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3:53 PM, Sunday, November 19th, 2006:
I realize I have pimped several gaming machines in the 7 years of The Journey. I admit I am slightly hardcore in comparison to most, but you all have to believe me when I say that what I just played this morning was so universally fun that I simply coudn't stop smiling. I don't care if you've hated games your entire life, this is different. Within 5 minutes you are so immersed that you can't stop laughing, jumping, yelling and literally have to stop because you're winded. I had no clue it would be this fun. Kudos Nintendo, you deserve to, and have a legitmate shot at taking back your crown and outselling both the PS3 and Xbox 360 by early 2008. If you want your bases covered the next 5 years, get a 360 and a Wii (yes, like saying "wheeeeee") together for nearly the same price as the bloated PS3...
...the PS3 that literally spooked everyone into camping out way too early for Nintendo's system. Camping out has now become a right of passage. People are doing it when they don't even need to. Because the PS3 was released 2 days ago and got so much coverage, what would've meant 2-3 hours in line ended up being 10 hours at least. I was editing all day yesterday - so gave up on going to a midnight launch, so when I started to get sleepy at 9 PM, I just grabbed a blanket and pillow and went to Target to sleep...and I actually pulled it off! I slept until 6:30 AM on the cement! If I'm ever homeless I will adapt quite well.
Paddy came by around 7:15 with some coffee (you ROCK) marking the 5 year tradition. It was 2001 when Nintendo's GameCube was released and we went to the same target (7 people there then at 5 AM back then) and I assume in 2011 we'll be there again. I wonder however if we'll have as much kid-like fun as we did this morning.
If you didn't know, the new Nintendo uses a wand that is received in a completely 3D space. It knows if you move it forward/back, left/right, even if you twist it. It's amazing. So when you play any sport you have to actually re-enact it. Now in your mind you know that you can really do it all with your wrist but I swear to you, it's nearly impossible. Because you just start reacting to the screen and before you know it you're all over the place. You just can't fathom how "lost" you get at how simple and fun it is...
...but I also have to throw this out there: Japan is playin' with us. They are a bunch of sick motherfuckers that are literally making fun of us. How 'bout these sentences that you'll no doubt say once you own one:
"You see they have different skins for the console?"
"Yes, they have four skins for your wii"
(lol) Or my favorite since the Wiimote actually has a strap so you don't throw it across the room. There will be many parents telling their kids:
"Make sure to put your strap on when you use your Wii"
I mean come on. They're screwing with us. But who cares, it's so unbelieveably fun. Anyway, I need to get back to editing everything, but I just had to pimp this machine. Again, I know I fall in the harder-core category when it comes to this, but this is such a universally fun machine you can't help but giggle at it...and it's $249 with all the sports games packed in. Playstation is $599 without a game. Good luck Nintendo, you finally showed why it really isn't about graphics - you're gonna make a fortune.