11:45 PM, Sunday, October 30th, 2005:
Damn that's a good title. It will only make sense after you've read the whole entry. Skimmers BEGONE!
So I had it all planned. You jump back in with two feet - make a truckload of money, ride off into New York as people read entry #500 swearing off LA for good. I think I even mentioned how boring the end of the year was gonna be career-wise and how I was just gonna concentrate on work as I needed to fund the trip...
...then I started said job and proceeded to throw 40 hours of my life directly out of the window. LOL. The biggest reason I even took this job over the previous one was a 5 minute commute or 65 minute commute. I completely underestimated just how much bumper-to-bumper traffic can screw with your head after a couple of months. If it was a normal hour drive... you could relax, listen to music/radio - much like it was at my first gig last year... but bumper to bumper for 10 miles literally gnaws at your brain. So a commute that was blocks from my house had to at least be given a shot.
Being videotaped at work is strange. LOL. Let's just get right to it. Cameras everywhere feeding into the boss's office. I knew this at the interveiw - but I figured "I'll be here all day anyway, and I'm not doing anything wrong so..." but as the days rolled on it showed a level of insanity that should've concerned me but literally made me giggle.
He noticed I was reading one of the leads in the "leads box". "WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR?!" ?? I apologized and said I didn't realize this was private (it wasn't) and I just stood ther edrinking coffee. Then he noticed I had my camera in my bag and he looked at me like I was a fuckin' spy. "What's the camera FOR?!?!" Oh, I'm videotaping your operation for a show called "How not to run a company"  you got me. LOL. I explained that I just had it in my bag - but promptly took it to my car as to not freak him out. Then, he sees me speaking to another loan officer. "Don't talk to any of the other employees, if you have any questions ask me". So I quickly learned to just stay in my office, by myself, all day and not interract. Fun.
Even worse however, there's nothing to do the first week. You have no pipeline (a list of loans you're working on) and we only got like 1-2 leads a day. If you had to call someone back at 6 PM and it was 11 AM? You literally sat ther for 7 hours surfin' the web. Whoopee. Then the boss ran in and saw I was looking at an Xbox site and he said:  "Is this your OTHER career?" The person who referred me for the job mentioned 4tvs. I said: "No, just reading about a videogame". He went into a rant (this is on day 2 mind you) on how he didn't think I was committed to the job. So I printed up my phone log (which showed how anal I was) and I showed all the spreadsheets I had made my first day. I was committed, I just had no calls to make. I asked him if there was ANYTHING he needed me to do, and I'd do it...
...he liked the spreadsheets so he left me alone. (sigh). The guy was frightening. Then of course, I get a loan. Like my 3rd call - great guy - we hit it off and I go to do the normal things, pull credit and realize there's no proceedure. I go to talk to a processor and they don't even know how to run credit. ?!?! I then spoke (gasp) to another LO and she didn't know how to do it either. Wow. You can't imagine how fundamental pulling credit is to this gig. So I left for lunch, and a week later I'm still on that lunchbreak.
I actually went right to an interview with another company, still unsure about it, and it ran kinda long. I realized I was late for coming back and I didn't get a call from anyone at the nazi camp...excuse me, at work. So I thought I'd just see how long it took until they realized I wasn't there... and well - they never did. I felt like Milton from Office Space. Just kind of stuck in the basement and no one knows I exist. LOL. So creepy, so glad I'm not there.
Of course I'm not anywhere right now and the options all have a twinge of SLIME on them. The days of just helping people with a lower rate are somewhat gone and you're left with cold-calling (which is slimey no matter how honest you are) and helping people in horrible situations, yet charging them fees they really can't afford. It's rare to fins a situation that doesn't eat away at your soul and I'm just not going to get into a situation I don't feel good about. I'm making it sound worse than it is, but there are thousands of mortgage places out here and 1/1000 are worth a shit.
Long story short, I'm unemployed - leaving me more time to do this:
...bombard a popular website with my videos. I'm sure we all have visited these sites, to me they've replaced sitcoms for my generation. I haven't seen a sitcom in years yet always know the latest goofy videos floating on the net. I was looking at the "views" for some of these movies and saw the top ones were viewed, ready for this? 60,000 times. In like two months. ?!?! JESUS that's a lot.
Well unlike most sites where you have to submit your video for approval, on spikedhumor.com you can submit your own videos and pictures with NO approval and have everyone vote on them in the "public uploads" section. If in the first 100 votes you get above a 3.2 out of 5, they will put it on the front page. So I uploaded a bunch, had everyone on my buddy list vote a bunch (only about 10 people really) and 4 of my 5 hit the front page, and as you can see at the top part of the site, 3 were top rated and still are right now!
Pretty awesome system actually, and what a great outlet for my material. This is a great grass-roots way to get my stuff seen and heard and along with "Justice Through Music", this has been one helluva good week for exposure. I'm starting to get that motivation again to push and push and push. A motivation that honestly has not been in my mind since 2003. I think it's because I see things actually progressing and I see how things can start to develop from this. Jus tlike the last entry I'm sitting back and going:  "Hmm, this really seems to have legs" - and although I'm not jumping up and down, I'm scheming again. My mind is starting to connect things and I'm very interested in how this is going to work out.
In the meantime however, please vote 5s on anything you see has to do with me. The ones I have up right now on the front page are:
Screwing with Seacrest - Backstreet Boys - Anti Anti-War - Lock the Taskbar - Dave Foley
These three didn't make the front, but are actually really highly ranked are here:
Gary Coleman - Sitcom Open - Ed McMahon Drunk
The difference in viewership between the ones that make the front and the ones that are just archived is outrageous. Seacrest has 3500 views and the archived ones ahave around 100. So it's a pretty big deal to get on the front page. I'll be curious to see how this works out.
"So that covers Spiked and quit in your title. What's up with your hair?"
Well you can only hear (and write yourself) "Cut your hair hippy" so many times until you just go ahead and do it...
...but most people probably wouldn't do it themselves. LOL. I'm sure you know by now I'm not most people. Totally spur of the moment too. Looked in the mirror while trimmin' my beard and though - lemme get the camera - buzzzzzzzzzz up my head and with a snip... there was no turning back.
I'm very strange.