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7:45 PM, Tuesday, October 9th, 2006:
Last year this entry marked a huge milestone in my life as I walked Central Park alone looking back in awe of all my 20s were...
...this year I walked the park with someone I couldn't have imagined in a lifetime existed, looking ahead, in awe of all my 30s will be. I am literally, figuratively, and in every aspect I've ever known...on top of the world.
Don't bother searching for other times in this Journey when things aligned so beautifully, because you won't find it. I am in the midst of the most incredible 3 weeks of my life and there simply aren't enough hours in the day to appreciate them.
I have danced around the subject of what Donna means to me in an attempt to make sure this website is not a friend or family member's first hearing of it. The majority of you however, knew the second you read the "Donna Mo Hum" entry. This is as other-worldly as I've known a connection to be.
Just think of what walls it had to tear down! I have never been more focused on career than this trip to NY and had zero interest in dealing with someone else's shit. I've also been quite publically married and divorced TWICE before 30. Although I consider Jessica a success story it's still not something I take lightly. My "checklist", so to speak, was so long and specific I knew damn well it would be quite some time before anyone came close to making me jump.
Donna takes it a step further. Anti-marriage, anti-kids, career oriented, doesn't need a man, will be a free-spirit to her dying day and wanted NOTHING to do with me when we met. Couldn't have had more walls and was happy to wave at me from the window on the wall. I know this is the start of many romantic comedies, but it was a bit much...
So when she called back the next day I just came out and said it: "Either really talk to me about who you really are, or I have to move on. My life is just too damn good to be sucked into trying to change someone's life."

She jumped and literally blew me away. As the days tuned into 12 hour talk-fests even someone as gunshy as me, who had every reason to not take focus away from his career at that moment or even CONTEMPLATE marriage could, not, be, lieve how uncanny our connection was. I truly felt I had known her my entire life by Day 3. We finished each other's sentences (that's quite a feat when you grew up in different countries), and oftentimes shook our heads as we looked at each other thinking:  "How the hell?" She not only blew past my checklist, she added new boxes. Things I never fathomed I would find in someone else. And she felt exactly the same way.

By the end of the weekend we knew without a doubt that this did not end when I got on a plane back to LA. Either I was livin' in NY or she was movin' to LA, CBS held the keys to that fate.
That's not to say there weren't a few snags here and there. The biggest problem we faced was the fact that we were on a conveyor belt that ENDED on October 10th. We had a tremendous amount of fears, qualms, baggage - whatever you want to call it about jumping so quickly...but we didn't have much of a choice. We lived in seperate cities and didn't have the luxury to take it slow, so we packed every single day with as much communication as humanly possible.
My biggest hurdle by FAR was that I have really been burned in the past and remember those patterns vividly. Any change in demeanor on her part would trigger a flashback of the myriad of relationships I've been in and I would start bracing myself for the worst. That has been so hard for me. Trusting someone so quickly is such a leap of faith when you've really been hurt.
Within a week Donna brought up "rings" and on the 29th we found a cool little shop in the East Village and bought each other $14 silver rings. Call it whatever you'd like, we know what they are. And no matter how rich and famous we get - we'll continue to wear those $14 rings...

A couple of you caught that in the last video. Chad however did not and noticed right around picture 2:
This is one of those "click on me I'm much bigger and you can scroll me" pics...
As someone who cares about me, seein' me with a 3rd ring not knowing all we had gone through can tend to come as a shock. He literally froze and said: "I'm afraid of taking the camera away from my face..." as we both just CRACKED up. He laughed, stopped shooting, and hugged us both. Wonderful moment.
So simply put, there was no better way in my mind to express how much this incredible woman meant to me, than to go back to Central Park a year later and share it with her.

I have zero reservations proclaiming to the world how precious she is to me. The thought of leaving her (even for 2 weeks) tomorrow is just heartbreaking. Amazing because a couple weeks ago I didn't even know her.
It of course sets up that "movie moment of truth"...will she get on the plane in 2 weeks? Do you have faith? Can you really connect with someone so deeply in a matter of days that they're willing to give everything up and just jump? Considering that 28 years of her life was spent convincing herself she would never make such a jump?
Yes, you can.