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12:15 AM, Monday, December 11th, 2006:
Might as well just start each episode entry with this:
Welcome to Week 2...
That would be a cute Christmas card.... !!! Yeah I'll totally do a pose during the Christmas episode. Anyway, onto the episode - and MAN am I havin' fun with this!
I gotta say by the time we get past the first finalist round (week 4), the plots may be pretty crazy. I'm torn between making it very routine so each one is self-contained...and having crazy long plots going from show to show to show. Each episode though, I'm wanting to push a tiny bit more and I can't help but make funny little subplots throughout. I mean, now that the Trini...excuse me, The Egos aren't really forced to be in TV monitors - the fun you can have is limited only to what I can pull off in a very short editing window.
Of course THE hardest part here is the balance. This is a talent show with 3 selections and a voter's choice each week. That has to be the foundation of the whole bit. Luckily the vast majority of the "conflict" revolves around The Egos and their personal picks, but I'm hyper-sensitive about souring the audience by making it all about me.
That being said, I'm slowly introducing the "rules" of the whole set-up. Allowing the audience to understand the "magic" of 4tvs. What the Egos control, why they're in the monitors, how everything is defined. You want to have fun with it, but again - do it in tiny doses as to not take the spotlight too far from the kids.
At the end of this episode however I throw a bit of a wrinkle in that is gonna require a bit more than "talking" to resolve. I have an idea of what I'm gonna do but it really has to be fast.
Either way the challenge is tremendous and completely fulfilling. It really is the most fun I've ever had creatively in a loooooooong time. Just imagining all the fun stuff that can happen next...and having a reason to think about it! Happy, happy, joy, joy.
Lemme also reiterate again (which I probably will each episode entry) that I would love to highlight the kids and talk about each selction but I really run into a fairness issue that I just can't get in the middle of. Because I host the show, I can't show any favoritism or even get into the game of spotlighting them on my own personal site for fear I may give one person a bit of an advantage.
However I will be interviewing the winner of the first finalist round and I will be able to spotlight that. A bit easier to balance the spotlighting of 3 finalists as opposed to all 27 selections.
Speaking of spotlighting say hello to Tyson my make-up guy. He made an appearence in last entry's video and here he is getting Dewey's coloring just right. He really is incredibly talented. We had to do Gary after Cameron this week and he drew in all of Gary's facial hair impeccably. He's done make-up for hundreds of movies and TV shows and I'm just so thankful to have someone so knowledgeable helpin' out. He's creative with it too. The Egos pose all sorts of problems make-up wise and he's really good at comin' up with quick fixes. Incredible asset to the show. Great to have you aboard man!
So now I get some time to breath until Wednesday when the whole writing process starts all over again. I'm excited, my mom is coming out to visit for the first time EVER tomorrow! And imagine that, in time for Entry #600. Damn that's spooky how that works ain't it? Man did the 500's ROCK or what? Wow. We're lookin' at 120 entries in 2006. That's unimaginable. CAN YOU BE MORE EXCITED for 2007?!?! DAHHHHHHH.
:-) Enjoy the episode.
PS - and in case you are actually reading this in the middle of the night, they promised me they are playing the promo on The Early Show later on this morning, and every Monday morning from now on, between 8-9 AM. So tune in!