8:47 PM, Sunday, November 13th, 2005:
After this entry, you can no longer deny their existence, so you might as well name them.
Meet The Journey Gods
The Gleeful God
The Stormy God
The November God
The Dreary God
The Random God
~* ~ summoning the power of the Journey Gods...STRIKE!!~* ~
~* ~ ZAPPOW! ~* ~ NOVEMBER!!! ~* ~ ZAPPOW! ~* ~

So I get this instant message out of the blue:
"Hey, I know this might catch you off guard, but then again maybe not. I found your site.. .and I just thought that maybe I could have the opportunity to chat with you. Again, that's if you are not busy. And if I am interupting something. I do apologize."
Turns out she saw my Backstreet Boys Trinitron parody I had uploaded on Spikedhumor.com last week...except she saw it on metacafe.com. She links me to this. Woah. I had nothing to do with that, and neither did she. Someone just

uploaded the same video to a different site and it already had over 5,000 views. She found my site...started reading "The Journey" and assumed my AIM as it's the same as it is on every forum, Adam4tvs. To make a long story short, she owns a Blues/Jazz lounge right outside of Nashville and wants to book me to play piano and sing.

Wow. Just, wow. First off, who took the time to submit it?! And all the great comments... just really shocked. I have no idea who did it and still can't believe I've had over 10,000 people see my stuff in less than a week. It's really incredible what the internet can do. Never even imagined. I even sold 2 DVDs from SpikedHumor alone! Speechless. I can't even get my friends to buy a DVD.
And of course this instant message and booking a gig. She played my stuff for some other owners and they were all excited. They have a One Year Aniversary party on December 17th and wants to book me, travel included. She'll know all the particulars about everything Monday night and will let me know exactly on Tuesday.
Don't be shocked, it's November. That's just the way this month works. Whew.
Of course a more cautious man wouldn't say a word about this until Tuesday, but you guys have to feel what I've felt the last couple of days. This is "The Journey". This is having your mind race at possibilities of every single turn of the page. What could this mean? What could it lead to? It's intoxicating and I love it. It's what every artist tries to explain to people following their career or lack thereof. You NEVER know when things will just change. It turns in an instant (message - heh) and if you keep at it, keep moving, keep creating and scheming - the law of averages works out. Even though I've literally ceased pushing the goal of "making it", I can never stop the romanticism of these strange everyday events that are filled with possibilities. You just HAVE to see how it ends, where it leads. This is why you guys read - 'cause this crazy shit just happens.
Speaking of crazy shit. Spur of the moment, I talked Marty Moose into coming out to LA for the Xbox 360 launch on the 22nd. LOL. Console launches are friggin' magical and I never miss 'em and to have my best friend stand in line with me and spend a couple of days playing the new games and eating turkey with me on Thanksgiving... well that's just perfect. It will be fun to geek out for sure.
Also, I bought the camera Chad used to take all my pictures in New York. Yes, I know how much professional cameras cost - but it's part of a bigger plan of turning this site into something really special. To me it's the last section of professionalism I need to make every entry shine. The pictures won't be close to what Chad did, but it's better than stills from my friggin' video camera. So be prepared to see an exposé on what it's like to wait in line to be the first to own a next-generation console.
Man I love these entries - what will happen next!?
By the way.. I just got this spam in my email, it made me laugh:
Hey! Are you know this adlut site? dont know? what the fack!
This site is very good japanese adlut site.
You are wont to japanese gril movie, right?
Harry up! Harry up! Let's crick URL!
Apparently that's the asian version of Jeff Stryker. LOL. WHAT THE FACK!?!! Heh. Good times.