1:28 PM, Thursday, July 28th, 2005:
Now this is an entry. A few more of these please.
I would like to say that I was cool and focused on the task at hand all day and was able to enjoy my good fortune, but when have I lied in these entries? All day and for the majority of the time throughout all the events, I was completely depressed still about Jess. I hadn't heard even a simple "i'm thinkin' about you" all day from her. We've gone 7 years talking at least once a day and of all the times for a 48 hour absence... Ends up she was just really sick and really busy and called today to apologize, but man it fucked my day up. And that my friends will be the end of the sad shit (for this entry). Too much happy shit to get to...
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Rachel Leigh Cook is stunning
So I race from work and get to the red carpet just in time to catch Rachel Leigh Cook... whew. Better than the movies. Called Cheryl who had just gotten in from Vegas and she said she was feelin' pretty sick, but she was getting ready. She asked if I could ask some celebs what tips they had for people who wanted to make it in Hollywood and get it on film. Got a great answer from Courtney Hansen, and Eddie Griffin was of course Eddie (much more later). About an hour in Cheryl called and said she was just too sick, been fainting and vomiting. Said she talked to their tour manager and they wouldn't even be out of recording until 10 PM and she said we'd meet up with them in a couple of day. Grrrr.
I was bummed, but as I mentioned above - more because of Jess not calling. I kept adding 3 hours to the time every few minutes wondering if she'd call. Pathetic.
Courtney Hansen from TLC
That's actually Jenny's sister...
The Bold and the Beautiful...
Chocolate water makes my...
Eddie "4tvs fan" Griffin

And without Cheryl, the red carpet was pretty much the extent of my night. It sucked because all the celebs were walking into the outdoor awards show, huge party - free drinks and food and of course the Black Eyed Peas to end the night. There was no way I wasn't getting a pass to get in there. Went back to the check-in table, was extremely nice to the women running it and gave them my number if anyone didn't show up. They were incredibly cool and within 10 minutes I got my wristband. Hellllllls yes.

It was literally like they were performing in my goddamn living room. And thanks to that press pass (even though it said red carpet only) I got to tape the whole concert. The video is absolutely incredible. I'm getting ahead of myself though. First thing I did was go track down Eddie Griffin. I was always bummed I never got video back in 2001 when he got onstage and did a minute on my act. To refresh your memory:
"So apparently I missed this guy doin 4tvs. What the hell is this (someone explains it quickly) - so this guy does a capella music with himself with characters in the TV. That's bringin' technology into it man...this is one rich mutha fucka. (laughing) This whole place only has one fuckin' TV, and it's OUTSIDE, heh. (laughing) This mutha-fucka has 4 of these bitches? (laughing) This guy comes out here with all this - his family is loaded...I came out with a hat that I dropped on the ground. (laughing) I had to use my imagination. He does characters? If I had a tv for every one of MY characters I'd have 57 tvs. (laughing) And I know the mutha fucka is sittin in here, his TVs are still here!"
Not verbatim, but as well as I could remember when I wrote the entry the following morning. Amazingly he remembered the show, and continued his jokes about it. Yes, it's on tape and yes it's within this entry's video. It's absolutely surreal. But nothing more surreal than this:

Getting this on video was so cool. Eddie groovin' to "Confusing Love" on the PSP. I'm tellin' you folks - this PSP is the single greatest promotional tool ever. So accessible and people just love how smooth it looks. Eddie was genuinely getting into the beat and then...
...just when you thought it couldn't get anymore surreal... While he's watching the video, we're interrupted by none other than:
Ron Fuckin' Jeremy.
And believe me - that's how you say it too when you see him. "Holy shit that's Ron fuckin' Jeremy!" I just can't believe I got this all on tape. So classic. Oh and if you're really curious about that girl he's with "Sunny Lane" would be her XXX name. Heh. Only in Hollywood people.
Oh and out of the blue met a guy who used to live in Tokyo, is connected all over that place and gave me his number and email for the next time I go. I played him my videos and he said that shit would go over so well there. You just have to have the right connections. Man - is that not the moral of this entire night?!?! That and technology is AWESOME. Speaking of that...
They had a webcam set-up for people to watch at G4's website. You could type in a chatroom and geek out about the various celebrities. I had quite a good time with this. I typed my website about 80 times and people actually sent me STILLS from the webcam that I included in the video.
It was very fun typing to people about who was standing around. "Rick Schroeder is right behind this laptop!!!". And he was:
Of course as I left I put my website up. Heh. GUERILLA MARKETING BABY. But the night belonged to the Black Eyed Peas. Amazingly I found a wrist band and called my roomate Cassi immediately to see if she could make it down in time to see them play. Literally 20 minutes later she was there. Heh. How could you miss front row for Fergie?
Sup SUP my brotha WILL!!
I'll have you know I was very good and didn't only shoot her the entire time although I really friggin' wanted to.
The footage of the concert is absolutely astounding. It looks better than anything I've ever even SEEN on them before. Some of the angles are just perfect. The video is one of 6 songs, but how do you pick?!?! Hell I've never had a 5 minute video EVER. Just so much to show. I also compressed it a bit better which is why it's 13.2 MB, but it's worth it. ;-)
The "I was really here" shot
Cassi fuh-reakin' out...
So to say I'm glad I got into the event is to say the least. It's like you just get to a point where you say:  "There is no fucking way, I'm not gonna make this happen". It happens when you literally feel like you've sacrificed everything and have nowhere else to turn. I looked at the guy guarding the entrance and said:  "He ain't stoppin' me." Hopefully Cheryl feels better tonight and we can meet up with them at their concert. Either way we will have a shot in a couple of days in a more laid back setting. Which is literally the only way anyone will ever be able to hear "Saying When". Thank GOD I loaded the upbeat shit or it would've been worthless. I regret not having some Trinitrons loaded in as Eddie would've finally seen what he had been raggin' about all this time. LOL.
It is starting to happen. The more I trust Cheryl, the more I realize just exactly what connections mean. It was indeed the one thing Charlotte never had. The ability to set things up like this. Just getting a press-pass to talk to connected people. Cheryl really has a knack for seeing potential in just GETTING my face out there. Just being around everyone. You do enough of it, you start to make an impression. And the more people who see your stuff (on the amazing PSP) the rest is bound to happen. Anyone who has followed this knows that the talent is there, the product is's all there. I just have no way without someone's help to GET anything to the right people. Cheryl obviously does, and I can't thank her enough. I keep trying to think of ways to help her out with what she's doing so she can see how much I want this to be a "Team" effort. It's simply impossible for me to be more appreciatve of her help than I am. It means everything at this moment and will continue to. I just hope I can show that by helping her too.
I'd tell you what's comin' up next... but I have no idea. LOL. Hang on!