1:59 AM, Wednesday, September 21st, 2005:
There is no entry here. This is no way to start the trip to Washington, but goddamn if I just had to write about this.
So the plane ride was uneventful. Extremely turbulant but I'm so used to flying at this point that it actually added to the challenge of playing Ridge Racer on my PSP. Like the landing was really bad into Memphis and I was so close to getting first on this hard-ass level that I just concentrated and tried to balance myself with the plane going all over the place. Funny how your priorities change when you have PS2 quality graphics and gaming in the palm of your hand.
So the plane lands and everyone gets up. A routine I'll never understand. Everyone just stands even though there's 40 rows ahead of you. Just wait bitches. When THEEEEE row ahead of you is empty - you get up. Otherwise sit down, and calm down. So I'm watching the hoard of standing people when all the sudden this white mist starts coming into the plane.
First just overhead but then it starts to pour in from the windows as well.
My head was spinning. What the fuck was this? In the past 5 years I've easily been on 30 different flights. I have NEVER seen this. A lot easier to see in the video, and moreso uncompressed - grrrrr I want better compression with smaller sizes!! Anyway, it smelled gaseous. I'm thinking - "Goddamn this is creepy". Visions of gas chambers and just...uneasiness swept over me...
...and only me. Not one other person was even phased. Huh? Hard to see from the pictures, the video might help a bit more - but it's comin' in fast. Not one person found this the slightest bit odd. I got off the plane feeling very twilight zone. Like, I know this isn't common. I mean did I just step into another dimension? Is everyone here "opposite humans". Am I gonna walk out of the plane to find people standing on their heads instead of their feet?
(sigh). What the fuck man. What black hole have I just walked into? It was funny, I was running to get my connecting flight and I walked past this guy and promptly did a U-TURN, and walked all the way back - put my stuff down and took out my camera. I mean what the hell. And again, no one batted an EYE. Now granted, many just didn't see him. But it was like I had just travelled into the land of the unaware. I could only imagine what would happen next.
Nothing picture worthy - but some lady did offer me all her food and drink. I still have the mountain dew. She gave me potato chips, fudge, no-bake cookies, and mountain dew - 'cause she didnt want anymore junkfood. I guess any other day it would've been just a nice person, but not today boy. I had to stare her in the eye for a good 30 seconds to make sure her head didn't spin around. Christ what a weird chain of events.
So anyway, got in and got situated at Matt's pad. The guy I'm staying with listened to the Late Show when he was in highschool, which ten years ago made our age difference a big deal... now - just two guys. Our relationship since has been almost 100% online. He's pretty much the reason I've ever been able to do any web design as I bugged him consistently on a monthly basis in 2000. I think I mentioned him a few times in these entries with helping debug Palaur and whatnot (ironic considering your current situation Matt), and we've talked nearly every day. As fate would have it he just got a job last month in DC...and well here I am.
Tomorrow I'm gonna go down - check out the sites and whatnot. This "series" won't be nearly as intense as Japan. I want to relax a bit and I only expect a 5 parter with most coming this weekend with the march and whatnot. I guess we'll just see what strikes me as interesting as I take in the sites. I swear if anyone else is upside down tomorrow I'm getting on a plane. Fuck that.