3:22 PM, Tuesday, September 13th, 2005:
Been getting some interesting emails lately. Sooooooooooo apparently you don't all agree with me?
"Go fuck yourself Mr. Emailer."
I kid, I kid. I just had to work that infamous clip into my entry somehow. I have to admit, in the same situation I believe I would do the exact same thing. It's been running through my mind what I'd do if I actually was in a position to meet Bush and... I don't know if I'd be able to live with myself if I didn't spit on the man's feet. Actually what I picture is looking him in the eye and saying:  "You disgust me" and walking away. I'd probably crap my pants though. People can talk all sorts of shit, but the moment is so different. I remember meeting Jordan and it's simply ten times more anxious than you can imagine. By the way, the guy who did this has a website and is selling video of the day leading up to the infamous moment. Classic:
So we survived the worst disaster in the history of our nation only to have a politician come to our neighborhood to try to score some brownie points after totally screwing up the rescue efforts???? well I took this pic a few seconds before i said "Go FUCK Yourself Mr. Cheney...Go FUCK Yourself...Go FUCK Yourself...asshole"then i calmly walked away bc it seemed the secret service was about to tackle me and waved at the guy who patted me down and said 'have a nice day'
Wonderful. Marvelous. More of the same please. I love that it really was some dude who lost his entire life stuck watching the VP talk and finally just said what we were all thinking. Of course we aren't all in agreement with what he said and that my friends is why I'm writing:
It's feedback time. I've had so many people ask why I don't have feedback at the end of my entries and the reason is simply the work it takes. I do this site by hand and although early on I did have reaction pages, it just got too difficult. I want to be able to answer some of these emails publically and have the rest of you discuss it as well. Granted, I'm thinking specifically of the relief efforts rright now, but I look back on the past year or so and I really wish I had had a way for some of the people involved to write what they felt, let alone people just reading it. Jess should be able to add her two cents unbiased by my words as should Minialaur and even Shades. Truth is the goal here, not making me look good and as much as I try, well I am still me. LOL.
So behold, The Journey Boards (accessible from the first page of the site). It takes literally 20 seconds to register on the board and if any of you need help with your avatar (the picture that goes next to your name) I will personally make you one and upload it for you. I will add an official entry and/or music thread everytime I update and link at the bottom of every entry to it for feedback. Christ this is going to be a lot of work. LOL. We'll see how it goes. Also, you can all post your own topics and I'll reply as well. Realize if I think it's "board" worthy I'm probably going to respond to all emails with: "post this on the boards". I don't want to be a dick, I just want to get discussion and feedback going. Feedback on songs too.
And of course to anyone who is actually in "The Journey" somewhere, you guys are actually characters in this "book" if you will. I will put a designation on your name or whatnot for shits. "Journey Player" - LOL. That's so funny. I do realize how ridiculous this is, but it's cyber-fun with two hands instead of one. Can't be all bad.
Anyway - expect an entry tomorrow, I have to tell you about what happened yesterday with the infamous power outage, but it deserves it's own entry for sure.