11:57 PM, Monday, October 31st, 2005:
Nobody would ever know if I just zipped my mouth - but DAMNNNNNNNNIT I messed up the best line of the friggin' song. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. LOL.
So I kept my monthly streak alive at Kulak's by actually writing a song TODAY, working it out this afternoon, and premiering it live. Though it may seem like I like doing spur of the moment things like this, I secretly hate it. Whhhhhhhhhhhy? Because I'm a rehearsal FREAK. I engrain things into my head by repeating repetitious repitition. Simply because the best elixir for stage fright is knowing your shit. It's the best advice this magician gave me when I was a kid. Know your stuff inside and out, and there's nothing to worry about...
...today was a bit different. I could only play through the song a few times and I just haaaaaad to write insanely complex lyrics. Take a gander:
This is very scary, it wasn't s'pose to be,
I defeated Kerry, they re-elected me,
I've done nothing differnet, yet now it seems they see,
I define incompetence - no Happy Halloween for me...
It started with Katrina, that bitch ratted me out,
My best friend fucked up FEMA, my base is filled with doubt,
And then when I replaced him, Wilma screwed me too,
Damn you global warming - no Happy Halloween for you...
I fall on my knees, and pray to GOD, make this week end,
But he's not listening anymore,
He seems annoyed, a little sore...
I nominated Miers, it seemed the thing to do,
Hiring friends worked out so well, I thought I'd go for 2,
But everyone went crazy and my girlfriend withdrew,
Y'all think Clinton was bad, christ if you only knew,
The week still wasn't over, the shit's hitting the fan,
Libby's just a patsy but he may give away our hand,
If they find out how much we twisted just to go to war,
They'll long for days of Clinton getting blow jobs from a... intern.
I fall on my knees, and pray to GOD, make this week end,
But he's not listening anymore,
I think he's pissed...about the war,
To top it off...2,000 dead, how did we get off track,
I think that I misjudged that one, I'd like to have it back,
But publically I press ahead - the same old dance and song,
I'd rather have 10,000 dead then ever say I'm wrong.
I fall on my knees, and pray to GOD, make all this end,
But he's not there for me, anymore,
He's turned me off, he's shut the door.
I finished writing that about 30 minutes before I left. Whaaaaaaat was I thinking. LOL. That's a MESS of words to memorize, live, one-shot - and while fumbling with a guitar because you're a goddamn piano player Adam. Ha! I messed up a bunch of words actually, but only the end is worth bummin' about as you can tell I'm searching for words. Ahh well - it turned out pretty good. At least I made up words on the spot that rhymed. ;-) The song is kinda cool actually. I did it from Bush's perspective painting him as a tragic sympathetic figure that has regrets. I don't believe any of that actually, but it's an interesting twist that came out while writing the song. If I were president, I'd be praying right about now....
Not too many there tonight so I got to go on twice. Did "Strong Enough To Hide" - but it was a complete waste of time, as again...they don't mic the piano - so it's all vocals with the only piano coming through my vocal mic. (sigh). It's guitar from this point on simply because of the sound problems. Too bad 'cause it's a great sounding baby-grand.
Afterwards, Andrew Kelsey came up to me (of course you get a plug) and said "Man, you're a real songwriter." It really took me aback. He was on before me and was great (some of the talent tonight was exceptional) and it turns out we live a couple blocks from each otherr. I really hope we can write and record together. I want so badly to just throw ideas around with someone else and create something different. Heh - just noticed his initials. We should have a duo act called the "Double AKs"  Heh.
And finally, there's a chance of Kulak's getting shut down on Wednesady for good because of some angry patron of yesteryear who also owns the business next to Kulak's. He's appealing the zoning something or other...I'll tell you the whole story Wednesday as I'm going down to City Hall with the owner and some of the regulars at Kulak's to support the place. It's an absolutely wonderful venue that is unlike anything in the world. After flying to DC to support the protest, the least I can do is drive the horrendous bumper-to-bumper traffic to support this incredible place.
But goddamn I hate that traffic. Heh.