12:22 AM, Friday, April 1st 2005:
I would call it rare for a moment as historic as this to fall on a round number...except it isn't. That's always been the fate of this Journey - and Entry #400 is no different. But I have to at least give you background.
So as Jess and I were dealing with all the paperwork for the divorce it came upon her being asked if she wanted to change her name back. As well, because California is hype-PC, the husband has the same option. It's like a "Change your name free" card all for the same price as a divorce.
...and then it hit me. I don't have a middle name. Why the hell not just make one now? And it was really, that easy guys. Adam 4tvs Kontras was born. And yes, that does make my middle initial 4. Adam 4. Kontras. It really came down to a question of why not. Honestly. I laughed so hard when I thought of actually having to TELL someone that was my name or having to include it on legal documents. I mean it was perfect. It didn't stop being funny to me. Ever.
Georges at work didn't like it because he thought I should've made it 4tvs.com - but I promptly replied "well that would just be silly man...can't do that". LOL. All kidding aside, that is different to me. No one understands what the fuck a 4tvs is. If you put .com in your name, well of course people will see you're just goofy enough to sell your site. 4tvs is more to me than a site. It is a concept that completely changed my life and threw me into this unbelieveable world that the readers have followed the past 5 years. It is without a doubt the singlemost important idea my brain has ever conjured up and I've given up everything to continue the journey it started...
...that and it's not like I actually changed a name. I never had a middle name. I mean if I was Adamazon Kontras (which was also highly considered), I'd feel like I was kinda saying fuck off to my parents. Granted it'd still be Adam for short, but that just seemed rude. This on the other hand - is just perfect. It's just me, it's just hilarious, and by all means - it is my actual legal name. I've worked on my signature, but it really just doesn't flow. Try to write the number 4 in your name. It just has no "flow". I may have to turn to one of those signatures where you just do your first and last name, and then some sort of "symbol" representing what is the 4tvs thing? Hell I don't know - I'm obviously just stalling here. So let me get straight to it.
You may all now, stop shaking your heads and smiling. You may stop patting yourselves on the back for not being "had" 6 straight years. Stop and realllllllllly think about this for a second. Give it a really good hard "MULL". You remember previous years right? They were good weren't they. Seriously - check 'em all out. Damn good. Some of my best written entries of my life fell on this day, yet this is so goddamn obvious. You were rolling your eyes as you saw 400 and 04/01 land at the same moment. You saw the picture and knew it was horseshit...right? So it begs the question:  "Holy shit, maybe it isn't horseshit?"
And that folks, is the rub. And it is the rub that will get you all for the next 52 of these (I already know I'm dying 07/13/57 btw - long story). Yes that rub is that you have NO clue anymore. My life is just that fucked sometimes. You will second guess from this day forward folks. You'll think you have it and then, think again. Because I absolutely changed my name ladies and gentleman and until I say it outside of the parameters of this here web page...Y'ALL DON'T KNOW.
I love it. 6 years BEYOTCHES.