7:45 AM, Saturday, July 16th, 2005:
Allllllllll apologies fellow readers for the 3 day delay on this entry. I actually got an email from Superfan Ron saying - "WTF DUDE - WHAT HAPPENED ALREADY" - LOL. Here we go.
So I get there after work on Wednesday with DVDs and CDs in hand ready to show the talents I have gathered in my journey through life. She immediately sets up a camera and wants this to be filmed. Part of the documentary. That show idea following the people to make it that I spoke about...I'll be the pilot. She just wants this taped. So she hits record and I just go through everything from the beginning.
Easy place for me. Let's just say that if and when I'm ever lucky enough to sit on the couch next to Letterman, Stewart or Leno - I'll have no problem. It's the talk show background for sure but I'm just incredibly comfortable in front of the camera holding a conversation. After I got through a good 30 minutes she picked up the phone and called a friend of hers who is a casting director and told her she was going to send her some stuff of mine and to look at it as a "friend". Cool, cool. Can't hurt.
She then turned off the camera and I showed her a good chunk of The Trinitrons so she could really grasp what it was. It's funny - one of the first things she noticed was that I could dance. It's strange, but I always forget about the beginning of the T1 DVD...I somehow summoned a dancer for a few moments because I actually move and I've never been a dancer. I guess rhythm is rhythm.
Anyway - she was impressed as hell, saw the Spencer song and laughed quite a bit. We then got onto the subject of Bush (certainly on the same boat in that respect) and I realized that I had to show her the protest song from last fall. She literally jumped out of her chair. "Oh my GOD, why didn't you have this ALL OVER the place!!! You could have been at every rally in the country with this..." CAUSE I DONT KNOW HOW TO FUCKING DO THAT. LOL. Thus the point of my stagnancy! ANd I have to admit, that song is pretty perfect. It's using the old Vietnam melody... it's just great. She then asked if I could do something for the medical marijuana alliance she's involved with. A song or something. She kept stressing the entire time how much it can help to donate your time to causes you believe in. In return you get exposure for your talents. No problem sign-me up. And I mean medical marijuana is kind of a no-brainer. If it's legal to take morphine or vicodin for pain it's just ludicrous that you can't take marijuana to help your appetite or just allow you to be peaceful. And that's just the half of it. I still have yet to be shown a reason why anything you want to do to yourself should be illegal. The law should ONLY come into play when you infringe on the rights of others...period. But that's a whole 'nother entry.
So she said she was going to put this tape we made online and get her contacts pointed to it. I immediately stopped. ?!?! Huh? Who the hell is going to sit through a 30 minute video of a guy talking? Christ does everyone have VLOG FEVER? LOL. I said "Please let me edit it and put together a legitimate promo of everything..." I guess she just forgot that I had that talent. She handed me the tape and was thankful I was able to take some of the work off her shoulders. She also asked if there was anyway I could do some voice-over work for her as some sort of compensation and of course I said yes. Nothing will set my mind at ease more than being able to show her how appreciative I am. She'll never read the hundreds of entries previous that show that - so these are the ways I can show her just who I am.
So I walked away from everything feeling good. It was clear that the pressure on her to be CHARLOTTE x2 was really unfounded as she isn't a manager. She can help me, I can help her - and I truly believe she can get me to the right people. For example about 30 minutes after our meeting she called back asking if the song in The Trinitrons was The Backstreet Boys. Yes, yes it is... and she goes "I know the backstreet boys, I've helped Howie with his Lupus foundation. Would you be interested in helping him out? They have a new CD out - and you just might be able to work something in, maybe open...who knows. But it may give you a shot at having them see it and it could really help".
Yeah, that's fuckin' cool. So again, it's a little different than before and there's really no promises or really any ROLES being played her (i.e. I'm the manager up HERE, you're the talent down HERE). It feels like 2 people just feelin' each other out - makin' sure we're legit and trying to help one another. So as the title says, so far so good... you just have to PRAY that continues. Who knew all this would come from becoming involved with a vlogging group...
...unfortunately I'm no longer involved in the vlogger group. LOL. It had nothing to do with the parody video (a few actually liked that) - but boiled down to: they think what they're doing is great, and I don't. It's literally like 1000 public access channels and they're just jizzin' because of the technology behind it. Any time I tried to bring up some sort of critique it was as if I ate all of their new kittens (which about 75% of their videoblogs are about - strange). I was getting berated by these absolute assholes who've had a videoblog online for maybe 6 months telling me how bad my layout is compared to their blog template (which I relaly think is horrendous) that they didn't even design. ?!?! Of course when I mention I've been doing this quite successfully since 1999, support of the site even allowing me to sell content and keep a newsletter readership of over 250 all they can reply is (and this IS verbatim):
"Newsletter? Heh, yeah, the conversation is definitely over. I loved the 90s, can you take me back with you?"
(sigh) It's like talking to 12 year olds on a Nintendo Board. The attitudes were just too much. Of course I come off as the arrogant one because I bring up how long I've been doing it. (sigh) It's really too bad. I had hoped to be a part of a community trying to better the medium and it seems they're intent with where they're at...they just want more people doing it. I am honestly of the opinion that it's probably a good thing that keeping a video journal isn't easy. I mean the majority of these videos are a static shot of a guy talking. !?!?! WTF people. Just write it out. Or attach an mp3. What's the point of making a VIDEO of that? Not everyone has the talent to be in front of or behind the camera...and it shows. As a form of communication - WONDERFUL!!! As a way to chronicle your life for yourself and friends - WONDERFUL!!! But when you post it to the internet as lose me and absolutely EVERYONE else that I know. And after a day of in-fighting last week I just realized that there was zero reason for me to fight my ground in that arena. They already know too much.
Expect to see the promo video by the end of next week - and keep your fingers crossed for me. I do believe this Cheryl meeting will be a place to look back at in the future. And yes I'm no longer using "Shades". Longtime readers will also remember that the "Charlotte" moniker was only put on after the break-up and I see no reason to hide Cheryl until she does indeed rip my heart out and eat it with fava beans.
PS - the video is a clip from what she shot Wednesday. I have to say that the irony of having a 3 minute long clip of a static shot (literally the only time in 440 videos that has ever occured) after just poking fun at all the other vloggers who do just that is not lost on me. LOL. I post it however because it's what she shot, and it's an interesting voyeuristic moment in my life for the reader to see. I can imagine those who read Entry #438 with anticipation will want a better view of what it was like...