1:22 PM, Monday, January 10th, 2005:
Another harddrive? Another harddrive? And does it HAVE to be the C Drive?!?!?!? So yesterday was supposed to be the BIIIIIIIIIG update. I hadn't been able to upload all these friggin' entries and videos and have left that wretched, wretched, wretched video and entry up from 12/22 for weeks. The one thing I liked about that however was that it showed just how hard this thing with Jess is. No one skipped that video because it's been the "latest" video for over 2 weeks...
..2 weeks until my harddrive froze, and then said fatal drive error. (sigh). This computer is barely over a year old. What the HELL? And it's not the C Drive that kills me, it's the partition of the drive that has all sorts of shit on it: Mr. D Drive. Say goodbye to all of Trinitrons 3 except what is compressed on that DVD. Say good bye to all sorts of personal videos that are so numerous I can't even remember them all. I "could" do the harddrive recovery thing but they charge you by the gig...and it's about 90 gigs. Amazingly that could be close to $1000. (sigh). And another kicker? I don't have the recovery discs. Vaios have now decided to NOT include recovery discs with their computers...instead to have you burn your own when you first turn on the computer. Well when I got it I was in a mad-dash trying to make T2 so I never had time to burn their recovery discs. So I had to call Sony and listen to the bastard try to charge me $25 for the discs. I wasn't in the mood for that. I do really feel for customer service reps sometimes, but to her credit - only one sentence was needed for her to give it to me for free:  "I've had this computer for ONE YEAR before it breaks and now you're gonna charge me $25 just for the discs to recover the operating system?" And that was it. Heh. Unfortunately 5-7 business days means this all gets delayed again. ANd it'll probably not be next weekend, but the weekend after that. February? (whew). I can't imagine being a month behind on updates. At least it's all being written in real-time, but I wonder who'll read it all.
It's been a slightly nice however because I've been able to do some work around the house finally. There's simply nothing else to do. The Guesthouse is completely clean and kick-ass. I know, I know I have to move all the stuff at some point but I'm ignoring that. I realize I have a completely empty house, but I LOVE that room and it sickens me to think of moving back into the house after all I've done.
But I'll shut-up. There is a real reason for this entry, and it's not my computer problems... Kenny is 15. We're getting dangerously close to this kid being on the street with a real car and not a go-cart. Of course I believe I've finally outdone myself with the video as I've had it planned for a year and actually had to do it last summer because Adam & The Trinitrons sing Happy Birthday to Kenny. Whew. I figured I might as well have one last 4tvs hurrah for his big day.
I'll refrain from the obvious "Holy Shit he was 9 when I stepped foot in California and he's 15 now..." rant. Yes he's old, I'm old, this Journey is old. It blows my mind every friggin' day. The weight of the journey is pretty huge, but it will continue. What's cool though, is Kenny is an actual person now. I can sit and talk with him about things and there's a real relationship there. I guess I can relate with 15 like few 30 year olds can as I have so much of that 15 year old dreamer still in me. I hung out with him and his friends quite often during Christmas and it was pretty funny. Things just don't change much. Although I have to admit, what his friend Josh can do with a lighter was more ballsy than any of my friends back then. Heh.
Now, there's an even cooler part of this video than just the preperation...it's actually HIDDEN on the Trinitrons 3 disc. And none of you have found it. Why? Because it's FRIGGIN' IMPOSSIBLE to find. To all of you who have the disc, here's what you do.
-Put it in and after the open hit Extras
-move your cursor over to Spencer's head and hit enter.
-then move it over to Dewey's head and hit enter.
-Then Cameron's head, enter...
-And finally G's head and hit enter - voila.


If you just do G's head it'll be a different video, you have to do it in that exact order. And if you mess up the order it goes back to square one. LOL. I did it so Kenny could watch it on TV on his birthday as opposed to the little videos on the computer. Of course since I can't upload this entry until the fuggin' SUPERBOWL, it means little. I'll call him later and let him know. You all will just have to wait.
Man this computer thing sucks. I wish there was a feasible way to back up 300 gigs on a daily basis. I'll be a happy man in 5 years when harddrives are obsolete. No moving parts will be a wonderful thing. For now, I get to try and figure out what the hell I'm going to do when I go home at night. Not being able to work on the computer is such a difficult thing for me to deal with. Can you tell? It's amazing something that causes me such heartache sometimes can continue to rule my life. Heh, The Journey has quite a bit in common with my computer doesn't it...