11:15 AM, Saturday, May 14th 2005:
I've never typed an entry flying over Russian territories.
I've never typed an entry in an airplane.
How cool is this:
That's where we are right at this moment. Damn this trip in the 21st Century is just gonna rule. I'm embarassed to say I have never heard of the Kamachatka Peninsula. Any of you? That's Serbia up there to the top left. Man what part of that is Russian Territories? Who owns the middle of the friggin' Pacific Ocean? No idea why we're taking such a round about way, but I figure they know what they're doing. Holy shit my battery dies instantly. I just lost 22% doing this much! GRRRRR.
At this moment I'm completely at peace somehow. The last 36 hours leading up to this have been very difficult. I want so badly to do the right thing, not only for this moment but for the rest of my life. This feels right. What was booked on a whim 2 months ago has suddenly become my crossroads. I feel like every step I take will determine more of who I am...than at any other time in my life. I'll touch on exactly why in the coming entries (when I can friggin' plug this in), but rest assured this trip is anything but jovial. I hate to sound cliche, but it's as if the past 10 years of my life have lead me to a handful of days to absolutely find myself and search my heart.
Alright - more when I touch down...
6:39 PM
Whew. I'm rather dragging right now. Man this is actually somewhat scary. I am so goddamn thankful to be in a warm room...and it actually has internet access!!!! Getting here was crazy.
I meet this these two American guys (Rocky and Logan) at the airport and it turns out they did the same thing I did. Have nothing planned, no hotel room - just figured let's go for a week. Ha. Glad I'm not the only crazy one. We figured out how to get into Tokyo on a Bus ($30 - sheesh) and all I could do once I got off is look for a friggin' Citibank so I could get some cash out. It was a little disconcerting to say the least. I read these babies were everywhere but alas, this is all I saw:
Every corner:
I walked rather aimlessly with my mouth open thinking: There's no way a Citibank is gonna just appear in the distance. Of course, then it did. SO I took out $200 and then proceeded to look for a hotel. First 2 were booked, and I was starting to get a bit unnerved. Starting to get dark, kinda cold... so I ate some sushi. LOL Seemed like the thing to do - Very kick ass, very cheap too and I continued to walk down more roads that seemingly lead to nowhere...
I have to admit, there were a few moments of "My mom would be so disappointed with my irresponsibility right now..." but luckily I found a nice hotel and am here to tell about it. Although figuring out how the lights work was pretty funny.
My first impression (before I had a place to stay) was - oh fuck, everyone is talking a different language, I can't read ANYTHING - I'm a moron. I believe now that I'm a bit more situated I'll be able to venture out a bit more without being stressed out.
Anyway - I may have to be a loser tonight as it's only 7 PM and I am about to pass the hell out. I'm in no rush to get into too much trouble, I need to fuggin' relax. I was greeted with a nice hostile email as my first words from home - LOL - and it's slightly soured my festive mood. The urge to just go run around is there, but I have over a week and I want to take it slow.
Expect more tomorrow.