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11:15 PM, Sunday, December 17th, 2006:
Look who's here!
I'm officially an adult! I officially live in California! My mom has seen my house. All is right with the world.
I believe only people who have moved far from home understand my excitement. It doesn't feel official until your parents say so. LOL. It all feels like some long-running game of make-believe. Hell who am I kidding, I don't know if you ever feel like an adult sometimes. I think that's the key to life - you just keep acting like you know what you're doing and someday you look up and you're a dad with kids wondering the same thing you were.
But it is an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment to finally have my mom come out and see me in my own environment. It's like the night my dad watched me running The Late Show on WTVN. It just changes everthing. It's hard-wired into our DNA to make our parents proud and a big part of that is them just seeing you as a self-sufficient human. I'm sure my mother assumed that I was capable of paying bills, but I think even she would admit that it finally puts everything into perspective for her to actually see my house. See my city. It's a connection I think you just have to make with people you love. And of course she had to have a picture with Spencer. It's worth the flight for that alone. Man that's eerie. :-)
Now as monumental as all of this is for The Journey, #600 is by all means a double dipper. It was the death of Shizzle that finally made my mom come out to see me (mom's just know sometimes) and we promptly went to Pet Orphans Fund to see what we could find...
Say hello to Miss CeBe Snazzypants. Figured that was a creative way to work CBS into the name of the new pup. Her name is obviously just CeBe, but I have a place in my heart for Snazzypants and it does indeed round out all 3 letters of the acronym. She's an 11 week old Lab-mix that easily stole everyone's heart and has quickly healed Miss Roxy...
...who had taken loneliness to new heights. I thought I was pathetic when it came to Shizzle. This old pup was just agonizing to watch. As I mentioned before, I'm not really ready to get a new puppy, but I just feel so responsible for Roxy that there was no other choice. How hard it is to watch a pet be depressed... I've just never experienced that. So sad. Amazingly she was waggin' her tail the moment we brought Cebe home and little by little they've bonded. Each day a little more...


Roxy is incredibly gentle and CeBe is completely fearless. Roxy even lets CeBe eat out of her food bowl as just a minor annoyance. Her demeanor is night and day from where she was a week ago. It literally melts your heart. Again, I've just never experienced a grieving animal and wow... it really is heartbreaking.

I'm however... a little shellshocked. I've expressed ad infinitum what Shizzle meant to me, and I'm fairly certain that he's that one dog you have in your life that you never really get over. In the same way I'll never own a cat that I bonded with like J-Dog, I'm pretty certain my body won't allow me to get as close for a very, very long time to another dog.
It's like Roxy... I love Roxy - but it really didn't come close to the connection I felt with Shizzle. I still play with Roxy and sing to her... but she's just a dog. I get the same feeling with CeBe and it completely feels like I'm trying to heal Roxy...not myself. It's actually made me miss Shizzle more. Man I hope CeBe holds off on learnin' to read until I can sit her down and explain this to her. I'm sure by that time she'll understand.
You can't deny she's cute though. And that does go a long way.
I'll leave you with a joke CeBe told me tonight that was quite funny for such a young pup...
See, I was expecting "Catsup", but she put a twist on it. I respect that.