9:17 PM, Sunday, September 25th, 2005:
In the pursuit of the "truth" I should preface this by saying, the other side does not deserve it's own entry here. They were literally 10 minutes of the day and roughly 100 people to the 200,000 there for the demonstration. However I really want to address the pro-war aspect and it was just too much for one entry. This issue is incredibly complex and you can't disregard the "other side". They aren't nazis (not all of them anyway) and are simply passionately following their heart. Near the end of the march in front of the FBI Building was a full block of people behind a fence and literally a policeman for every 4 people while they protested our protest.
The arguments however, across the board, are all based on generic war views of the past. "These Colors Don't Run", "Freedom Isn't Free" or "They Fight for your Freedom". You can't really argue with those statements. Yes, we shouldn't run from what we believe in. Yes, you have to fight when your freedom is at stake. You stand up for what you believe in. Unfortunately sometimes that involves war. As a citizen you hope your elected officials realize what it means to send troops to war and weigh the consequences before taking action. When all else fails (see "Thirteen Days" about the Cuban Missile Crisis), you hope the government has the military intelligence to set the appropriate goals and objectives and defend our freedoms. I believe most Americans on either side would agree with those statements.
So to truly support this war you believe that our freedoms were in danger, there was absolutely no other course of action and you have faith that our mission is defined enough to stay the course. Although I disagree, and feel only the most closed-minded of people living in this country could possibly believe that's true...I have no beef with these people. Honestly. I simply don't believe they're paying attention to the overwhelming facts that show quite clearly: Iraq was absolutely no danger to us, not affiliated with 9/11, the choice to go to war was in NO WAY a last resort and staying to "finish the mission" implies we actually have some sort of mission that involves an exit-strategy. Whew. I put Marty in this category. It's your upbringing, it's what you've always heard and there's very persuasive arguments on your side that you can use for every opposing view. Anyway, I feel pretty loving towards these people.
Unfortunately you don't see much of these people. They're quiet. One lady across the fence was actually saying "I love you" to everyone. She had lost her son in the war, supported the war, and was simply sad. It was absolutely heart-wrenching. You can't be angry at this person. I wouldn't even dare to say a word in debate with this person. I cannot fathom having to accept that your son died for literally no reason and honestly, I probably wouldn't. I would HAVE to find a legitimate reason. I can only assume that's why so many hang their hat on "helping the people of Iraq". Of course this is a reason when all other reasons turn up to be incorrect. Had Bush came out and said "we need to fight for the people of Iraq" how much support of would that have garnered?
Then there are ass-monkey like the guy with the megaphone. This lost member of the insane clown posse spewed nothing but hatred for everyone marching equating us with terrorists since we obviously agreed with them. "Al Queda thanks you for your support" was a good one. Which of course was promptly replied from the people behind me with:  "What does Al Queda have to do with Iraq you fucktard". That's not an exact quote but after seeing the "G.W.B is a fucktard" poster I've adopted it as my favorite new word. I will admit however, the girls on that side were kinda puuuuuuuuurty. I believe it's because they're not smelly like the hippy girls on our side.
(sigh). I sigh, but I laugh at the same time. Hippies are pretty damn funny. I've spent my share of loving moments with both hippy girls and prissy girls and well... I may enjoy talking to the hippy girls, but they do smell. They don't bathe much, they don't shave much, and in general I believe it's why many hippy men did so many drugs in the 60s. Enough LSD and you literally can't smell anything. LOL. I kid, I kid...but yeah - I had to laugh at this sign just a little bit. I may be anti-war, but I'm pro-funny.
And goddamnit. That's funny. It would've been much funnier if a girl was holding it, but you just can't be offended at that. I literally pointed and laughed out loud. As I said before, being on the "other side" of this issue simply means you're not paying attention. So I can applaud witty comments even if I think a moron wrote them. You have to be able to laugh at it all no matter how deadly serious it is. At the end of the day we all travelled to Washington because our hearts told us it was important. I not only believe they're wrong, I believe that history will show that in time as well. Much as Vietnam is now widely accepted as a blunder, so will all of this in 20 years. Now however we're still left with this:
Good christ man. You're not helpin' your 'cause brother. This guy just wouldn't shut up. And people making 9/11 signs just floor me. Have they done ZERO research? The whole point is that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 and there were no WMDs. I mean at least the other signs said "Saddam is a WMD". They did their homework. But to bring up 9/11 is just lazy. And he made it all pretty too. So sad.

And I really don't get the hatred towards her man. This was one of the nicer Sheehan signs. It goes along with what I said about the mother on their side who lost a kid. You can't say shit there. Cindy decided to protest. She most definitely has the right. I will agree that she has gone in a radical direction to the left and been EMBRACED by that radical side, but really - so fucking what? Her son DIED. Don't people get that? He got killed. She believes that there was absolutely no noble 'cause for his death and she's making sure we all know that. You hear the right-wing talk about her on TV and they treat her like she's lying somehow. When did protesting become un-American? Any idea how dangerous that is to even think?


This is where you start to bleed into the scary side of their movement. Granted, anti-war has the scary side too. However it's non-violent. Someone who considers me a terrorist is a problem. When the people with all the guns, start to make the connection that if you're against the war you're pro-terrorist...you can see where the blood starts to boil. This is the youth, this is the ignorant - straight up, this is the same type of parallells that allow skinheads to so easily get swept up in the ignorance of racism. Just enough truth, just enough teenage angst, just enough patriotism. That one sign is an example of the tiniest of twists. If you make that leap...the rest isn't far behind. If we're pro-terrorist, and this is a war against terror...why wouldn't you kick my ass? It would be patriotic! You'd cheer if we were arrested!


And the laughing cop didn't help much either. The idiots behind him were doing the equivalent of "nanny-nanny boo-boo" and he actually sat and laughed with them as we walked by. I mean, you can assume the police officer has pretty conservative views, but you never want to see the people protecting you taking ANY side.

Considering how passionate everyone was, it was incredibly peaceful. Lotsa angry "fucks" here and there. Oddly enough the only run in with any police I even saw was (LOL - this is so funny) when my friend Matt thought he knew one of the guys and went onto the sidewalk to say hi.
LOL. "Get off the CURB SIR. GET THE FUCK OFF THE CURB" the cop yelled. LOL. I don't know what the hell he was thinking. He just jumped up there like it was no big deal. Truly there were cops every 4 feet making damn sure there wasn't even a chance of physical contact. God that's a great picture. The cop is in the middle of "OFF" in that shot. Ha. Matt you're a fucktard. The hell were you thinking?

Man, so many people still hanging onto the 9-11 angle. Am I missing something? Was I just being too suspicious when I heard the "Axis of Evil" speech. Did everyone just accept that as fact? See, I saw it as a thinly veiled attempt to lay the groundwork to attach 9/11 to absolutely ANYONE Bush wanted. Terrorists attacked us, so if your country has any of those...well we now have the right to blow you up because you ipso-facto attacked us. Super loop hole of the century. Isn't that great how that works? And somehow half of America bought that. The rest of the world, the UN, they all said - "You're fuckin' crazy. You can't go to war because of that". And what does Bush say to counteract that? "We can't allow the UN to keep us from defending our freedom!!! ONWARD!!!" ?!?!!? It's lunacy. It's absolute lunacy. It was lunacy in 2002 and 2003 before we went in - it's lunacy now.

Admit the mistake, bring them home. Yes I mean now. There is no mission to complete. We fucked up. Bringing them home next month, next year, or next decade will make absolutely NO DIFFERENCE in the stability of that region. WE'RE THE INSTABILITY. It's all a friggin' farce. Anyway, I'm done with the rant. I have a few more pictures I'll comment on and then so ends the two entry March On Washington. What a day.
Dude spoke to my soul and threatened to eat my children. Seriously, those eyes scare the bejeezus out of me.
Guy thought it was HILARIOUS to point out the peace sign actually stood for "Victory" in Iraq. Brilliant.
Mmmm. Hate fu... I can't even say it. LOL. But the one on the right and Jenna Bush are the definition of it. ;-)
And there you have it. I may go down tomorrow to see the civil disobedience stuff at the White House, but I'm so friggin' tired I don't know if I can pull it off.
PS - America...FUCK YEAH. I love you Matt & Trey.