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9:37 PM, Tuesday, October 10th, 2006:
For cryin' out loud, for fuck's sake, for all that is holy, in the name of whatever you pray to... I'M GOOOOOOOOOOD. Goooooood. Never been happier. Have no problem livin' off this for a little bit. You really don't have to keep pourin' it on. Space this shit OUT already. I know I've had an inordinate amount of shit in 7 years but any one of these things would've blown my idea of "normal happy" out of the water. This? This is almost psychotic...
~* ~ ZAPPOW! ~* ~ GLEEFUL!!! ~* ~ ZAPPOW! ~* ~
I'm going to be spending the day tomorrow at the Bada Bing with Tony Soprano. Yup, I'm shooting one of the final episodes of The Sopranos tomorrow as a strip-club patron. No speaking part, just a test of will. A test of will to see if I can actually stay focused on a naked woman dancing on a poll as opposed to staring mesmerized at Tony and his crew. This has been my all-time favorite television show for years and I can't even comprefuckinhend this unbelieveable string of luck right now.
I don't even know what to type! Blahsitfedgahmamalooma comes to mind. You think that's amazing? Of course that's not all. Throw this incredible good fortune:
Last night on the subway Donna says to me: "Stay with me for a little longer..." I too was just completely bummed that we had to spend 2 weeks apart right now so this I called up the airline and asked to change my flight to Sunday. "No problem Mr. Kontras, that'll be $205" "No, no that won't be necessary, thanks." Dejected I thought I'd call up CBS and see if they could help. Within 5 minutes of my email she called back and said:  "No problem, it's done."
OF COURSE they happily foot the bill. ?!!!? And OF COURSE Charlotte calls up after I changed my flight when I would've already been on the PLANE to ask me if I could do "The Sopranos" tomorrow morning. OF COURSE. What was I thinking? This is the BIZARRO version of The Journey. The version where everything works out as if you're MAKING IT UP. I usually feel like I'm reporting what happens? I honestly feel like that new Will Farrel movie where some author is literally typing his life in real-time. Please don't take the tone of this entry as ungrateful as it is most certainly the opposite. I'm just literally in a state of shock right now.
Now let's throw in the fact that I'M STILL ON VACATION. So I'm already in another world. I'm also battling a cold so let's add a little bit more haze to this FRIGGIN' DREAM I'm in. I walked back from the subway today and it was all I could do to walk in a straight line. I expected money to fall from the sky at one point. I am literally living inside a fairy tale. Fuck Sunday, why the hell would I EVER want to go back. LOL. I mean, it's fairly obvious that I'll need to be in New York when the KNICKS ask me to SUIT UP on the 31st. DAHHHHHH.
I am exhausted just typing what's happening. I can't believe I can even type coherrent sentences right now. I gotta be up at 4 AM to walk to the subway to get to the van that'll take me to Jersey to spend what will have to be the most surreal moments of my life...
...which will be totally eclipsed next week by something else. I asked a few years back:  "Will I ever top 'the store'" referring to the night in 2001 at The Comedy Store. If I could only talk to that kid...
He'd NEVER believe me.
PS - Donna has been making all sorts of concoctions for me from lemon garlic tea to this wonderful pure steamy eucalyptus oil inhaler thingee. It's some serious shit.