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7:06 PM, Friday, November 17th, 2006:
By this point the guy who kept opening the door for me to come down to the set was completely befuddled. He was actually a few hallway turns away from the set and everytime he opened the door he saw someone different...but not totally. Although I there's one guy right off the set who I had spoken to in prior visits AND today who saw me as Dewey and had no clue it was me. He came up to me somewhat concerned as I was poking around with the equipment and said:  "Uhm, you are with the Living Room Live bit right?" Heh. I just said yes and smiled. Coloring the eyebrows really does it for Dewey. It changes his entire feel. Then of course there's the final feeling...

...that sort of icky feeling. The one I always get when I see Spencer. HAHAHA. Now first off, obviously - the hair is a mess. It's now official that I'm going to have to go get FUCKING HIGHLIGHTS so I look like Spencer ALL THE GODDAMN TIME... and then we'll just darken it for the other characters. I SWEAR. But it really came down to me wanting this to be perfect. With my hair already highlighted it'll be a very simple process to darken. First the eyebrows and now this... (sigh).

The over whelming feeling when I was done was of course: this needs to be longer. We spent all day doing this and I swear Spencer's parts took less than 10 minutes. You get done and there's this overwhelming feeling of "That's it?". And GODDDD was I EXHAUSTED. The mental stress of keeping everything organized in my head all day just killed me just hit me. As we washed my hair for the second time I literally wanted to take a nap. So I guess it's normal that my reaction was having more interaction with the Egos. Time will tell, and this was just the test.
So I finally get back to the closest incarnation of me we can pull off and I grab some coffee with Charlotte when I realize we didn't get the close up shots of the monitors. FAAAAACK ME. I call immediately and luckily Jim hadn't left yet. He set up the monitors and I just used my digital camera...
It's a quick fix, and next time I want to really get it with the camera so the lighting is correct but for now - this will save my butt. Big time whew. I don't know what I would've done without that.
Of course now comes the crazy part: editing. And it will be crazy, no doubt. Part of my discussions with NY involved editing time and they really didn't comprehend how it could possibly take 20-30 hours to edit this and hopefully when they get the finished product on Tuesday, they will understand. The way you have to even edit the raw footage is more time consuming because of the whole "timing" issue with the TVs. It's quite a process, but I'm eager to get to work on it. I'm loading footage as we speak and will start bright and early tomorrow morning....
...I will of course take one 3 hour break for a certain monumental event in the history of all Columbus born citizens. OSU/MICHIGAN IN HIGH DEF!!!! So stoked... but why did Bo have to die hours before the game. COME ON MAN. That bastard did that just to stick it to us man. Anyone who doesn't live in Columbus or Ann Arbor is probably disgusted by that sentiment but trust me - Bo Schembecler died just to give Michigan motivation to beat our asses. Everyone in Columbus thought the same thing when they heard the news: "DAMNIT. Win one for the gipper...SHIT".
We are a sick group. Go Bucks.