1:15 PM, Friday, September 30th, 2005:
Man did this month come out of nowhere or what? September stands alone as this hugely political, character defining month that I'll remember for the rest of my life. A month that literally would never had happened if not for this site. My obsession to make great entries and videos is what lead me to take passion over a hurricane into this huge adventure that is perfectly captured in the past few entries. It is actually addictive to try and turn my day-to-day life into something entertaining to the mainstream, not other bloggers. The allure of giving everything up and travelling the world swirls in my brain on a daily basis and I simply feel invincible...as long as I have a way to chronicle it. I guess that makes "The Journey" my own personal crack. Heh.
So I've had a day or two to reflect on everything and it's all overwhelmingly positive despite what some may have gleaned from the last entry. As I said it all made sense for Sheehan and will continue to keep the movement in the news. My perspective was as someone who was trying to decide whether to get arrested or not and just being turned-off by how phony everything was. I hold civil disobedience in the highest regard, and that was not civil disobedience. I'm amazed however at how "secret" this seems to be on the net. Pro-Sheehan comments are all "How dare they arrest her!!!" and the anti-Sheehan comments are "Glad they had the balls to arrest her..."  when it was all just fabricated. Oh well, glad I was there for sure. Bottom line is, it got more press than 200,000 people at the march and it gets people fired up. You can't ask for more than that.
Flying back on the plane I was putting together one of the collages on my laptop when I noticed the guy next to me was a Vietnam Veteran. I was slightly concerned that I was going to offend him, but it turned out he was at the march and staunchly anti-war. When a war verteran tells you he's anti-war, you listen. It was a wonderful flight. We both marvelled at how so many people could show up simply by word of mouth and the internet...again, with no draft, a 2 year old conflict, and a death count of under 2,000. Whipped out my PSP and showed him "Leaderless State" and the #461 video with the poet and the shots around DC. Turns out he's friends with Ron Kovick of "Born on the Fourth of July" fame and wanted to get this stuff to him. Ron has some pretty good media contacts and he thought he'd be able to get it some more exposure. Crazy huh? I'm tellin' you man - I've had more strange encounters on planes than anyone I've ever known. LOL.
Speaking of heated exchanges... Ok, so I have yet to speak of heated exchanges - but I'm too tired to work on a great segue. The boards. Wow. They have literally blown up in the past several days as people weigh in on their thoughts on the war and religion. It really adds a great dynamic to the site and allows everyone reading to go a bit deeper into each entry. If you haven't done so already, PLEASE jump on and add your two cents. Also, feel free to make your own posts - this type of communication really adds to the experience and I wish I had it up in previous years! Whew. My intention was to allow say, "Minialaur" to say her side of things, but if you all want to debate whether or not Jesus is God... then by all means - have at it. ;-)
I'm now preparing for the next trip which is actually in a couple days. Heh. I guess I've never mentioned this before? Right after Tokyo I booked a trip to NYC for my birthday. I just knew I wanted to be alone for my 30th - just walking around, thinking, writing...whatever. Central Park in fall is something I've never fully gotten to experience as I always went in early December with Burgundie. Although nothing is planned, again, this site will force me to do something to make it worth following.
And yes, that means I've literally taken a month off work - and truth be told, I've taken about 4 months off. I have been out of the "game" for a looooong time. I guess some people make a bunch of money and buy fancy shit - I get all introspective, contemplate giving up all my possessions and go around the world to find myself. LOL. What it probably comes down to is a fancy car would be one entry, and an adventure can take up 5-10.
;-) - This has to be the strangest year of my life...