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11:30 AM, Tuesday, November 13th, 2006:
As a hopeless romantic, I enjoy the parallels of this year...one decade ago. It was to date the greatest year of my life. It was a continual build all year with new highs every month. It was a year I've looked back on with envy for a decade and of course it goes hand-in-hand with 1997, a year which completely whooped my ass. It has eerily been a 5 year pattern ever since. In 2001 I had the same build-up all year only to have my ass handed to me in 2002 and now 5 years later it's the exact same cycle. Of course it changes nothing. I still believe 2007 will be the biggest year of my life the same way believed in 1997 and 2002. And realize I didn't think that about any of the years in between. It's a pretty cool little cycle...
...of course when you number your entire life the cycles are bound to pop-up. :-)
When I started 1996 at WTVN I was still in the mode of "the new kid" just trying to impress and by year's end I had done just that and was getting the recognition. I released my first CD, I found J-Dog chillin' in a pet store, I quit school and pursued radio and music full-time, I got married, I was moved to a better time slot and offered a full-time position at the station, I impressed The Other Paper enough to have them write a piece about me to start off the new year '97... it was the most perfect year of my life.
Because of the popularity of my radio show I decided to spend a fortune and release 1000 copies of my first CD (this was still a huge deal in 1996). The afternoon team of John & Jane at WTVN interviewed me on the air I had 2 CD signings, a performance... things were as I said, perfect. I fully believed this CD would get me a record contract, even though I knew of no way to pursue it, I thought the material was strong enough. Much stronger than before (bad joke). There's still a couple of tracks on there that stand out. But amazingly, this section of my life is not what makes 1996 so amazing...
I really found myslf with the freedom of The Late Show. A 6 hour shift in the middle of night with no music to play turned me into a productive machine. You guys think The Journey is ambitious? Sheeeeeeeit. The Late Show was so incredibly packed. I gained every ounce of confidence I have today from what I was able to pull off on that show in 1996. From Lester, to The Boyles, to The Macaroni (one of my 1st parody songs), to Dr. Dick Rosetti, to The Late Show Online Chatroom, to the Late Show songs, to the different trivia games, to all the listener segments...whew. The moment I quit school in May I jumped head first into producing everything I could possibly think of to entertain people...and it worked. It worked incredibly well and the response was overwhelming. As I mentioned before I wasn't that kid trying to fit in, I was now affecting everyone else at the station with what I was doing on the air and at 20, that ROCKED.
And no one was more affected than on Steve "Boom Boom" Cannon. Man some of the 1996 entries are brutal. I figured since neither of us work at WTVN anymore it's water under the bridge but we really went at it. I was extremely threatening to Steve and our relationship was anything but cordial. Made all the more wonderful was me getting the offer to be full-time at the station...producing Cannon! Hahahahaha. What the hell was Darry thinking...
...and of course Darryl. The reason there are two distinct parts to 1996. Darryl Parks was the new Program Director that came in on September 1st and changed the course of WTVN forever. To this day you can see his touch on the station and other than the color scheme - it's horrendous. WTVN is now almost completely sydicated and the identity that once made WTVN feel like home is completely gone. When Bob Conners goes, so goes the station. Of course in his first 4 months, I still believe Darryl was my savior and since 1997 isn't up yet - I won't keep harping on the negative. For the purposes of this entry, this AWESOME new PD came in and promised me the world! It's gonna be AWESOME!
Christ, even ten years later I hate the man with the same passion.
Anyway, take your time and check out an incredible year. Respond on the boards even if it's just a comment on the mp3 or video! Each entry has a feedback link. And even if you skim every entry, be sure to click on said audio and video clips. None more fun than today's video of me and J-Dog waiting for my first package of CDs to arrive (which were a month late thanks to Bone Thugs N' Harmony bumping me for their release). Other entries/mp3s/videos of that are good fun:
A lot of great clips in there. The Hitler Mix still blows me away...and nothing beats the first time I got drunk (amazingly it really was when I was 21) being forever cemented into the internet landscape.
"N-n-n-n-no...I'm Dash, RENdar."
PS - Don't expect 1997 until well into next year. It is a tremendous amount of work that I hopefully won't have the time to do for quite some time. :-)