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5:51 PM, Thursday, December 7th, 2006:
We have a rockstar among us.
Why didn't this man keep a JOURNEY? What a tale he's had. How 'bout this, him playing the Viper Room with his drumming hero Kellii Scott in the band Bad Things on Tuesday wasn't the biggest thing to happen to him in the past 48 hours. The next day he auditioned for Dave Navarro's new band, The Panic Channel, and I quote from the other band members: "Blew the other bassists away..." They go on a 7 week tour on January 16th and need someone ASAP. He is on the ride of his life, at 21, and it's been a BLAST to watch. It's the way it should be, ya know?
You have talent, you make the jump - you get recognized. It's the American dream, and what everyone assumes happens if you you're talented and persist...
...however it's a crock of shit. The timing has to be perfect. Believing, making the jump, working hard - those are just pre-requisites. It's just the forward to the un-ending chapters in the book. The rest really is a dose of luck. No one wants to hear that, and those who make it "smoothly" don't want to admit it, but luck plays a huge part. Staying out here forever will neutralize that "timing" part substantially, but it doesn't make it irrelevant.
Keith has one great advantage:  He wants to be the best bass player in the world. Period. Doesn't want to be an actor, doesn't want to direct, doesn't want to get to this level to then get to that level. He knows exactly what he wants and his direction is unflinching.

He also, FUCKING ROCKS on the bass. There goes the toning down of the journey for Living Room Live. Sorry kids, he fucking rocks. He studies it. He just studies it, feels it, perfects it... I respect that to such an extent. In fact I'm not sure I've ever known someone so like me in that sense when it comes to perfecting your art. 4tvs by design is the epitome of perfectionism and people have no idea what it takes to make it look easy. Just as you'd be amazed at the hours Keith spent nailing two measures of a song.

However, this is LA, and Daddy Adam has been flinching constantly at the eerie similarities to some of my situations. That absolute certainty that you got the gig, telling your whole family, the phone calls from friends - the "positive thinking" that all make you feel great at the time... and then slaps your ass so hard that you can barely stand if you don't get it. It's a very fine line between egg on your face (which I'm infamous for), and being an egg. If Keith doesn't get this gig, I think he'll understand that difference very painfully.
But honestly, he's probably gonna get it. He's just that good. And either way, jammin' with Dave Navarro, impressing the hell out of the band, playing the Viper Room, getting his name out there. He's gonna be fine. I was watchin' him Tuesday night with this big-ass grin on my face for him. This was his "Comedy Store" and the audition the next night? Sheeeit.
Oh and in case you fellow musicians were wondering how he got these gigs it was pretty simple. I introduced him to Gary Helsinger who I've been friends with for a little over a year (he's been mentioned in several entries). Keith was a fan of Gary's band Green Jello and we went out to lunch together. Gary is managing a band that I'm letting rehearse in my studio, which once Donna came out became Keith's studio... so as a bit of a trade-off, Gary has introduced Keith to a bunch of people. Paul D'Amore from Tool (another hero of Keith's) and of course this The Panic Channel audition. What's cool is when he went to see The Panic Channel he met Kellii, they hit it off - and thus he played the Viper Room with them because they needed a bass player.
The reason that it was all so easy however...is because again, he fugggggin' rocks at his instrument, but also because he knows the industry. He studied his influences. He knows his bands. He knows who they played with, knows each musician's history - so when he meets them? People know right off the bat that he's legit. They assume he can play before he even hits a note. He's gonna fly out here. No doubt.
Here's hopin' we find out soon it's with The Panic Channel.
PS - as cool as camera and video phones are... they still leave a little to be desired but you add in an mp3 of the band and it all looks spiffy. Enjoy.