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8:30 AM, Wednesday, December 20th, 2006:
"Loved the Adam part two…pass it on to the folks in la…we will be working for him some day"
Those are the words of Vice President, Steve Friedman. Followed up by this from the segment producer (the "Adam it's your agent, call me" woman):
"I was in his office while he was watching it and he was howling!"
This was actually the DAY after the "Neverending Fight" entry but life has been so hectic lately I haven't had a chance to put it in perspective on paper.....err monitor.
Obviously, it's good. And they played the Week 2 clip and this week played my clip with sound so my a capella music ran under a good 30 seconds of the segment in addition to what's being seen of the show. It's a start, a building block, and next week (no show this week because of Christmas) I'm going to give them a 90 second piece, I think could be "thrown to" from the announcer in NY to introduce each act. That cross-promotion for the website is the only way they're gonna get traffic to that web page (that isn't involved in the competition).
So why is this locked?
They still have yet to even mention who the hell I am! THEY DISCOVERED ME. SAY IT! No one knows who Adam Kontras is, PLAY up the fact that I'm an EX-CONTESTANT! You're not offering any damn prize at the end of this other than performing on the show... so tease FAME to the audience! Give them incentive! Allow the audience to have a vested interest. People WANT success stories. They want to see some kid in their living room - make it to the top. So far, that I know of - I'm the first success story of the segment. So at least pimp that up! So people at home go... hmmm they're making stars! They're not just America's Got Talent trying to sucker people for ratings, they're more akin to American Idol whose sole intent is to find a superstar. USE IT. Help every person you can with the power of a NETWORK to help them. Get Eric Michael Hopper some contacts to further his music career! He gets signed? YOU CAN OWN IT! Hire that 4tvs guy to host something...
I say that last line half laughing. But it is frustrating as HELL. There is great potential here to really grab an audience. They don't see it though. At all. They run through the bit as I've said before - like there's a pot of gold waiting when it's over. Like Harry really has to piss, and this is the one obstacle keeping him from the stall. I finally wrote to one of the segment supervisors asking if the friction between Steve and the EP was really causing this and she hadn't a clue what I was talking about. I've decided I'm just gonna make the 90 second bit, and write an open letter to everyone trying to express what I think this segment can be.
The thing that kills me is that I have to pretend I'm some GENIUS in order to do it, you know? Like my instinct tells me that they work for CBS? Sheeeeeit they know all this. I'm not tellin' 'em anything they don't know. But the truth is... they really have to be shown everything in an almost final form before the light goes off. Remember that analyzation entry from before I went to NY thinking that something must be up for them to fly me all the way out there when I LOST? Well, there wasn't anything else. That was really it for them. !!! They had absolutely nothing planned for me after that. It's astonishing to me how corporate mentality destroys creativity. It really does. I guarantee you every single person there is creative, amazing, talented, determined people...but the wear and tear of the corporate structure just kills you after awhile. The deadlines become so taxing that introducing a new thought is so exhausting you just stop thinking of them. Maybe they did understand what Living Room Live could be when they started it, but the droning of picking the contestants, dealing with the GODDAMN INTERNET DEPARTMENT not being able to transfer shit to tape, coordinating everything... it killed the soul of the bit. It sucks. It's why every part of a team is so important.
So I guess I come in and just blow some shit up. I push and push and push. Play this. Play more. Do this. Understand THIS. Watch THIS. And luckily, that quote at the top of this entry? Makes it allllllllllll possible. Guess who laid off on how much time we take in the newsroom after reading that? ;-) Exactly. Little by little, respect gets gained, the product gets recognized, and it moves up the ladder. And once they're using my bit? The next fight is the sit-com. Something the news department has nothing to do with, but if those characters are doing their thing, weekly on CBS, the jump from that to a pilot or even a 15 minute presentation (a mini-pilot that they also pay for) isn't so big anymore.
What a fight! What an email from the VP!