12:15 PM, Saturday, October 8th, 2005:
 Good reading material for the subway...
How do my days here have themes? Am I willing it to be so? The "No" day, the "mind game" day and now the "emergency" day. Are the Journey Gods really real? I believe so...

So a day riding the subways today was obviously a bit tense. I've had many of you ask: "Why the hell would you ride the subways today?" ...I assume these people just haven't been to Manhattan before. 4.5 Million people use the subway on a weekday, because it's literally the only feasible option. $2 for the subway, $30 for a cab....or 2-3 hours out of your day to walk. On the Mind Games day I decided to walk from 70th/Central Park West up to 113th/Broadway to save a couple bucks and it was a nice 45 minutes to an hour...but I had the time to do it.


It just isn't feasible to avoid the subway - and I have made it my mantra to not let terrorism effect me whatsoever since 9/11. I flew 3 weeks later and I go out of my way to live my life free of fear from terror. There was no way in hell I was going to have this stupid shit ruin my day. Some ass clown but threw his backpack on the tracks and totally shut down the train we needed but hey at least they were aware enough to shut down that line. It just annoyed my day instead of possibly destroying it.

And that day was Chad and I going to Coney Island. He thought it'd be pretty cool - see the bearded lady, the siamese twins. I said: "As long as it makes a good entry...I'm up for anything". Once we got there we were promptly told that we were in the month of October. Nothing is open. Hasn't been since August. For today however, and for a photographer and blogger - this was the place to be.
So a guy tries to commit suicide (quite successful apparently) and they're trying to find the body. It's actually a crazy little story.

The guy in yellow, a Mr. Sergey Abiyakiy (I should be a reporter), was just chillin' when he saw a guy raise both of his hands and walk into the ocean. He started to go after him yelling, when he realized he was deliberately doing this. He watched him for about 15 minutes and finally called the cops fearing the guy was gonna die. When he turned around - the guy was nowhere to be seen. Either going under, or going so far out he couldn't spot him...


So then the cavalry arrives. But once you understood the story, it started to be a bit ridiculous. I counted 7 fire engines, 5 squad cars, 3 ambulances, 2 boats, the helicopter, 5 divers and at least 30 police officers and firefighters. The guy wanted to die. Am I missing something? The head of this crew needs to run FEMA. Jesus. It just makes it so apparent that if the motivation is there, our emergency response can be abundant, even overkill.

Story wise, they gave up after a bit assuming he just went so far out that they'll have to wait for the tide to bring him in. As you'll see in the video however, it's crazy seeing the helicopter hover that low over the ocean. Definitely some interesting shots. I took all video of course, the above pictures are just stills from that - but Chad's a professional photographer. And it's pretty incredible what that means. To all the people that see a good video or picture and say "Wow, that's an amazing camera..." I offer you this:
That, is a story. That is 1,000 words. That is the definition of professional. That is inspirational to me. I don't mean to suck his dick so much, but it's just such a glowing example of excellence that I feel the need to gush. What's amazing of course, is he's fighting for jobs - frustrated as hell at just how political this city is and how he'd give anything to be a staff photographer going on location like this. I mean he free-lances for every big magazine you can think of, but we all want stability. And look at that picture, does anyone deserve it more? Chad Hunt Photography.com. All impressive...
It's where he and I relate to each other so well. It's obvious this is what he needs to continue to do. This is his excellence. At his lowest moments, when he looks at his body of work - it's excellent, there is no doubt...he needs to continue. That's what they say, but the reality? Excellence means dick. Look closely at some pictures in the biggest magazines and newspapers in the world and that's apparent. The bullshit is what kills you. The favors, the networking, the whoring, the selling out, the compromising, that's what following your dreams really means...and it sucks. Artists need positive feedback, not just because of our egos - but just to convince ourselves to continue to put up with this shit.
So to make the long-winded short: you're an amazing photographer Chad. I'm so excited you're going to be documenting my 30th for me. Did I mention that? He's gonna follow me around all day in Manhattan Sunday and capture it. I'm absolutely honored to have him shoot me and I vow that if I'm ever in a position to hire a photographer for something I'm doing in LA - I will fly him out. Period.
And that's it. My last entry in my 20's. Wow I wrote that last sentence 8 minutes ago and haven't the slightest idea how to end this now. It didn't hit me that it was the last one until that moment. It's been an intense 10 years and I know the next 10 will be even more intense.