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9:07 AM, Monday, December 18th, 2006:
As always:
First and foremost. STOP NOW if you haven't watched the video. Please. These pictures will ruin every joke in the episode.
Promise you watched it?
OK. Welcome to Week 3...
...and something strange is goin' on in Egoland. I emailed the script to everyone and Charlotte just said: "Rather ambitious Adam..." I kinda pushed the limits a bit on this one. Something strange about deadlines... pushing limits is really quite daunting. There's no wiggle room. No re-shoots. No safety nets. When the script is done, and it's committed to audio for timing purposes... that's it. You gotta be careful to not write outside the boundaries of what's possible...
...which certainly is the wonderful part about being the editor and the effects guy. This just wouldn't be possible with the timetable we have if the script had to go the normal rounds. I got all 3 contestants at 2:30 PM on Wednesday and was shooting at 7 AM the next morning. It sounds stressful but I really seem to rise to those occasions. It's so reminiscent of radio to me. I mean this newsroom is NOT meant for multiple angles and it is by all means a working newsroom. However, as far as I'm concerned if I don't push every possible limit I'll regret it in the end.
Anyway, as you can see Gary has taken over Cameron's position. As has been the case in past "Trinitron" plots, arrogance becomes the downfall of someone in the band. Always a moral ya know. And Gary of course is just a loveable foil for the temptation of arrogance.
Longtime Trinitron fans will remember that Cameron is of course the brains behind 4tvs and is always a step ahead - but it sure is cute to watch the others try and out-think him.
My mom got to play the "Random CBS News Employee" and had a ball with it. She found everything pretty fascinating (and she got to see "Ridge" from Bold and the Beautiful while I was getting make-up). She mentioned how "there sure is a lot of sitting isn't there..." which is one of those universal truths of all TV and film work. You never realize it until you're on a set, but it's hours of work for seconds of film. Even funnier is this shoot has to be the most frantic and quick paced of any I've been involved in. But even that's a whole lot more tedius than most can imagine. Oh, and the guy in orange playing the "Angry CBS News Employee" is my camerman Hunter. He really is quite a bit more pleasant and fun than that pic would indicate. :-)
Speaking of fun...the green screen has quite a few lovely little advantages over the "real sets" and curtains of years past. Of course if given the choice I would obviously pick the real one, with a green screen you can do fun stuff like running around in the monitors. Something that would've taken frame by frame-by-frame roto work can be pulled off relatively simple with a well-lit green screen. The possibilities are endless.
The whole set-up is actually much more condusive to creativity than the live show ever was because... it's not live! Making a 30 minute show confined to the TVs? It was quite daunting man. The timing also had to be ab-so-lute-ly perfect. Here? sheee... uhm - Shoot. Nothing is confined to monitors, and a fancy bit of editing can fix anything. There's now the ability to actually develop so many little things and I'm excited each week to see where I can take them next. Just so exciting.
So as you can imagine, Gary gets his in the end...
...and is worse off than when he started. Relegated to Spencer's room. Poor Gary.
Next week will finally be a finalists round and I'll be able what to actually spotlight each act. As I mentioned previously it's not my intention to ignore the contestants I just have to be as fair as possible. I think I'm gonna talk about each act from the perspective of the Egos so as to not show any favoritism. I must admit though, it's hard. Anyone who knows these characters knows exactly what they really think. Just once I would like to do a real show and just let 'em go crazy. It's so strange to have to supress every comedic instinct I have for standards and practices. It's a good skill to learn, but whew. Sometimes the jokes are just sooooooo funny.
And with that ringing endorsement - ENJOY THE EPISODE!!!
;-) Just kidding, it's pretty funny. Even with a G rating.