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6:15 PM, Wedneday, October 4th, 2006:
All night I dreamed of "Moving to NY" titles. I was planning out the final videos in LA to the tune of "Say Goodbye to Hollywood" by Billy Joel. I was picturing videos in NY this winter of me freezing my ass off and everyone laughing at me... and when given the choice? There was still no reason to kill myself in a shoebox in Manhattan when it can all be done in LA.
Confused yet? Heh, from the top...
8:30 AM
Now the alarm went off at 8:30, but we all know I was up at 5. Then the infamous file cabinet compactor outside the window (long story) took over 'round 6:30 - and I was in and out of winks for a couple restless hours.

8:47 AM
I don't usually film myself in the shower, but this was a special day so it seemed completely appropriate. And in honor of how far 4tvs had come, I indeed sang a few bars of "Washin' up the Genitals..."
9:22 AM
Ridiculously early, I know - but Chad was late the day before for a meeting and trust me, it was all I could do to not be camping outside the offices after waiting 6 days. Subway was packed this early. Ugh.

9:41 AM
Well shit I didn't think I'd be an HOUR early.  I mean that was even too early to sit in the lobby without looking like an idiot (I save that for the internet - lol) so I waited on the sidewalk until 10 after 10 and walked in.
10:29 AM
Amazingly, I didn't wait 1 minute after 10:30 in the lobby. However the minutes leading up to 10:30 were excruciating as you can expect. I take that back, by this point I was just exhausted from anxiety. They flew by.

Finally I was called in and walked into...the vice president's office. Wow. Had no idea. So here's what you've read all this bullshit for - and by bullshit I mean the morning, not all 7 years (although you could argue that point):
They are actually offering me more than my pitch. My idea was just the 45 seconds to 1 minute on The Early Show introducing the acts and then the winner, at most working out something with one TV on-set. They apparently think that's too limiting. What they want to do is give me my own 10 minute show on the internet, and interwork it within the segment on The Early Show. So what you'll see come November on TV will be The Early Show doing a 45 second to 1 minute bit on my segment "Living Room Live with Adam" (or whatever we end up calling it), introducing the acts like they did before and then introducing my show and showing a quick bit of it. They'll do this everytime they do the Living Room Live segment for the following 3 months and then fly me out to help announce the winner (and maybe a few times before depending on what we come up with).
So right off the bat, my face, my name, the Egos Characters, the fact that I'm now working with CBS will be announced, pimped, highlighted, spotlighted, to 3 million people, 3 times a week for 3 straight months on national television. That in itself was all my original pitch was ever hoping to do: get me out there to a national audience on a weekly basis. This was apparently a given to them as they went several steps more...
I will have access to hair and make-up people, a studio on the CBS lot to film the full show and complete creative control on the whole thing. They want me to do absolutely anything that I can conjure up. Each week will introduce new competitors and talk about the previous week's winner. I really already have the format of it thought up involving all of the Egos hand-picking the competitors and fighting amongst themselves on who's better. As I've said before, after 4tvs? This is a breeeeeeeeze.
Halfway into the meeting, I still had no idea where the hell I was going to be living and said as much. They all looked suprised as they assumed LA...but then saw no reason why it couldn't be done in NY as well. Moment of truth huh? Big one for me of course...but really a no-brainer. Everyone in the meeting looked at me like: "Why would you move here?" (NY tends to do that to ya after awhile), and I had to agree. If everything can be done from the CBS studios next to my HOUSE, what the fuck am I even thinking about here. I'm stayng in LA. Although money has yet to be discussed there's no way it would make a real difference here. This is only (at this moment) a 3-4 month thing. It's not a time to move.
What it is a time to do - is celebrate. I am in the game. I am the kid who at 19 who was given the opportunity to just "be me" on WTVN...and made the most creative show Columbus has ever heard. The difference here is the role of Bill White (my program director then) is being played by the Vice President of CBS. Big pond. BIG pond. But so was WTVN to a teenager. I had no fear, went in and just fuckin' rocked it back in '95. I will do the same now. I will make a product so original, funny, inticing and inventive that it will eek it's way more and more into the segment on TV and will stand out the way everyone reading KNEW those characters could 5 years ago. How lucky am I that I get to do the whole thing? I mean, acting, writing, editing...with a national television crew to help me out - I just can't believe it. I'm gonna be working in the building that "The Price is Right" is filmed in. I mentioned to them that I tried to get on earlier in the year and was stuck in the audience. The VP says: "We can change that..." - LOL.
And in the strangest, most surreal way - I'm really happy for the people in that meeting. They really have no idea what they're about to get. They have no idea just how much I can do and how well I can do it. They don't know that I've been struggling since 1996 to have a forum like this to create and perform with the same freedom I had at WTVN (before Darryl) and that giving it to me on a national spotlight is going to break open a huge pandora's box. The Journey from this day forward is completely changed.
(Cue announcement that the VP is moving to ABC and the new one is cancelling Living Room Live)
LOL. Oh come on. You knew I had to think of some intricate way the journey has of destroying my dreams. :-)
Thank you's are in order for just about everyone I've ever known but I have and will continue make those personally. But another public thank you has to go out to Mr. Penny from the boards who emailed me about Living Room Live and his girlfriend Suzannah who saw the commercial and told him about it. We can sit here and be all romantic about how things work out, or how my "letting go" last year was the reason any of this happened...but the truth of the matter is had no one told me about this, I NEVER would've seen it. I think I mentioned it back at the end of April when it looked like "Let's Bomb Iran" and "America's Got Talent" were going to be the big breaks:
The point is, yeah - I deserve a break. I sacrificed a bunch, and worked my butt off... but I could just as easily been here another 6 years without anything. Kerry wins in '04? Simon Cowell doesn't make an "American Idol" for variety acts? The "Spiraling Journey" continues. I say this, not to undermine all I've done, but to make you guys realize that there are artists / performers who are just as talented, work just as hard - that DONT GET THAT BREAK. There is an extraoridnarily high amount of luck that doesn't exist in ANY other industry...'cept maybe professional gambling. That's the truth. It isn't fair. This isn't the American Dream, it's the American Lottery.
This month, I picked the right numbers.
Remembering that is humbling. What I do with that break however is allllllllllllllllllllllllll on me. The luck part of this is gone.
Look out, I'm in the game.