey Piano" to death, but it's not a piano to record on. It sounded great in Leaderless State...but that would be it. Unless I can REALLY record a great sounding album...I'm just not gonna replace what in my mind has more heart, character, and all around more fun to enjoy: the originals. Writing it on the spot, throwing a camcorder up and just doing it live. The Journey songs really have a mystique to them.
Of course I could just do Part 2 of "Songs from the Journey", but that was just sooooooo much to pack onto one thing. 50 songs, 5 years. And then to do another 45 songs a year later...too much. So much happened this year and I'm much more interested in telling the story.
And then it occurred to me:  tell a story. Go through the year, you have all the visual content done, and tell the story. Music, voice over and then interject the Journey songs where they come in. Make it about an hour, and voila:  A Year in the Life, 2005.
Thennnnnnnnnnnnnn you can go back and do one for every year, providing people with a way to catch up really easy without having to actually sit and REEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAD. LOL. That always bothered me that there was no way to feasibly "catch up". Not that I think someone is gonna pay $10 to have the year DVD, but it's at least available. I'll make it so people can access each song individually, or just sit down and watch the year as one 60-75 minute film.
Could there be anymore pressure to actually have an interesting life? LOL.
Truth be told, it's for me man. When I'm 75 and I want to reminisce I can throw in a DVD with a YEAR on the spine and see what 2009 held. A year in an hour. Woot. Christ I'm literally going to have to take off December in every year of my life to be able to put everything together and keep the site going through the transition to January which introduces all new grpahics and whatnot. Whew.
Alright, I must go pick up my dad and proceed to sit and watch more movies with him than I have all year. We sure know how to have fun don't we?
PS - The song. I was working on the song when I wrote this, but I was just too damn sick to record it so I had to record it a couple days later. As you can tell from the video, I'm still sick - but it works. Can't believe she gets a song. I need to punch the singer side of me sometimes. Cool video.
Anytime that I'm online,
Feel free to drop a line,
Tell me anything you want,
Make it up to make it fun,
I'll give you the benefit,
My heart doesn't give a shit anyway...
I will take you at your word,
Write an entry early bird,
Talk about the Journey Gods,
Disregard enormous odds,
I'll believe you're who you say,
Knowing that I'll have to pay anyway...
So lie to me,
Lie to me,
I'm an open book, come and take a look,
It's alright with me...
Lie to me,
Lie to me,
There's no right or wrong, when it gets a song,
Baby lie to me...
Can't believe how many creeps,
Look you up to slaughter sheep,
Even when you've let it be,
Little things can make you dream,
I'm so fuckin' sick of people talkin' shit,
I'm more amazed I LISTEN TO IT...