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1:22 AM, Monday, October 16th, 2006:
As the driver called me to tell me he was waiting to pick-me up, I was putting this quote on Donna's little wall of inspiration. I figured she'd come home from work and smile at how true it was. How neither of us ever intended this to happen - but the joy of life truly is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans. Then, it happened again...
I'm checking my messages on my way to JFK and get this:
"Hey Adam, it's Todd calling from Sopranos, I know James Gandolfini called in sick the other day so we're gonna re-shoot - I dont know if you're still in town but we're gonna shoot on Tuesday if you're interested call me at 212-***-****"
My first thought? Damn, I'm gonna miss it. Oh well, at least I got to be on-set right? I then called back Jess who I'd been playing phone tag with for a bit and she just laid into me, LOL.
"Adam, ADAM. Are you KIDDING me. Are you that out of touch with what you just said. You turn around and go spend the day with Tony Soprano and be part of a Sopranos episode. You go NOW."
So I had the driver take the next exit in Queens, go all the way back to the island. The island that simply won't let me leave. I was gonna have to pay a FORTUNE to change my flight now, as I have to change it immediately and CBS can't do it since no one's in the office on Sundays, but who cares. In the scheme of things - $200 is nothing. What the hell was I even thinking considering for a second not doing this?!?
Of course I have no keys to get back into the apartment and Donna is working until 2 AM so I'm kinda stuck on the streets with all my shit. I pop open my laptop on a grabage can and amazingly am able to steal wifi. I swear NYC is the easiest place to get online I've ever been to. Anywhere in or around central park has it. A milion cafe's (which I ended up spending 5 hours at tonight) and just about any apartment building you go in has some foolio who doesn't know how to properly set up his router. I love it. I get my info and contact JetBlue and brace myself for the exorbatant fee when the lovely Annette tells me:
"I'm sorry sir, you're not booked on any flight. I have your original flight on the 10th, I see it was cancelled, you have a credit here to use towards the flight back, but no one ever booked your flight for today. Would you like to book one now?"
I am fuggin' BLESSED. I have a guardian angel looking over me right now that is so good at their job that I'm DOUBLE COVERED. My guardian angel has a backup angel doin' holding a 2nd safety net. Not only was I able to get that message from Todd on my way TO THE AIRPORT and decide to turn around...even had I gotten to the airport and went to board the plane - I WASNT BOOKED. I would've had to come home anyway. They just couldn't let me have something this month that was even close to a disappointment.
I believe it went a little something like this in the meeting:
Alright, and on the Kontras project - I see that we were able to balance the scales pretty well on 7 years of shit, but what is this about Gandolfini calling off sick? Are you kidding? That's pretty lame guys, you give him The Sopranos without Tony? We need to correct that.
Angel 1
We got them to reshoot on Tuesday, but Adam hasn't checked his messages yet and he leaves in 2 hours. You know, free will - what can we do?
Medamnit Angel 1, what did I ever see in you? Grow some wings already - work the angles. Angel 2 erase him from the airline computers. He won't even be able to get on. We can't half-ass a 7 year re-balancing. He's completing The Sopranos chapter.
Seriously, that's about as probable as anything at this point. Just sit back and laugh folks, this is one of the greatest cases of month-long kismet-ness anyone has ever heard of. I've never smiled so much. I can't lose. I mean even when a shoe-LACE drops, 8 more shoes get thrown in the air. I mean, Gandolfini being a no-show was so GODDAMN MINOR, and even that turns out good.
Never wake me. Never.
Please keep the music down, turn off the ringer (wow that's a dated statement now), and let me keep dreaming.
These are the most unforgettable moments of my life.