11:34 PM, Friday, July 01 2005:
Man, this is my Friday night. LOL I'm so boring...
First and foremost - I got an email and picture from the guy I met in Japan on the train from Kyoto. Check this out:
Frooooooom Japan,
Hello!! ADAM!
Do you remember me??
this is RYOSUKE.
on the way to TOKYO, in SINKANSEN, I was next to you.
I'm very sorry for mailing you so late!
Gettin back to LA already? How was Tokyo life?
I'm really so busy as a fuckin Japanese businessman.
lookin forward to drop out and start to my jurney.
and So Greatful your DVD!
I enjoyed with friends and some weed. How many are YOU?
I really want to see your live show.
very thanks for nice DVD!
this is my smokin photo in YAKUSIMA, most beautiful place in Japan.
there lives GODS.
You'd better come once.
then mail me back, if you like..
Picturing a bunch of Japanese guys hanging out smokiing weed and laughing at the Trinitrons is just so awesome. Couple things about the email. On the train he would say "fuck" as nonchalantly as he writes it. I guess when you learn english from the movies, that'll happen. It's great 'cause when he would say it I would be almost stunned because they're such a proper society and I was trying to be so cautious of what I ay and do and then he'd chime in with a "Fuck Bush". LOL. So great. :-) Gorgeous picture too huh? Literally the biggest picture anyone has ever sent me. I think it was 3750 by 5000 pixels? I mean this megapixel thing is getting a little ridiculous don't you think? It seems as though the quality is barely changing but everything keeps getting BIGGER. Nice shot though...
Speaking of "Fuck Bush", I just have to remind everyone of a little paragraph from last November after election night:
And finally if I take any solace in this, it's that Bush is now smack dab in the spotlight for the next 4 years. All the sinister things I believe the administration did to bring us into the mess in Iraq haven't gone anywhere, and they certainly didn't get to pawn it off on another administration. In fact, now that I think about it it's a very "you made your bed, now lie in it" sort of proposition. They can blame no one now with how it turns out. And when the Halliburton Investigations come down, it'll be on a standing vice-president. It could very well be Watergate-esque. But more than anything, Bush is now completely going to be held responsible for it and there's so many lies surrounding this war, he'll have nowhere to hide.
It's starting to happen. I really don't think he can hide for the next 3 years without all of the lies coming out. But what really steams me is the whole public opinion polls. Folks, what the fuck has changed in the last 8 months? Why the hell are people now suspicious? It was obvious in early 2003 that he was full of shit - it was more than obvious last fall, and now people are thinking - "Hmmm, this isn't right?". Goddamn people?!?! This is why I contest that Fahrenheit 9/11 basically won the election for Bush. It was so exagerrated, so contrived and biased that it threw a blanket over all the ACTUAL shit that was going on and made people not believe ANYTHING. There's some GEMS in that movie that are so true, and so perfect followed by the most self-serving, un-researched DRIVEL on the planet. So frustrating. Anyway, it should be an interesting couple of years.
Oh and don't you love how the Iran propogada has started? The little tidbits of fear that are placed in the public consciousness? Nuclear threat, president-elect a 1979 captor... just little drops to allow him to continue. Ideally you have a war during the 2008 election to assure a republican stronghold on the white house. As you know, you can't change ships mid-stream! (sigh) I believe it's all wishful thinking on their parts because Iraq isn't going to get better, and this country will not be ready for another ordeal. And of course there'd have to be a draft... heh. Yeah that idea of blogging the world is mighty nice right about now.
Alright, all that's out of the way. The first week of work was fucking incredible (and I joke about Ryo's Already have 2 loans, and am so in love with their "system" after the absolute debacle that was my last job I literally beem at work. They make it so goddamn easy there. They give you the tools to be able to spend your time just talking to the customers and it's literally like being a piston in a well-oiled machine. I could rant forever about it, but it's boring mortgage shit so I digress. Basically, I'm happy and will be able to make some serious money with my work ethic. I now really see the ability to save up enough to do this thing full-time.
And stop asking yourself...but why? WHY NOT PEOPLE? I've already sacrificed everything? What would I really lose if I spent 4 months in Italy trying to find a piano bar to play and sing at? LOL. Seriously. And if I can truly rent out the house and not have to sell it while I'm gone... again - why not? It's not like I'm blazin' up LA. I might as well follow the unknown and creat an incredible story for the readers don't you think!? More later on that...
So I was workin' with this guy named Eddie. Unfortunately today, Eddie had to go. Ha! I did it! I wrote those two lines as if they were real sentences and not the song. Hahahaha - that'll be funny to you when you guys watch the video. Anyway, I guess Eddie had some other gig lined up and he decided to take that at the end of the week. It was too bad because we would've had a ball together as we were always laughin' throughout the day. Anyway, I had no intention of writing a song about him, but his name rhymed with spaghetti and in the middle of a very strange improv on the piano - well, you get the new hit:  "Spaghetti Eddie". It should be a children's classic for generations to come.