10:48 PM, Monday, September 5th, 2005:
I can't tell you how hard it is to get all geared up to play for 2 1/2 minutes - and then walk off, but at least I felt like I had shaken the room up a bit...
...and yes - I'm still livid. It's crazy, I forget about it for a second...someone brings it up and my blood boils. I start to talk and I can't control it. I have to literally stop myself and close my mouth. If someone disagrees with me I want to melt their face with a laser beam. It is the most glaringly inhumane I've ever "witnessed" my government do (witnessed mind you) and people just don't get it. Hell most people DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT THE HELL happened. Christ, here I go again. Get to the entry Adam...
Luckily got #8 in the drawing to go onstage - and they let me dub it from the mini-DV!!!! So it's a perfect feed for sure. Unfortunately there is still the issue with the piano in the mix. I spoke with them and the problem is there's no seperate feed for the webcast. Meaning, the piano is SOOOOOO loud live that they barely mic it so the live audience can hear my vocals. Sounds great live, but when you watch this recording, you'll see that although I'm POUNDING the keys my voice absolutely drowns it out. Ironically, live - I can't hear myself so I'm screaming to be heard. LOL. I keep bringing this up because people have asked me why I don't play here all the time and that's why. My next song will be guitar and voice so we won't have that problem. Mr. Kulak (yes there actually is a Mr. Kulak) said that they used to have a seperate feed, maybe they'll change it - but really, I'm the only guy I've seen do piano at these open-mic nights and since everything else sounds great, why bother. It is better than last time however because I am beating the ever-lovin' hell out of the piano. LOL.
Interstingly, remember that guy who stood up at my last show? Tom? Well he filled in for Kiki who was out of town tonight. !!! How funny is that. So he already had the microphone to plug me afterwards. LOL. God love ya Tom.
Another crazy anecdote, I called up my realtor Remo (he's been mentioned a few times here and there in this long and winding road) and asked him to play the drums. He jumped up, and without one second of rehearsal - we just went right into it, and he just followed my lead. THAT is impressive. It's not uber-complicated, but you sure would like to do maybe 4 measures of something before playing live, but he kicked ass. In fact if you notice when he comes in...IIIIIIIII fuck up and hit my bass notes too fast, and he kept me back in rhythm. That's a pro man. It really turned out good. It was a nice change of pace for that room for sure. God I love upbeat pissy songs. "Strong Enough To Hide" would be so fun live...
You also may have noticed a new bridge:
You really thought that we'd send the troops on Tuesday?
But how could Bush have made his Photo-Op?
I know babies are dying, and the old are passin' away,
But when will all your bitchin' ever stop...
I really just wanted something different from the other one, because I hate doubling something up on the site. It's not really a big deal to have a live version - when 99% of the journey songs are live anyway - LOL. Besides if this were ever going to be a "real" song it would need much more than just those 3 verses. So a bridge is nice to throw in there. That and the song is really short and you only get one - so streeeeeeeeeeeetchin' it out a bit is nice. ;-)
Afterwards I got a lot of high-fives. Several: "That was KICK-ASS man". This is certainly the crowd to do that song in. It amazes me that there would be ANY crowd that the song wouldn't play in - but wheeeeeeeeew there is... The Bush supporters have really blown me away lately. Cassi put a poll on her myspace about all of this and where people stood. Listen to this Ass Monkey:
"Why, of course I approve of the president. As far as the war, I believe in it. I believe in most wars, actually. As far as the hurricane, the man WAS on VACATION when it happened. And even the president is allowed to go fishing and separate himself from tv and radio. No communication = nothing he can do about it. Oh well. People should get a grip and move AWAY from the huricane zones. This happens every year and people want ME to worry about them? Fucking idots."
!??!?! Is it a joke? Are people actually that uninformed about the role of our president? This dude can vote man. What the hell. It's just amazing to me how oblivious people are. One guy actually said:  "you can't exactly send helicopters into the middle of a hurricane" - And that's what's scary. Because of the coverage NOW, people don't understand what all the fuss is about. They see them helping now and don't realize that the hurricane passed through on MONDAY, and they didn't start until FRIDAY. And I can post for the rest of my life and so many people DONT get it. Man, am I ranting again?
So funny, my dad got in an argument with someone about this as well. So heated he had to leave the room. It's because this isn't politics people. This isn't Republican/Democrat spinning - this is us as a group of people being let down by those who we PAY to take care of us. We expect and we literally PAY for our government to help us. And again, this isn't about how hard the actual rescue effort is. We all realize the effort would take days. This is the hardest most demanding rescue operation in the history of our country. People trapped in attics, not knowing which house out of THOUSANDS to go to... it's demanding. But it started on FRIDAY. It should've started Monday night, Tuesday at the LATEST. They just waited. They kept saying:  "It's comin'..." Hell - just listen to the original song. That's the mayor BEGGING for people. He begged for DAYS. GODDDDDDDAMNIT here I go again.
Need to stop. Enjoy the video, I have to chill out.