3:29 PM, Wednesday, September 14th, 2005:
That title allusion is fif-teeeeeen years old. Wow. That's horrifying.
So Adam the terrorist goes on the air to warn of upcoming attacks in LA and Melbourne. So strange. I thought it was the interpreter just getting "into the part" until I realized dude's just american. From Orange County strangely enough. ANYWAY. Most of you remember seeing this Al Queda tape this weekend.. As I have with all of them - you just roll your eyes and move about your day. I swear to you terrorism hasn't entered my mind once since 2001 in my day-to-day life. Even planes:  WHO CARES. What the fuck ya gonna do? I simply don't think about it...
...until Monday. So I decided that I wanted to camp-out in my back yard. Get a firepit, a tent, the chairs - the whole nine. Figured it would be peaceful (more than I could imagine, but more later)... Right as we were about to leave the power goes out. Cassi and I figure - that's a pretty good time to jet then. Get to the first traffic light and it's out too.
"Wow, this is a big one..."
Turn left and realize the next one is out. I immediately say:
"What the FUCK. This is huuuuuuuge, I've never seen an area this big go out".
By the third light it hit me.
"Cass, did you see the terror dude yesterday talk about LA being next?"
Not to jump to conclusions but it wasn't a hot day at all - so that excuse was out. No big accidents (yet anyway) and the area it covered... Whew. We arrive at our tent buying destination. Closed. No electricity. Look around, all the businesses are closed. So we just figure it's a big block and try to jump back on the road to go a bit further and get something to eat. Turn on the radio and they're talking about it. Funny thing is - they're on generators. Then they get a call that most of downtown is out and both Cassi and I get a bit freaked. I called my dad:
"Dad, the power is out..." long-ass pause " LA"
LOL. It becomes very apparent how widespread it is. All of the valley just became a 4-way stop and it got really scary. Nothing was moving and the further away from home I got the more frightened I became. You start to realize that if this lasts for any extended amount of time - shit's gonna get looted. Big time. The businesses are all DARK. There's so much traffic and so many accidents now that cops won't have the manpower to police ANYTHING. I wanted to get home as fast as I could. It took 25 minutes to go a mile and there were accidents all over the place. Bad ones too. The people on the radio were still joking but even one of them mentioned Al Queda and the coincidence of it all. But how on earth could it be so widespread? The Valley is huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge. LA County is just MASSIVE.
Finally get home and within about 15 minutes everything jumps back on. Turn on the news and it's everywhere. CNN, MSNBC, FOXNEWS... It was intense. Apparently everyone thought the same thing. As you probably already know now, it was ONE DUDE who cut the wrong line, then hooked it back up to the wrong line creating a power surge that knocked out something like 90% of the Valley and had a domino effect all the way down the coast. Downtown and some beach communities basically went out as a safety precaution. Add a +1 to the unemployment numbers for Los Angeles 'cause that fucker caused some serious shit. I fully believed we were just hit and there simply couldn't be a better way to destroy a city. Take out the lights and let them destroy themselves.
It did open my eyes to just how vulnerable I am in case of emergency. I need to get a crank radio, some earthquake kits and a bunch of water and canned goods. Christ if Katrina didn't teach me that. "Don't depend on your government, Adam". Whew. And the earthquake is COMIN'. After the tsunami, and the quake in's gonna hit here - and we're long overdue. You just hope it hits in the middle of nowhere and we only get the remnants of a 7.0. Ugh, moving onto happy shit...
So we did finally get the tent and stuff. By the way, fire pit? Why are you so expensive? You're a sheet of metal with legs. Granted you were 50% off and I'm glad I got a deal, but why were you ever $120 to begin with? I don't understand you fire pit. Not at all. Now Super-tent? You rule. You were $87 and you are HUGE. You set-up in like 10 seconds just like you said on the box and you make me smile. You keep me, Cassi, and both the pups nice and covered from the elements. I like you Super-tent.
Of course we did it up 4tvs style by having a TV onsite to watch Monday Night Football and The Sopranos. It was incredible. And it absolutely felt like camping. The trees in the backyard and how far back we were able to put it was perfect. The morning however, not so perfect. First of all the dogs had to be in the tent with us which was anything but comfortable as apparently when you lay at their level they feels it's "lay on humans" time...ALL NIGHT. And of course by about 9 AM people are honkin' and drillin' and barkin' and livin' - you're not in the woods.
Now what was really cool was tonight setting it up again and just relaxing. I can't believe how nice it is to look at a campfire, see the light from the flames flickering off the tent...I am just MILES away from home. It's the most relaxing thing I can remember and I just can't believe how much I can trick myself into feeling I'm somewhere else. I've been thinking about it and I guess it's because, well I haven't had a stress free "vacation"...ever. Everything is compounded with so much stress that it may be an experience, but it's anything but relaxing. Japan was fucking crazy... Storybook Inn with Jess had moments of peacefulness but moments of DESPAIR as well. Every trip home is stressful... I don't know, it's just nice to sit around a campfire, roast marshmallows and smile.
I really felt the need to let you all know that the hurricane stuff is just a part of me. I can jump into it and then leave it. My life right now? Absolutely peaceful. What I wrote about in Smiley Girl isn't over in the least. I am truly enjoying this time off and breathing deep. Sleep when I'm tired, get up when I'm not. Make movies, songs... Completely at peace. This is what I'll do when I'm 80. The more I tell myself I don't care about making it the more it sinks in and the mellower I get. Letting go of "The Journey" has been spiritual to say the least.
Anyway - gotta go pick up McCartney's new album.
PS - The movie was meant to show me setting up the fire and having it ready for Cassi to surprise her when she got off work. Unfortunately the only surprise was that I was sitting on this computer editing the movie of making the fire and there was no fire in sight when she walked in. LOL. Welcome to life with Adam.